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Shot One—Look at Me

Summary—Ellen is injured. And when Kanda simply refuses to pay attention, there's going to be some dire consequences. KanFemAre, Ellen's POV, death-fic.

Part 1

I rolled over my side, snuggling into my strangely firm pillow. I wrapped my arms around it, its soft heaving and the warmth it was giving off lulling me back to the sleep I had barely escaped.

Wait, heaving? And warmth? Holy…




I was huddled at the corner of my bed, using the sheets to cover whatever-should-not-be-seen-by-male-eyes. Kanda was at the far, opposite end, for which I was grateful. He loosely held one end of the sheets to cover his privates and turned to gaze intently out of the frost-covered window.

Several moments of uncomfortable silence lapsed between us. Occasionally, I shot a quick glance at him and turned away just as quickly. I could tell he was doing the same too.

'You know, he does have rather sexy abs…' chortled a soft, mischievous voice from the dark recesses of my mind. I moaned in agony and slammed my head against the headboard.

Wrong move.

Kanda spazzed noticeably, an erection apparent even with the sheets covering it. A hot blush spread rapidly across his cheeks and he turned to face the wall, long, dark, silken strands fell over his masculine face and hid it from my view. Of course, upon realizing that my earlier moan must have reminded Kanda of something that had undoubtedly transpired last night, I slammed my head against the headboard again.

I shuddered in my large coat as the cold Northern winds blew over me. The last few days I had spent in the Order was not quite as pleasant as I would have wanted it to be. All I could ever think about was Kanda, Kanda, Kanda; and how sexy every part of him was. Memories of the first and only night had flooded back, completely unwelcome. Every second spent anywhere near him was awkward; our conversations were kept short and polite. The normal insults no longer spilled forth; instead, he was completely civil with me. No more death glares, no more threats, nothing. It was freaky.

But the most unnerving part of it all was, he never once looked my way.

Now, we were heading off to yet another mission; together, with Lenalee. And although I was grateful that she kept Kanda's attention off me, I secretly wished that he just turn and look my way. I mentally pinched myself. 'You're one heck of a love-struck idiot, aren't you, Ellen?'

Greenland wasn't all like I had expected it to be. But then again, it was quite far up North, and it snowed madly at the uninhabitable ice sheets. Tough luck, because today was one such day.

In almost no time at all, Lenalee seemed to have frozen solid. So Kanda and I plowed our way through mountain sides to create a deep enough cave to set up camp. Mentally, I kicked Lenalee for choosing such a short, thin, thigh-length coat to wear to this cold region.

While Kanda got busy with the firewood, I distracted myself with warming Lenalee. And when Lenalee finally settled down to sleep, I turned to Kanda; who was, unsurprisingly, still not looking in my general direction.

I didn't bother trying to get any sleep that night; I knew it would be futile anyway.

We trekked another few miles before my curse began acting up. Kanda tensed on my left and Lenalee continued shivering away. We slowed our large strides to cautious steps, calculating every step before placing our foot down. But Lenalee did not seem to be in the right mind to do so.

A soft crunch of snow, a shuddering hill, and an explosion that sent me flying.

"Lenalee! Get out of there! It's not -cough- it's not safe! Hurry!" I cried frantically, reaching forward to push a semi-conscious Lenalee off the large mound of snow-covered akuma.

Push her off I did; and with all haste possible, I charged away from the hill. I vaguely registered another loud explosion followed by a hot pain in my chest. The faint, muffled explosion of akuma being destroyed barely reached my ears. My vision grew hazy; the ground began to warp beneath me. I dropped to my knees, my body growing numb with pain. I heard the dull chunk of the large akuma bullet falling to my left, but I could have cared less.

I shrugged off my coat, ignoring the chilling winds that slapped me relentlessly. I ripped off strips of material from my coat, using them as a crude bandage.

"I'm injured!" I called out to the snowstorm, hoping that Kanda had heard me.

I received a non-committal "Hn" in reply. Concentrating as best as I could, I bandaged the gaping wound on the left of my chest. No wait, the right, left; right, left…Oh, forget it.

We set up camp not long after, Lenalee warming up at a faster rate this time. I leant against the cold stone walls, wincing as a protruding rock jabbed my wound. Lenalee strode over in all her mini-skirt glory, squatting before me and asking if I was all right.

'All right? All right, indeed! And I wonder who was so stupid as to not have chosen a larger coat and then got frostbite after which I had to save her from being killed by an akuma; which landed me in this state! Of course it's not you, Lena-bitch,' screamed my other, inner Black Ellen.

I glared at her from under my bangs, before growling out a very pissed "I'm fine! Leave me alone!" at her.

She stumbled back as though she had been slapped, large fat tears forming in her bug-eyes as she ran away, sobbing pathetically. Strange, I could not find a single part of me that pitied her the slightest.

I grumbled irritably as I eased myself into my sack. I pondered over why I felt so cranky; perhaps it was my time of the month now? 'Oh gods, no… Not now, it shouldn't be now! I've checked!'

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