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"Ooh look!" Todd pointed at the glistening patch on the sidewalk, "new cement!"

"New cement?" Pietro asked, rushing to Todd's side, "where?"


"Ooh! Excellent," Pietro rubbed his hands together.

"I'm gonna write something!" Freddy exclaimed, rushing forward.

"Me too, me too!" Todd clapped his hands.

"Not if I get there first!" Pietro yelled, zipping forward at super-speed.

Minutes later

"Hahahaha! Look I made a smiley face!"

"And the greatest, most handsomest star in the entire world, Pietro Maximoff, is now placing his hand in the cement. The girls in the crowd are going wild!"

"Freddy was, w-a-z, here, h-e-r-e," Freddy spelt out.

"Look guys! Now I'm making a frog!"

"Do you think people would appreciate a butt print?"

"Nah. No one around here quite seems to appreciate that kind of humour."

"Hmmm, yes. They didn't like it when I scattered all those pictures of Miss 'I'm so perfect look at me' Jean Grey."

"Hey yeah! Those were really cool! How'd you get those by the way?"

"I tipped off the right people. Did you know that if you pay the janitor 30 bucks he'll let you in the girls locker room?"

"Really?" Freddy asked.

"Uh-huh. But if you get caught you don't know him."

"Surprise, surprise," Todd said.

"Mmmhmmm. Ooh, which reminds me, I gotta develop the photos for Lance's 'birthday.' "

"It's his birthday?"

"No. But it gives me an excuse. Heh, heh, he's gonna love these babies."


"3 words. Kitty, in, lingerie."

"God he would kill for those!"

"Exactly. Give him a taste and he'll do anything for the rest of them."

"Could you get me some pictures Pietro?"

Pietro looked at Freddy sceptically. "Of?"

"Mindy," Freddy blushed a little.

"Mindy!?!" Pietro gaped.

"Well, I know she's not very nice - "

"A bitch," Todd interrupted.

"And she, well, she doesn't really like meaningful relationships, but she's really nice looking."

"True," Pietro rubbed his chin, "she does have a certain charm."

"You wouldn't have to sneak into the locker room for those photos Pietro," Todd snickered.


"Well, rumour has it that Mindy has a thing for you, but you didn't hear it from me cause if Marco finds out you're dead and so am I."

"Mindy has a thing for me!?!" Pietro asked.

"Come to think of it, I heard that too," Freddy nodded.

"Rrrrrreow," Pietro rolled the sound on his tongue, "now this could get interesting."

"Yeah, I suppose," Todd nodded, "hey, what's that you're writing?"

"Lance 4 Kitty," Pietro grinned, drawing a heart around the words, "Lance will have a fit! So will Kitty if she ever shows up in this neighbourhood."

"And the chances aren't high," Freddy said.

"Actually, if Kitty accompanies Lila on some mad quest to win Pietro's affection the chances rise a little," Todd said.

"God, don't remind me," Pietro moaned, "now you know that girl has problems."

"Problems of lurrrrrrrve!" Todd and Freddy chorused.

"But seriously Pietro, why don't you just go her? I mean, a one night stand with her wouldn't be bad, she's actually pretty hot."

"I suppose. Something to dwell on anyway." Pietro finished off his small picture of Evan being run over by a laughing Pietro. (Of course Pietro can draw great! What are you asking!?!)

"Well, I think our job is done," Todd said, looking down at the gratified concrete.

"Another masterpiece," Freddy nodded.

"I wonder when they'll do the next one?"

The group of boys left the street and headed inside.

The newly painted canvas glistened brightly in the sun, displaying it's proud face as the next in a long line.

Brotherhood pavement art.