Time to wind everything up ..

It was a good plan and I grabbed my coat and went off to the vaults and took the rabbity thing – we were going to have come up with a name for them soon – and put it securely in the back of the vehicle. Then a quick loop round the back streets and I was by the Millennium Centre and parked just by the water tower. Gwen and Jack appeared on the lift, his arm supporting her, and he helped her into the back seat and fastened her seat belt. I had been ready to allow him to drive – he usually insisted on it – and was surprised when he climbed willingly into the passenger seat.

"Gwen's place," he said, meeting my astonished gaze. He frowned, "What?"

"I just thought you'd want to drive," I answered, starting the engine and moving off. We weren't supposed to come into the Plass, it was a pedestrianised area, so I didn't want to hang about.

"No. I'm just pleased to be able to see out of the windscreen," he grinned ruefully.

I remembered the young boy whose head didn't reach my shoulder sitting in that very seat. "Strictly speaking, I should have put you in the back, in a car seat." He shot me an incredulous look. "It's the law for children the size and age you were."

"That's right," put in Gwen from behind us. "Rhys' niece has to have one of those bumper seats and she's nearly 11."

"A car seat!? You were really going to make me use a car seat!?" Jack's face was a picture of outraged dignity.

"I thought about it," I replied, moving off when the traffic lights turned green. "But then I decided life's too short."

Gwen chuckled. "I should have liked to have seen it," she said.

Jack was shaking his head, his gaze still fixed on me. He said nothing more about it and we soon arrived at Gwen's flat. He helped Gwen out and took her up. He was about 10 minutes so I assume he was making sure she had everything she needed until Rhys got home. I pondered, as I sat there, what this Rhys was like. I'd only seen him dead, after Bilis Manger had killed him, and in the many photographs Gwen had round her workstation. He looked like one of the many Welsh boyos I'd known all my life. He probably loved rugby and having a pint or five with his mates. But according to Gwen he was also domesticated which was unusual. According to her, he cooked and cleaned the flat, even the oven. Didn't sound like many men of that type. Either she had him under her thumb or he was in love with her, nothing else would account for it. Jack appeared and jumped in the vehicle.

"Right, let's get rid of Bugsy." I drove off and we spent the time trying to come up with a name for the rabbity things but neither of us could think of anything suitable. It was ridiculous. Still, there it was, they'd just remain rabbity things.

We parked behind the Castle near Bute Park and got our captive out of the SUV. They were always well behaved, these rabbity things, so he gave us no trouble which was good because it was still light. Didn't want to alarm any strolling tourists. We walked him well into the Park, near one of their burrows, and let him go with a stern warning to stay close to home in future. Then it was back to the SUV.

"Come here," said Jack, pulling my arm and turning me to face him. My back was to the vehicle. He leant in and kissed me, slowly and lingeringly, and my knees turned to jelly. My hands went round him, underneath his greatcoat, and rested on the small of his back as I returned the kiss with interest. His lips moved down to nuzzle my neck and I arched my back in response, pushing my hips forward to meet his. God, this felt so good. It was less than 48 hours since we'd shagged but my body thought it had been years. I felt Jack chuckle as he raised his head and looked into my eyes. I made to kiss him again but he moved back. "Patience, Yan." He smiled that lazy smile of his and released me. "We have all night and an empty Hub," he smirked.

With that he took the keys from my hand, jumped in the driving seat of the SUV and started the engine. He drove back to Mermaid Quay, too fast as always, but instead of heading for the usual parking place he drove round and parked by The Tube. "Come on," he said, jumping out and waiting to lock the vehicle.

"Where are we going?" I asked. We never parked here.

"Something I want to do. With you. Before I forget what it was like to be a kid," he held out a hand and I took it. He led me past The Tube towards the wharf. Surely he wasn't intending to swim in the mucky water. "Here we are."

And then I knew. We were by the Big Wheel; I saw it so often I hadn't thought of it as a destination. "You want to ride this?" I asked.

"Yep." He turned to me and he was again that enthusiastic little boy. "Come on, Ianto. It'll be fun." He grabbed my arm and pulled me forward.

Jack paid the fee and we waited for a few minutes until the Wheel stopped. Then we were allowed into one of the hanging carriages and were whisked up into the chill late afternoon sky. The carriage swayed and I gripped the bar across our knees; I've never been too good with heights. Jack noticed and put his arm round me, holding me round the waist. He laughed, a full throated sound. He was thoroughly enjoying himself and I was happy. I was happy for him, restored to his normal self. I was happy for me, spending time with Jack. I was happy thinking of the night ahead, when we would … dabble delightfully. I let go of the bar and leant against him, resting my head on his shoulder. We went round and round and the lights of Cardiff, the Bay and the city, spread out below us. I was happy.


And there it is, all ended happily. Hope you enjoyed it and many thanks for the reviews.