Hermione Granger was looking up at two homes eleven and thirteen with a perplexed look on her face. She had gotten a note from Mr. Weasley that she was to meet him at Kings Cross with the rest of her things for Hogwarts and things for a few weeks before them. She was confused but complied she knew that Mr. Weasley never did anything without a reason. Her guilt over leaving her parents so early was eased a bit since they spent a lot of time together in Bulgaria on holiday. They also where disappointed and confused but they also came to trust Mr. Weasley and said goodbye to her. Now here she was with Mr. Weasley at a strange house in a part of London that was not a very good part of town. He thrust a piece of paper in her hand and asked her to memorize what it said. She did and to her surprise a house come out from in between eleven and thirteen. Mr. Weasley then ushered her in and helped her get her things into a bedroom where there were two beds. He apologized for having to leave and went downstairs to go to a mysterious meeting. Two minutes later Ginny burst in and bear hugged her. Then while helping her unpack she appraised her of the situation. This was Sirius's house and it was being used for headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix a secret society that are fighting Voldemort. Her family was here and that she and her brothers where not allowed much information because they where not in the order. Bill on the other had was allowed because he and Charlie (who was still in Romania) where in the Order. Then with a pain expression she explained what happened with Percy and his estrangement. Hermione was stunned, she had no idea about what was happening with the newspapers and their dragging Harry and Dumbledore through the mud. Not exactly sure what to say she merely held her as she cried. She then told her about the new invention that the twins cooked up and that they passed their Apparating test and not to be surprised if they Apparate on her knees. Her last statement stunned her a little "we do not know about many of the order members but we do know Sirius, Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape, and Professor Lupin are members."

She did not hear much from Remus after they spoke at the Yule Ball, he just kissed her goodbye and that was that. Sirius before leaving the headmasters office after giving Harry as much comfort as he could merely told her that he received an owl from Remus and that he was safe. He then also disappeared to do some errand for Dumbledore.

She dreamed of Remus still but mostly the night when they danced together under the stars. Others it was erotic dream but not with them together but of him with another man, Sirius of all people. She would wake up aroused and angry and worst of all hurt beyond belief release the pressure herself and cry angry tears. But other nights she dreamed of odd runes and other people she assumed to be werewolves huddling around a man to appear to be leader. Then a month previous she had a dream that felt so real it was terrifying. He was sitting in a circle of stone with strange ruins written all over them. He was sitting across from a man that looked like a Shaman who started to do a strange ritual with him. She then felt a pain in her heart that jolted her awake. She sighed she needed to talk to Sirius as hurt as she may be, she needed answers and she hoped that he would have them.

That night she spoke to Dumbledore and she made all of the children swear not to say anything to Harry about anything. Hermione was dead set against it but she figured that Dumbledore had his reasons, so she finally reluctantly agreed. That night She saw Sirius for the first time and despite her confused feelings she gave him a hug that nearly knocked him over. After Dumbledore left Sirius grabbed her hand and took her upstairs to the 4th floor. There was a type of study with a door attached to a large library. " This was my father's study. He was paranoid about eavesdroppers, so it is a perfect place for us to talk." He said with a smirk. Of course Sirius would figure out what Fred and George where up to, there where a lot alike at one point of his life. He sat down in a leather wing back chair indicating that she should do the same.

" I think it is only fair to let you know that Remus is living here now and doing work for the order as we speak." He said in an apprehensive voice. " Why didn't you tell me that he was back?" She broke in suspicious. He sighed and brushed his long dark hair away from his eyes. " He was afraid to tell you that he was back. The hunt was not as successful as he had hoped.

Born mates is a unique subject in of itself, the fact that the act of claiming was interrupted is something completely new altogether. He did not get that far with the leaders, I think one of the Shamans must have repressed his instincts a little bit I think. He was worried about what would happen, Then he received the owl that the Order was reforming and that Dumbledore needed his help.

He reluctantly returned out of obligation to Dumbldore. Remus told me once that he felt strongest with Moony in control, like his power is ten fold. He has always been afraid of that power since he was young.

His darkest fear is that the werewolf would take over, turning him into a killer for pleasure and carnage, like the werewolf that sired him."

