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Meanwhile back at the abandoned warehouse where the rest of the Hellsing Organization are holding out.

Chapter: 15 Sea of chaos
Pairing: Alucard/Seras
POV Characters: General/Seras
Genres: Suspense/Romance
Rating: T+ Slight sexual implications, nothing much.

Order 15: Sea of Chaos


Integra uses her arms to support her injured butler as he stumbles back
withdrawing his cutting wires from a freshly diced cadaver and grabbing his side with one hand, his teeth clenched together as he pulls a bullet from the wound.
"Walter will you be alright?"
Integra asks, slight worry visible on her face as she looks at the bleeding hole. The aged butler only smiles in return.
"Don't worry Sir Integra, Compared to what I faced during the second world war this can hardly be called a flesh wound."

"Incoming from behind!" One of the soldiers yells as more of the Nazi vampire soldiers flood in from yet another entrance, having broken down one of the metal doors.
"I got to admit that their numbers seem to have slightly increased since last time though"
He says as he casually waves his hand, the small movement causing him to lash out at the group of enemy soldiers with his silvery threads. Still, more enemies keep pouring in with no end in sight.
"Integra, look out!" Comes Walter's warning shout as a long thin projectile narrowly misses the lady who instantly turns her attention to her would-be attacker.



"Master, We're not going to make it in time!" I shout as I run as fast as my short legs can carry me, my power being drained too far to simply teleport us to our destination.
"By the time we arrive.. Integra and Walter will be.. will be.." I don't wanna think about what will happen if we're too late.
Master turns around, a slightly frustrated scowl on his face. He can of course just leave me behind. He can move faster on his own...
Yes that sounds like something he'd do. A low disapproving growl escapes from my master and I see shadows consume his form. What is he doing?

"You think me stupid Seras? Last I left you behind you almost killed me." I look away, He does have a point.. Am I truly that pathetic?

"No time for self-pity, get on!" My master scolds me telepathically sounding so much like sir Integra herself that it makes me quirk an eyebrow as I look back at him
only to find the most gigantic black dog I've ever seen. I Blink my eyes, once, twice as I keep staring at the large hound.

"Master?" I ask in surprise, upon receiving an impatient growl from him I Quickly jump onto the back of the creature and without thinking bury my fists in his long black manes.

Faster than the wind master dashes through the abandoned streets of London, me holding onto his back, my arms now wrapped around his neck because I fear I otherwise might accidentally pull his hair out. Suddenly master stops and I quickly wrap my legs around him to prevent myself from being flanged off like a rock from a catapult, after a moment of wondering I realize the reason for why he stopped so suddenly.
"Master... what do you sense?" He turns his head to me in an assuring gesture, but I recognize worry if I see it.

"Hold on tight, Seras." Alucard orders me as he once again speeds up. I press my body as tightly against him as I can as he makes a sprint for the warehouse compound.

Headfirst he launches himself through the window using his large body to shield me from the impact.
As soon as we enter the smell of blood assaults my sensitive nose and I know exactly what to do,

As a rider on a horse I clench my legs tightly around master's waist so I can release my hands, With utter concentration I whisper the incantation to summon my spirit bow.
Ghoul after ghoul, FREAK after FREAK, All fall to the divine energy of my bow, those that get too close are rewarded with my masters razor sharp fangs as bones snap between his strong jaws.
When my master rounds the final corner I aim my arrow for where I smell the blood the strongest but quickly loose my grip a the sight before my eyes.

"Duck faster next time!" Comes the once-so-calm voice of Elanor as she throws one of the bayonets similar to Anderson's straight into the cranium of one of the Nazi FREAK soldiers. Anderson standing behind her with an amused smile. Looking around more I see Sisters Yumie and Heinekel finish off the last few ghouls, Walter assisting the two women and Integra sitting knelled next to one of the Hellsing field medics who is treating one of the Hellsing gunmen. Anderson is the first to notice our entry followed by Walter and Integra. As soon as the Hellsing heir is aware of our presence she gets up and slowly walks into our direction, no emotion crosses her face as she comes into arms reach. I climb off my master who instantly reverts back to his 'Human' shape and am about to speak as Integra's flat hand collides with my cheek causing it to redden, I wince slightly at the sting.

"Agent Victoria, That was for ignoring a direct order and endangering us all. Your master will think of an appropriate punishment for your insubordinate behavior."
I look down, I'm not sure what to feel, I'm glad she is alive but she is right.. Had it not been for Anderson's return I don't think anyone in Hellsing would have survived. When I feel her hands resting on my shoulder I am snapped back to attention just in time to see her give me a hug. Of all the things I had not expected this from the lady of steel. For only a few seconds she stands there holding me like a mother would her only daughter. Neither of us uttering a word.
I am glad she is the one to break the silence as I would not be able to find the words to.
"That was for saving my life, and for returning to us." I open and close my mouth a few times before settling for a simple salute as Integra casts a glance at my master, giving him an approving nod and returning to her original position.

"I would like to introduce you to our new thrash disposers, I'm sure you have met."
Walter tells with a smile as the four former Iscariots gather near him. A very happy Elanor running at me to grab my hand. "That means we're now colleagues!" She chirps and kisses me on the cheek before casting my master a forced smile and backing away, obviously intimidated by his mere presence. I chuckle as I look at her.. Anderson's doing a good job with her, I realize since last time we met he has been training her to be a Paladin.
"I wonder if she and Alex have something going between them." I say out loud causing Yumi And Heinekel to laugh.
"Zoose two?" Heinekel chuckles.
"Nein ich think she is a Lesbian." She finishes, grinning at me. For a moment I stare blankly at her as I take in this new information, Looking back at Elanor who winks at me from her position at Alex's Side, then my eyes go wide and I groan as I brush the kiss form my cheek with my sleeve.

"My offer to turn her into one of us still stands, Seras" My master whispers huskily into my ear, I growl dangerously and grab behind me giving him a painful squeeze in his crotch, Making the ancient vampire hiss out in pain. Let that teach him, he can have me as his only lover, or he won't have me at all. I grin at Walter who is giving me a thumbs up and silently thank him for being on my side.

The sound of chopper rotors tell me that it's time to go home, the flight is pretty event-less but I enjoy it non the less, comfortably seated on my master's lap as he nuzzles my hair I feel safer and more secure than I have in ages, I could fall asleep like this. Possibly will if nothing happens soon,

'Ah so you want to go at it in public my dear? Even with the Judas priest's apprentice watching?' Ugh, master knows as well as I do that he was the one who implanted that thought into my head! I risk a peek at Elanor sitting across of me only to see her watching me intently. There's too much wrong about this, I like her as a friend but mark my words. I'll get her to stop looking at me like that even if it means I have to play matchmaker and make her fall in love with Anderson. I have enough to worry about with Alucard alone, the thought of her joining into our nightly events does not go well with me. Anyway.. How his arms wrap around me tightly assures me of the fact he can't stand the thought of having to share me with anyone, male or female. Yes I am pretty safe with him, as long as I please him I won't have to worry about him making any of his threats come true.


No, Eternity was made for us, no one or nothing will come between us.. My master, My lover.. Soţ mea.. I look up at my smirking master casting him an accusing glare."Master, stop playing with my mind.. What did those words mean anyway?"
He chuckles before replying 'It means "My husband" my dear angel girl, or should I say "Soţie mea"... My wife'

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