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Never (ever, ever) make fun of, or question, Fred and George Weasley's pranking skills. They will feel the need to prove themselves.


Harry rolled out of bed, not knowing what had woken him up, but that instinct that had kept him alive for the last 15 years was hoppin' up and down with the need to react.

Wand in hand, settling into a half-crouch, Harry observed the room. Everything seemed to be quiet and in order, but something was off.

He looked from bed to bed, checking on his dorm mates before his eyes landed on his best friend's. What was there caused him to stop and stare.

And stare.

Harry shook his head. He had warned Ron, but noooo apparently Ron believed he knew his brother's better than Harry did. Ha.

He snorted once, eyeing the very elaborate rigging system the twins had set up over Ron's bed. Sneaking a look around the room once more, to make sure he was the only one awake, Harry caught sight of Neville's sleepy gaze.

Harry put a finger to his lips, immediately seeing Neville's gaze sharpen and focus on Ron's bed.

A decidedly evil smirk appeared on the normally peaceable Gryffindor's face. Harry's eyebrows rose. Apparently Ron had been a right prick to everyone lately.

A smirk of his own slid across Harry's face as he gestured with his wand, putting a silencing bubble around Ron's bed.

He saw Neville's eyes glitter appreciatively before he gave Harry a nod and rolled back over.

Harry followed his lead, happy that with the silencing spell up he would have a genuine excuse as to why he didn't bail his friend out.

After all, if he couldn't hear the yells how was he expected to know that anything was amiss?