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Shot Two---Alone… or not?

Summary—When the secret of the Fourteenth is revealed, the order shuns Ellen away. And the only man who stood by her to the end decides that not even giving Ellen a proper burial was the last straw; death-fic.

Part 3

I watched as the CROW members inspected her wound. They whispered something amongst themselves and then hauled her onto a gurney, carting her off to dimensions unknown. I sighed and returned to my room, preparing to write out that long bastard of a report using the rest of my free time. But that didn't manage to quell the strange sense of dread tugging relentlessly against my heart.

"Grr… Fine." I turned on my heel and stormed back in the direction I had come from, chasing aimlessly after Ellen.

"Bring the oil…"

"The fire…"

I stopped short in my tracks as I watched Ellen lying limply upon a stack of branches, a large vial of kerosene being poured over her, drenching her clothes through and through. Another CROW stood at a side, a small candle clutched in his hand.

My mind went blank. Before a million and one thoughts came flooding into my head. Why would they need to burn her? It wasn't even as though she had never survived a fatal wound before. Like, she had had a huge hole eaten through her heart before! The next words tumbled through my mouth before I could think straight again.

"She's not dead."

The CROW member nearest to me spared me a brief glance, before turning back to his work. I sucked in a sharp breath; it was… that was… Lavi…

Even as my vision began clouding over with red, I was still able to see what I'd missed. The tall one… Krory. The woman… Lenalee. The one with a pair of strange bangles… Chaoji. The one with disheveled hair… Miranda.

All of them, traitors… She'd trusted them, they were her friends. And now they were willing to burn her alive. I barely held back a gasp as she opened an eye. She stared at the CROW gathered around her for a while, before squinting and then… she cried.

Her face was one of sheer anguish and betrayal. Her beautiful diamond orbs now squinted hard together in painful remembrance. Even as she lay within the licking tongues of the flames, her body shook with an amazing might.

"SHE'S NOT DEAD!!" Mugen drew forth with a beautiful ring, and the two halves of Lavi fell onto the concrete.

The other CROWs scattered, hoods falling off their heads as they scrammed back into the tower.

No more…

My feet shifted beneath me, moving forward on their own accord.

Such a lonely day
And it's mine
The most loneliest day in my life

Their faces, so full of hate. Hate for the one person who had loved them the most… Looks of silent joy, as they planned to burn that very same person into nothingness… They didn't deserve her love, at all.

Such a lonely day
Should be banned
It's a day that I can't stand

My scream rang throughout the hallways of the Black Order just as it had many times before. A scream of bloody murder, only this time I truly meant it.

The most loneliest day of my life

I didn't spare a second glance as Choaji's head rolled off to a side; far, far away from its body. That idiot had always doubted her; he needed to die for that.

The most loneliest day of my life

I pushed Lenalee away with a boot and she tumbled a little, landing on her front. A large eight petal flower etched deep into her back, bleeding her life away. The damned whore…

Such a lonely day
Shouldn't exist
It's a day that I'll never miss

Slowly, as I watched Krory's body fall before me, I vaguely registered that I had killed Miranda along with him. Despite my rampage, I still remembered that these two had treated Ellen with such great reverence; loved her like a child of their own, and at the same time, regarding her as their saviour. But it had been shallow, so shallow that it had been broken by just that one small sign of betrayal.

Worthless, unworthy.

Such a lonely day
And it's mine
The most loneliest day of my life

Ellen… she was still within those flames. I had wanted her to die with that very beautiful smile she always had, that only she had. But instead, she had died weeping, weeping because her friends tossed her aside like an old doll that no longer had any appeal.

Like Lala, the five-hundred year-old doll. But Ellen was a mere sixteen…

And if you go,
I wanna go with you

I turned on my heel, running back to the slab of concrete where Ellen was burned by those disgusting roaches. I left the scientists and the others alive, but it mattered not, because there was only so much they could do against the Akuma and Noah.

And if you die,
I wanna die with you
Take your hand and walk away

I watched, enchanted, as the fiery tongues danced vigorously around her pale body. There was a vivid green glow, but that slowly died down and soon I heard the faint shattering of glass.

Ellen's innocence had broken. Yet there was no Noah in sight, so why..? Then I started as Mugen exploded into dust in my hand.

The most loneliest day of my life
The most loneliest day of my life
The most loneliest day of my life

Ellen's innocence had been the heart, I realised. So when her will died, when the abandonment was too much to bear, coupled with the near fatal injury, the Heart had shattered. And Mugen too, had left with it.

Left with it… left with her… Suddenly, the fire looked so very enticing… I lifted a foot up onto the burning branches as I felt the curse upon my chest fading away.

Such a lonely day
And it's mine

And I hissed in pleasure as the fire engulfed me; I didn't feel the heat, or the pain. All I saw was Ellen standing before me, her arms opened wide as if to welcome me into her embrace.

But my eyes widened in shock as gentle tears began trickling down her face, her arms returning to her side as she turned away from me. I felt the ground give way beneath my feet, and suddenly I was plunging through darkness, away from that light where Ellen had been waiting for me.

I see, she was pure, but I was a sinner, a murderer. In the end, we could never have been together.

It's a day that I'm glad I survi—

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