Hermione was shocked at that the idea of that gentle compassionate man that she knew would become so cold hearted. She just could not fathom it so she decided to ask him another question, one that was on her mind for months"Sirius I sensed that there was something else that he was afraid of, other than him taking advantage of me at a young age." He smiled and gave a mirthless bark like laugh. "You are a little too smart for your own good Hermione. Werewolves mate for life, and that life under the current Ministry is a very hard one. He cares about you enough to let you have say when or if you ever accept the bonding. Knowing Remus he rather go mad than to subject you to that. You are still in school, have not even taken your O. yet. You are best friends with Harry, a walking target for Death Eaters. You are much to young to handle all of that at once. To tell you the truth I don't think he is wrong." She sighed, They where right of course, but it did not make the pain and confusion of the situation any less. Her life was not supposed to be so complicated so young. " Sirius are you and Remus together?" Sirius almost choked on his whiskey at the surprise of that question. She suddenly regretted it and said, " I'm sorry Sirius. Never mind. It would not be any of my business if you where anyway" "It's alright Hermione I guess you do have a right to know. Yes we where together at one time comforting each other during the bad times. We have been together once or twice recently when he was mad with grief over what he nearly done to you. I hope that it does not mess our friendship up," he said with genuine fear in his voice. 'You don't have the right to be upset with him can you? You are with Victor now. Remus or Sirius owe you no explanations on how they spend their time together' "Of course not Sirius." He smiled relieved that she did not hate him. " It is getting late, you will need your rest, we have a lot of work ahead of us tomorrow." He kissed her goodnight on the cheek leaving her to her troubled thoughts.


Remus rolled over on his cot trying to get comfortable. He was with a pack of werewolves that Dumbledore wanted to get on their side. He has not gained their trust yet it will take time. They have trusted just enough to let him stay the night. It was clear that they did not trust his lack of animal instinct. Instinct that he tried to control months before in attempt to save Hermione heartache. He dreamed of her still how beautiful she was at the ball in her periwinkle blue robes. How did she know that it was his favorite color? They dance under the stars as though nothing in the world existed except them. Others he saw her with Victor Krum walking hand and hand in the snow. It should not bother him that she was with someone else; she deserved a life away from him. Oddly it felt as though his heart was breaking knowing that she was moving on without him.

Two weeks later.

Remus was walking back to Grimmauld Place after another few weeks of trying to gain the leader's trust. He left unsure that it would work but with an odd sense that it was possible. Sirius had owled him saying that Hermione was at the residence and knows that he had returned. A part of him was overjoyed to see her again he really did like her. The other part of him was afraid of what he might do to her if he was ever alone with her again. Remus sighed and opened the door cautiously. He tried to avoid the blasted grandfather clock that was shooting bolts saw in the corner of his eye a figure at the stairs coming down oblivious to the danger. He reached out and grabbed the figure and pushed them against the wall to protect them from the damage. He realized too late it who it was. Her chocolate eyes looked up at him and said "Hello Professor. Thanks that was close" 'Professor? He was Professor again? When did that happen? " Hello Hermione. Not at all." He said in a voice he hoped was cool and calm. He looked down at her smaller form. She was older now, prettier even. She had the air of being pretty without even trying. Her body was fuller, evident in the tight jeans and sweater she was wearing. She was close enough to smell the scent of sweat, dirt and a smell of lilac of what he assumed was her shampoo. He had a hard time letting go of her, she felt so good in his arms. He then heard Sirius running down the stairs. "Mione are you alright?" He asked full of concern. The movement woke up Mrs. Black again and she started to scream again at the top of her lungs " MUDBLOODS, HALF BREEDS, SHAME OF MY FLESH HOW DARE YOU BEFOUL THE HOUSE OF MY FATHERS!" Her screaming brought Remus to his senses and let her go, he went with Sirius to calm things down again. When he came back she was gone. He only helped her from a danger something that he would do for anyone. Why then did it hurt him that she left him? Damn it! Did he really want her like Moony said? He always assumed that it was only Moony that wanted her. Now he was not so sure anymore.

