About an hour later, Kyuubi wakes up to an unfamiliar feeling. She's warm, for one thing. It's usually very cold in her caged. Then she also notices she's lying on something soft. She raises her head and looked around. She was still inside Narutos' mindscape, but on a different ledge. She then looks down and gasps as she realizes that she was laying on top of a sleeping Naruto on a soft bed, covered in blankets. Her mind is running a mile a minute while she tries to remember what happened. Then it hits her, he'd removed the cage and made a bed for her. Maybe…maybe he didn't hat her?

Naruto stirred and opened his eyes. He looked at Kyuubi, confused for a moment, but then it seemed his memories came back and he smiled as he sat up.

Kyuubi sat up next to him and they just looked at each other for a while.

Naruto chuckled nervously as he spoke. "Well,…I suppose we can skip introductions." He said with a smile.

Kyuubi couldn't help but smile. "I suppose so, Naru-kun." She clasped her hands over her mouth and blushed.

Naruto blushed as well. "Um…well…I guess we should talk about a few things…Kyu-chan." He said shyly.

She smiled and nodded.

Naruto looked at her. "First, why did you attack the village?"

She stiffened and then her head hung. "I…I was tricked." She knew, though it was the truth, seemed unlikely. She hoped he believed her.

"By who?" Naruto asked. He knew that, no matter how old or powerful, anyone could be tricked if someone else were smart enough.

Kyuubi looked back up at him, happy he believed her. "It was a man with snake-like eyes and a man with a strange sharingan. The snake man bit me and tried to inject a curse seal into me. The Uchiha with him put me in a genjutsu called tsukuyomi and tortured me. I was so enraged that, while running after them, I ran into the leaf village and…well…they attacked and I attacked back." Tears fell from her eyes. "If I wasn't so weak…all those people, your parents…none of them would have-" She was cut off as Naruto hugged her. She blushed and leaned into him, returning the hug.

"Shhh, don't say that Kyu. It wasn't your fault. It was theirs. I don't blame you and neither would the Hokage if he knew." Naruto said soothingly.

Joy leapt into Kyuubis' heart at his words. "He doesn't hate me!" She mentally screamed. She hugged him tighter.

When they were done, Naruto wiped away her tears. She leaned into his hand.

Naruto felt a jab of pain in his back and winced.

Noticing this, Kyuubi spoke. "Naruto? What is it?" She really was concerned.

Naruto smiled. "Probably the bloodline injection Bruce put in me." He then looked at Kyuubi seriously. "Kyu-chan." He said.

She sat up straight. "Yes?"

He grimaced as another bit of pain came. "I need your healing ability to keep my alive and help integrate my new genetic material. The nanites will help direct things, but I need you power to make it work." He said with a small smile.

"He needs me!" Kyuubi thought. She took on a determined smile. "I'll do what I can, Naru-kun." She then concentrated and her chakra began going out and helping Naruto heal and integrate his new DNA.

When the pain stopped, Naruto smiled and looked at Kyuubi. She looked tired, but smiled back.

Naruto felt himself waking up and looked at Kyuubi. "Try and talk to me later. I'll come back when I'm asleep, Kyu-hime." He said with fox-like smile.

Kyuubi blushed heavily at that. "O-Okay…Naru-kun."

He then faded away and, after a moment, Kyuubi squealed and flopped back onto the bed and rolled around. She had never been happier.


As Naruto awoke, he found himself still on the medical table he'd been on since his injections. The screen of the bat-computer came on and Bruce's face appeared.

"Good morning, Naruto. How do you feel?" He asked.

Naruto stretched and smiled. He looked over at Bruce. "Great."

Naruto stood up and stretched some more before standing before Bruce. "So, how do I do this? You know, how do I activate my new bloodline?" He asked as he crossed his arms.

Bruce smiled. "For the clayface clay, just send chakra into those new organs in your upper back and then think what you want the clay to do."

Naruto did as he was told and closed his eyes in concentration.

Seconds later, he felt something straining against his t-shirt.

He hastily removed it and saw two fist-sized lumps of red clay coming from two holes in between his shoulder blades near his spine. He channeled bore chakra into them and thought about what he wanted them to do. To his immense shock and delight, he could control them and sort-of feel through them. He thought about a kunai and one of the blobs of clay fell off his back and turned into a hardened clay kunai. Naruto picked it up and it felt perfect! He then kneeled down and slammed it into the ground. It didn't break. Naruto then ran a finger over the edge of the kunai and pulled his finger back in slight pain as a small cut started to bleed. He smiled and slipped it into his pocket. He concentrated to the other blob on his back and it grew and changed into a third arm that resembled his normal two.

Finding this part of his new bloodline to be a great success, he mentally willed the clay on his back to return inside him. It obeyed…but so did his clay kunai. It reverted to its' amorphous shape and stretched and swung its' way back up to the hole it came from and returned.

This was great in Narutos' opinion. He could recall any weapon he threw to him and could easily make more!

Naruto then looked back to an amused Bruce. "Okay, that worked." He said with a chuckle. "Now, how about the manbat change?" He asked.

Bruce nodded. "For that, you should send chakra through your whole body and picture a huge bat in your mind. That should trigger it."

Naruto nodded and closed his eyes again. He concentrated on the image of a huge bat. He saw its' sharp teeth and felt a funny tingle in his mouth. He saw its' sharp clawed feet and thumb and felt another tingle in his feet and hands. He say its' muzzled mouth, nose leaf, and long pointed ears and his face tingled. He then saw its' strong muscles and huge leathery wings, fur, and dark eyes. His whole body now tingled. He felt his sweat pants expand and tighten on him. He opened his eyes and gasped as he saw everything through both his new night vision eyes and his echolocation, which, through his minds' processing, sent a clear image of sound in his head that made everything visible in the cave.

He looked at his new body. He was now five foot five and his wings were each six feet from wingtip to shoulder. His new wing membrane went from his sides, just above his hips, to his shoulders and covered his hands all over, except his thumbs. His bodies' muscles were enlarged and taught ad he flexed with each movement. His looked in a nearby mirror and saw his face was a lot like the boss bats'. His muzzle had a row of sharp fangs in each jaw. His eyes were black and you couldn't tell his pupil from the whites of his eyes. He had an inch-long nosed leaf and five inch long ears. His feet and thumb had curved, sharp talon-like claws that were as black as his eyes and reflected a little light. The last thing he noticed was his dark red fur with random streaks of blonde in it.

To test his new form, Naruto spread out his wings and began a fluid flapping motion that felt natural. In moments, he was slowly hovering higher and higher off the ground. He leaned forward and kept flapping. He flew forward out off the platform and, as he got more used to it, he went into intervals of flapping and gliding around the cave. He even closed his eyes and let his new echolocation guide him. He could see everything with his new sound-vision. He noticed everything looked silver and the space between everything was black.

Naruto turned and glided back down to the platform Bruce was on and skidded on the metal floor and ended up rolling o a halt before the large computer screen.

Naruto looked at Bruce with his eyes, with which he noticed Bruce was shining brighter than before, and spoke in a deep, growl-like, screechy voice. "Okay…this…is…COOL!" He yelled out.

Bruce smiled. "I'm glad you like it. Now, for the next few years, we will train with your new powers and, when I believe you're ready, I will have you don the bat suit and make yourself known to the village."

Naruto nodded. "Let's get started…Bruce-sensei." He said with a beast-like smirk.