This is my first try at a story that is set in an AU so much different from the original story. What if Seras had died with her parents, what if she could not find rest and returned as an angel with as purpose to avenge her parents and destroy all related to their assassins? What if said angel would meet Alucard in this state? Would they manage to get along or would they obliterate each other, And would Alucard be able to resist such an alluring power to match his own so near him?

Chapter: 1 Purest person's requiem,chapter: 2 R&R with saint Alucard
Pairing: Hints to Alucard/Seras
POV Characters: Seras, Alucard
Genres: Angst,Hurt/Comfort
Rating: T (Violence)

Order 1: Purest person's requiem



Shivering in horror in my hiding place in the cupboard. Shielding my ears from the sickening sounds of tearing flesh outside I waited, After what seemed like hours all went silent. Gathering my courage I opened a door far enough to peek out hoping my father had taken care of the intruding men.

The sight I had to beheld made me sick down in my stomach. Two men with guns were standing over the body of my mother, one in the middle of loosing his pants. Before I realized what I was doing I had taken hold of the only thing resembling a "weapon" ..a mere fork... and charged the men head-on plunging the small piece of silverware into the left eye of one of the men.

The man cursed and hissed as smoke rose from his eye which was sizzling where the fork punctured it, then I noticed the red in their eyes.. they were not human... One pulled his gun and shot me, the strength of the impact threw my small body backwards and I fell limb against the same cupboard my mother told me to hide in. My eyes filled with tears before closing.

Slowly I opened my eyes to the feeling of a soft hand on my cheeks, I looked up and stared into the seemingly glowing face of my mother, a wry smile gracing her features as she spoke to me "You did not listen did you? You can't die yet my little Seras" I opened my mouth to speak but she silenced me with a single finger to my lips.
"Don't talk. All will become clear some day, for now is your time to shine, my little angel"

She touched my forehead and I could feel her presence as she faded into me, rejuvenating me and filling me with a sense of power I never dreamed of possessing, leaving in her stead a beautifully carved scythe. "Go, my angel" With those words I looked back at the two men who had continued like nothing happened. My mother's body was still there and I'd never let them defile it.

I got up and took the scythe from the ground on which they finally acknowledged me. All three eyes going wide with shock as they grabbed for their guns once more. They emptied their clips at me and I gasped as I felt the bullets ripping into my skin, Only to see them being pushed out as the wound closed. I charged again before they had a chance to reload.

That night I died and was reborn, soon I would learn more about my existence as an "angel of vengeance", all I knew now was the goal which brought me back. The total extermination of evil.

Is this what I was meant to grow up as? A killer?

Ten years later in a small village with the name "Cheddar" the nosferatu Alucard arrives only to find the entire forest littered with corpses of dismembered ghouls.

Order 2: R&R with saint Alucard

It was a truly wonderful night, quiet and clear, with the full moon casting blue light all over the forest enhancing it's mask of tranquility. The only thing that could possibly make this night better was a fight with a worthy opponent. I was quite surprised to find someone had gone ahead of me and taken care of the ghouls. It could not have been the humans, The number of ghouls was simply too large for humans to take on and the way the bodies were decapitated and their hearts torn out betrayed years of experience in the art.

The more I saw the more I could feel excitement welling up in me at the prospect of meeting the one responsible, soon I heard voices and I moved closer to observe the source, two people, One of the two was a vampire.. No a FREAK, one of those worthless instant-vampires that had been infecting England lately. The other was a young female. From a distance she seemed human. She was small with short blond tresses adorning her face. The fist thing I noticed was the large scythe which seemed to glow with an unearthly light. I had to see more.

Slowly I shifted into fog and moved closer, picking up their conversation as I waited in the shadows a few feet away from the girl, at this moment the vampire was clearly trembling with fear "What the hell are you?!" The girl just smiled as she stalked over to the vicar, her movements elegant as if she was floating on the wind. When the vampire tried to run she suddenly was in front of him with her scythe around his neck. "My name, is Seras Victoria, but to you... I am divine punishment" With that she cut off his head in one fluid motion and dropped his body down as it turned to dust.

"You can come out now, I know you're there.." she spoke without turning to me, I slowly returned to my human shape, my hands reforming first to applaud her show of abilities. All the while I studied her, blue silk robes waved along her body reaching to her knees where it revealed long slender legs, and a matching neck coming from her collar taunted me to take a bite.

She giggled before turning around and I was faced with her bright blue eyes, pools swirling with power looked me over as she leaned against the long weapon, her lips curled into an innocent smile. Her appearance was nothing short of angelic. She was definitely not human. "You're right, I am not" ..She answered my unspoken thoughts. "Surprised? You shouldn't be, I'm much alike you. An undead hunting undead, I am what they call an angel of vengeance."

The thought of the wonderful battle that lied ahead excited me, from what she'd shown me she'd be a great opponent. But I would defeat her, her blood was calling to me and who was I to ignore that call? She shook her head as she turned away and started to walk "You are not my enemy" a smirk crept up my lips "Angel girl, are you a virgin?" She stopped for a moment but did not turn back. "Don't even think about it, Vampire..." She leaped and then she was gone.

I chuckled as I observed her vanishing into the night "Oh I sure do think about it, we will meet again and when we do I will so enjoy it.. I truly will" So I did not get the fight I hoped for. But I had something to look forward to, a clash between true undead with her blood being the prize. For now though, I had to report to my master. The angel girl had saved me a lot of time finishing this boring mission for me.

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