One Month later

Remus was in the house when word came, Dung left his post and Dementors attacked Harry. The poor boy had to defend himself alone and in the presence of Muggles. He never had seen Dumbledore so angry in all his life. Harry was taken to the order a few days after and Dung suffered the wrath of Molly ever since. With his urging Harry got some of the picture of what they where doing but only enough to satisfy his curiosity. Molly and Sirius where at odds at how much to tell him but ever the diplomat he found some ground to dissolve the situation. The rest of month was full with decontamination, getting school supplies and readying the children to go back to school. He had to go on another mission after he escorted the teens to the grounds in disguise to avoid his arrest. It was fine by him another mission would help keep his mind off how complicated his life has now become.

The school year was again a difficult year for Harry and Hemione. Half of the school thought Harry was a lunatic and Dumbledore had gone senile. Harry did not show it but Seamus not believing him hurt Harry. Hermione as always stood by him but he was not making it easy at all. Hagrid had gone on a secret mission, the new DADA teacher was a Ministry spy that refused to teach any spells at all, and to top it all off, Hermione came across articles accusing Remus of eating the Death Eaters he killed at the cup. Things where getting bad fast. She hoped that Sirius and Dumbldore could handle the situation now that she was in school and could do nothing.

Two Months later

Remus opened his eyes cautiously, protecting his eyes from the glare of sunlight. He took a moment to adjust his eyesight to see that he was in his room at Grimmauld Place. The old side table had an almost empty bottle of firewisky. He looked over to see that there was an imprint on the pillow and a scent of a woman. He shuffled to the bathroom and took and threw some water on his face. It only took him a few moments to recover with his werewolf healing.

The past two months have been a daze, lost in his confusion over his feelings for Hermione, and the fear that she will hate him with the newspaper articles that where coming out now. If not for Sirius, things would have been a lot worse. He and Sirius both relied on each other, safety system that existed since their days in school. He was grateful that they where able to pick up where they left off. There was so much suspicion and anger between them at one time it did not seem likely that they would be friends again. Then there was Tonks. He cut himself off from most contact other than a polite get together, but Tonks broke in. She was a pretty determined woman, had to be to become an Auror. Tonks was kind compassionate and genuinely cared for him. She was there when he was at his lowest point, and did not seem to be afraid of him. It was a casual sex relationship, he did not have the heart to deeply commit himself to her. She did not seem to mind at all, even when he ripped off her cloths and took her against the wall roughly, or took her from behind on all fours. He shook his head. It was not fair to her. She deserved to be loved completely without reservation, not just a hole to fill when he was frustrated or confused over Hermione. He still woke up empty and numb without her, he needed something to feel when he found that Hermione was not there. He did genuinely like her and he did have some attraction to her. The only question was he attracted to her because she was pretty or because Hermione counted her as a friend, giving him a small sliver of her time?

They had hardly heard from the headmaster in months, for he was forced to run, when accused of treason, and trying to undermined the Minister of Magic. Kingsley told them that night after Dumbledore was forced to attack him to keep up appearances. He left for parts unknown, leaving that horrid Umbridge woman in charge making the life of the students more miserable that ever before. Harry was banned from playing Quiddich,for life, and was monitored extra closely. His visions where getting worse, worrying them all. Arthur had gained information that the Death Eaters were planning a break out and it was a matter of time and Fudge was being too thick to be reasoned with. On top of it all the werewolf clan he was trying to infiltrate all but shunned him. He prayed for a break soon. And deep down even if it was hard to admit it he needed to see Hermione once again

Two months later

Hermione was trying to concentrate on knitting house-elf mittens and other clothing items, to try to keep herself busy in some way. She did not have to think too much about how everything seemed to be going wrong. Hermione could not concentrate on anything since she was barely able to rest or sleep. She did not want to sleep since the dreams about the werewolf pack keep getting intense and she was dreaming of Remus with her friend Tonks. Victor dumped her, and Harry and Ginny left school in the middle of the night after Harry had a terrible vision of Mr. Weasley being attacked. Hagrid was on suspension and was receiving terrible injures that he refused to talk about. She was allowed to join Harry and everyone else but only after the term had ended. She was never so relieved when she was able to walk up the stairs of Grimmuald Place. She missed Sirius and if she was really honest with herself she did miss Remus also.

