Ok ok I know the starts similar to Australia but I wrote this one first. I lost this so I wrote that but the I found this so it's amazing! lol. Still looking for help by the way.

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Mary was staring out the window. Watching the countryside go by and the city approaching. She let out a long depressing sigh. Her mother glanced over at her feeling sorry for herself. "Honey, this is the last time we move I promise"

"Oh ok," Mary exclaimed "I'm supposed to believe you this time right and all the other times you said that didn't count"

"Mary sweetie, I mean it this time. My company promised no more moving for two years"

"Two years, whoopee!" Mary sarcastically said. She then threw her arms up in the air and waved them about, just to make a point. "So as soon as I start to make friends and settle in we move"

"No, Mary just think if we didn't move you would never have met Lauren, just think you can make just as good friends as Lauren"

"True, where are we moving to this time?"

"Somewhere I think you might like and because I feel awful I've enrolled you in a school you'll freak about"

A smile spread across Mary's face "really and where would that be mom"

"Well where moving to L.A," Mary shrieked "and you're going to Moor's school of Arts"

"No way," Mary sang "you mean that music and acting school that all the stars go to"

All Mary's mom got to reply was a nod before Mary embraced her in an enormous hug "be careful sweetie I'm driving"

"Yeah sorry mum, I have to tell Lauren" Mary picked up her phone and started jabbing away on the keyboard.

Hey Loz guess what im going to Moor's skool of arts in L.A. I miss u Mary.

Mary didn't have time to put her mobile down before the was a reply

Ohmigosh no way. Tell me if you c any1 famous.ily L.

Mary smiled and snapped her phone shut. It wasn't long before shed fallen asleep. She awoke to her mum gently tapping her shoulder. "Hey honey wakey wakey, today we have to unpack and it's your first day of school tomorrow so chop chop" Selena lifted her head to find herself lying on a mattress in a room of boxes.

"um Okay, is this my room" Mary inquired.

"Yes isn't it pretty look at the view of the ocean" Mary looked over. Wow its pretty she thought. It was the first time shed seen the ocean. Her mom and she had always moved inland. She couldn't believe how blue it was and how the sun reflected of it. The suns beams reminded her of when her dad sprinkled fairy dust over her at her eight birthday party.

Ding Dong. "Mary sweetie can you get it"

Mary ran down the stairs and to their front door.

Ding Dong

"Chillax im here" she opened the door. A pretty girl with brown hair stood their. She was wearing skinny jeans with a print tee and a jacket. "Hey, im your neighbour I just came round to meet you and say hi"

Mary couldn't help blurting out "really" in a really inquisitive voice.

The girl just smiled and said "yes"

"Did your parents send you?" the girl shook her head.

"If you really wanted to know why I came it was because I was making sure there was no kid boys," both girls giggled "they kind of freak me out" Mary giggled.

The girl then said "what school are you going to go to"

Mary replied "Moor"

"Ohmigosh no way I go there to, ill share a dorm with you if you like, meet me at my house and ill give you a lift there"

Mary frowned; she just remembered Moor was a boarding school, no need to unpack she thought. "Yeah that sounds great," Selena smiled. Her mum was right she was already making friends. "Hey, I never caught you name"

"Courtney, what's yours?"


"Pretty. I better go so you can unpack and my dad will be wondering where I am"


"Bye ttyl" Mary closed the door

Mary skipped down the hallway and up to her room.