Behold… a rewrite is in progress.

~*~ A Prologue ~*~

Midgar; The place where it all began. The smoky skies told of the settling debris after the plate fell, of a ruined city. But one day out of the ashes, a new city would arise. It was a fresh start: Something that Tifa couldn't imagine for herself.

She drew her arms tightly around herself, partly to protect her from the cold and partly because she felt afraid. She had gotten used to the security and the comfort of the group, yet the closer they got to Midgar, the sooner she knew they were all going to go their separate ways.

She didn't want to have to be alone again.

"Are you alright, Tifa?" a deep voice asked quietly from her left shoulder.

"No." She was honest. Vincent would have seen through her lie anyway. He always did.

"But surely you will receive everything you wish for now." One would have hoped so. Yet she chose not to respond, for Tifa knew otherwise. always, she would try and remain ever optimistic for things that she knew were impossible.

Somewhere behind her, Cloud cleared his throat to speak. Tifa didn't turn around to look at him, instead letting her eyes gaze unfocused towards the sky, although she was aware of Vincent's imposing presence somewhere behind her.

Cloud had said some strange things to her in the crater, about Aeris and trying to find her, yet Tifa wasn't optimistic. They had all seen the sword fall, seen her body slowly descend towards the bottom of the lake. And that was where it would remain.

"Um… everyone. Thanks, I guess, for all your help. This journey would have been impossible without you. So now I guess this is goodbye. Now that ShinRa are gone, maybe everyone can enjoy life."

Tifa let her eyes travel over everyone stood around her, not really listening to Cloud's seemingly rehearsed drone. Barrett, Cid, and even Vincent; She would miss them all.

Being with them had allowed her to divert her attention away from her own problems, forget herself, at least for a while. Without them she would have to face them again. Oh god, she didn't want to.

She pressed the heel of her hand into her eyes, and did nothing to suppress her shoulders from shuddering with her sobs. There was a gentle pressure on her shoulder for a moment and then it was gone.

She wondered who would be there, in the end.