"Harry it is me Hermione, please let me in". She heard Harry's muffled voice saying

" Go away Hermione, I am dangerous, just go away." " I never heard something so ridiculous in my life. Now open up." She said impatiently. He opened the door a crack to reveal tired haunted eyes. She took his hesitation and squeezed herself in the room before he could react. " What is this nonsense about being dangerous?" He then told her about Moody and the conversation he overheard that he took as confirmation that he was a weapon. " I suggest you talk to Ginny, she is the only one alive that can tell you if you are being possessed by Voldemort or not." He looked at her shocked that he did not think about that. He went to talk to her and she and Ron assured him that he was not a weapon, he did not loose time or leave his bed the entire time. When she was able to assure Harry that he was not the weapon she went in search of Sirius. She found him in the study where they had spoken months ago reading the Daily Prophet. He looked up at her and smiled. "Hello love long time" she ran over to him and hugged him tight like she never wanted to let him go. "I hate that I was so cut off from you lately," she said in a lost and childlike voice. " I missed you too love. But it is the times that we live in unfortunately, we have to do things we do not like." "Sirius how is Remus? I have not seen him when I came in." He indicated to the chair again and she sank into it gratefully. "He puts on a brave front for everyone, but I know him. He is afraid that you hate him, confused about how he feels about you. He tries to get away from it by being with my cousin Tonks." Hermione flinched a little at the idea that she would ever hate Remus. She also felt a pain of jealously, a feeling she knew she had no right be. But a part of her was jealous of Tonks and hurt that her friend was with Remus, not her. " How could he think I hate him? I forgave him a long time ago, I still don't hate him, why would he think that?" " I don't know love, all I know is that he is feeling it" was his reply. " I am scared Sirius, I have a bad feeling that things will get much worse before things get better. I am not sure that I am strong enough to help Harry all the way when I am not strong enough myself." He got up and knelt in front of her and took her hands in his big tattooed ones. " I can promise that we will not come out of this okay, but I can promise that as long as I am here you can count on me." She smiled down at him greatly comforted.

On Christmas Eve she harry Remus, Tonks and the Weasleys (minus Percy) went to see Mr. Weasley. Hermione was worried about Remus, firstly if he was seen with her, secondly about if there would be any vigilante parties for him since he was still in the forefront of the news. Remus insisted, He wanted to see the werewolf victim give him some comfort in his first days of the bite. Hermione could not help but be touched by his compassion in the face of all the animosity and prejudice he faced just by being seen. She and Harry got lost getting to the tearoom and encountered Professor Lockheart, and shockingly Neville's mom and dad. She never knew that Neville lost his parents in such a cold and cruel way. Death would have been a mercy, they where alive just non-existent unaware of their only child. It broke her heart to the point that she could barley breath. Remus was coming to find her since she had gone missing and he had been worried. He sat down next to her and held her as she cried out her shock, anger, and fear of their unknown future. After what felt like years Remus helped her up and put his arm around her and guided her back to everyone else. As they walk back she noticed Tonks in the corner of her eye, and she could almost swear she had a jealous look in her eye and a flash of green manifested in her hair.

Christmas Day

Everything in the house looked cheerful, Sirius was the happiest that she had ever seen him, and the food smelled heavenly. Everyone took time out to have fun, for they did not know how things would turn out. Each child found a stack of presents at the foot of its bed. Hermione was surprised to see the pile of presents that she did. She then realized that the pile was bigger because Sirius and Remus added a present to the pile from her other friends. Sirius gave her a red pendant in the shape of a heart with runes that meant 'Never Alone' on it. The note read, " So I will always be with you." Ron gave her perfume, harry gave her a new ink vile, Mrs. Weasley gave her a knitted scarf, The twins gave her a new bookbag, Ginny gave her a diary, Charlie sent her a keychain in the shape of a bookmark, Bill gave her a book on Numerology, and Remus gave her a book of poetry.

Later on in the evening, she heard some music in the Drawing room. As she followed it she saw the familiar record player that was always there during DADA classes. Remus was laying back his eyes closed finger taping in time. He looked so peaceful sitting there, so calm she did not want to bother him, she turned to go when she heard him say" Hello Hermione". " Hello I am sorry I did not mean to bother you." He turned to her and smiled

"No bother, care to dance?" How could she say no to him on Christmas? "You are lucky I sleep so close Professor, otherwise I could not dance till I drop," she said in a teasing tone. They dance the rest of the night away, as they did that night a year ago at the Yule Ball, like nothing in the world mattered but the two of them.

The next day it was as though nothing happened, frustrating Hermione to no end. She just went to her room and packed putting Sirius's gift around her neck and never took it off. Sirius had a ring of a similar stone on his right hand that he had made to accompany the necklace. "How else would we be connected?" he said with a wink when she asked him bout it. Two days before the start of term Mrs. Weasley came to her saying that Professor Snape wanted to see her. She found him in the kitchen with a note in front of him in front of the table. " Professor? You wanted to see me?" "Yes Miss Granger, It appears on top of my duty to teach Potter Occlemancy, I have been asked to teach you how to make Wolfsbane potion. You will meet me at the beginning of term, at 5:00 at my dungeon and not a word to anyone else. Do I make myself clear?" "Yes sir" was her nervous reply. He gave her a curt nod and walked out leaving her very confused.

Tonks and Professor Lupin escorted the children back to school on the night bus the next day. She said an ackward goodbye to Tonks and Remus, more confused than ever about what to do with what was happening between the three of them.

The day after they returned to school there where newspaper articles on a mass break out, the one that Mr. Weasley feared would happen. The Minister still would not see reason, even blamed Sirius for masterminding the break out. It did not help that he was a cousin with on of the inmates, Bellatrix Lestrange.

The rest of the year was a blur full of training and studying for exams. Then Harry and Hermione received a shock to the system, first Professor Umbridge admitted to sending the Demetors after Harry and then Harry had a rather freighting vision of Sirius being tortured by Voldemort. So they went to save him, unwittingly walking straight into a trap.

Death Eaters where they waiting for them.

Remus was sitting at the kitchen table playing cards when he felt the familiar stab of fear that came from someone else. This could mean only one thing, someone was threading his mate again. Remus felt the familiar rage fill him at the idea that someone was harming his mate. He could feel Moony stir inside him once again, pushing through his senses to take control, and he did not care enough to fight him. He closed his eyes and let his senses tell him where to apparate him to. He found them in the heart of the ministry, in the Department of Mysteries. There he saw his mate being threatened by a fearsome Death Eater, Antion Dolonov. He gave a long warning growl before he said, "Get away from her Death Eater" Dolonov sneered at him still unable to talk from the hex Hermione performed that made him unable to speak. He advanced on Remus intent to kill evident in his cold eyes. They dueled, eyes flashing wands blazing furiously. Moony was in control now and he will make sure that his mate was safe even if it means killing this Death Eater. He could see the fight going on all around him, making sure that the other children where safe. Someone must have alerted them that there was a trap and Kingsley, Tonks, Sirius, and Mad Eye came to assist. There where flashes of light, broken glass and all sorts of other things flying around them. Sirius went to duel Bellatrix Lestrange his hated cousin. Moony subdued Dolonov then with his bare hands snapped his neck.

Just as he did there was a ray of light of a hex, that collided with a hex that Bellatrix used on Sirius causing a blinding light and forced him backwards into the tattered veil behind him. Moony felt a pang of grief for his friend, but he could not go after him. He came to where Hermione was lying unconscious and gathered her up into his arms and Apparated them to Grimmauld Place.

The next day

Hermione woke up in a strange yet familiar place the next morning. As she raised her head a little bit she realized she was in Remus's room. She was unconscious from the attempt on her life but somehow she knew that the lycan took her in his arms and took her home. She somehow knew that he laid her down in his bed and lay down next to her. She somehow felt a strong feeling of contentment and safety. She saw his closet open and his clothing gone. He must have gone on another mission. Hermione felt alone and angry. He left her again, cold and empty and now Sirius has disappeared, perhaps even dead.

Hours later Harry found her, he was worried when she was taken. He informed her that Tonks was hurt but will be fine, all death eaters except Voldemort, Rodolphus and Bellatrix Lestrange where apprehended. He said that it was a trap to gain access to an orb of a prophecy that only he could remove. He told her that they would discuss it later she needed her rest.

She closed her eyes that were now prickling with tears. She would find Sirius she and Harry where too lost without him.