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Only a few hours after Howard left the flat for Naboo's, Vince rang him. A few seconds passed before he picked up, already having recognized the caller ID,

"Vince, I love you too, but you really have to be a bit less clingy."

"Yeah yeah, I love you too. Listen, this wasn't to say I miss you, well… I do, honest, but where did you put those pain tablets?" He bit his lip as he knew at that second Howard had started to worry,

"Is it your head? Or your legs? Get some hot water from the kettle and put in that Lemsip mixture I bought, or maybe you should try a warm towel over you face... or legs, or..."

"Howard, relax, I'm fine, I just need to know where the tablets are." Vince said, slowly and calmly, taking care not to let out just how much pain he was in, it was as though he had cramp all the way down his leg. How would he manage to walk down the aisle tomorrow if he couldn't actually walk?

"Vince? Are you listening? Is everything ok? I'll come back if you want, I'm terrified something's going to happen to you" Vince smiled as he listened to Howard's over-protectiveness and ran his hands down the phone, as if he was sure Howard would be able to feel that,

"I'll be fine Howard, just tell me where they are, and I'll see you tomorrow," He heard a laugh down the phone, "What? What's so funny?" He demanded,

"Vince, you're acting as though we're meeting up for lunch, never mind getting married. And knowing you, you'll call at the very least twice tonight, and maybe half way through the night to check I'm still here." Vince sniffed and nodded to himself,

"I'm going to have to go sweetheart, Naboo's complaining about the phone bill..."

"I'm calling you!" Vince said, outraged,

"I think he's high," Howard responded, "Listen, I'll see you tomorrow, and I'll talk to you when you phone, just promise me you'll get some sleep, and call me if your head or legs get worse." Vince nodded, feeling very teary and lonely and whispered,

"Love you."

"I love you too little man. Get some sleep." He hung up, and Vince let the phone slip through his fingers and fall on the floor. However, he realised he hadn't actually found out where the pain tablets were, but just shrugged, not having the energy to get up off the sofa and go and look. Just then, there was a knock on the door. Raising his eyebrows, and wondering who could have come round this time of night, he heaved himself up and limped over to the door.

Opening it, he found Naboo on the other side.

"Naboolio! What're you doing here?" He asked, careful not to let on the pain he was in. However, Naboo gave him his usual deadpan expression and passed him a carrier bag,

"Howard said you sounded like you were in agony and made me come round here with some strong painkillers," he said and walked in, saying, "He also said you sounded miserable and lonely," He ignored the indignant humph that Vince sent out, "So he said I should keep you company for a while"

"How did you get here so fast?" Vince asked, happy he had someone to talk to,

"My carpet," He answered, "I've used some of my golden carpet miles on you." He frowned, but his eyes widened as Vince pulled him into a hug, whirling him round and shrieking,

"I'm getting married tomorrow!"

"Don't I know it." Naboo grumbled, and was forced to endure Vince's chatter until the young man finally fell asleep on the sofa, allowing the shaman to creep out and rub his forehead. If any of his friends announced they were getting married again, he'd disown them.


Vince woke up with a blanket over him and in quite an uncomfortable position on the sofa. He groaned and hastily took some of the painkillers Naboo had brought round. While he shook his head to get rid of any sleep, he remembered what today was,

"Oh my god!" He screamed, and ran for the bathroom, ignoring the protest in his legs. He had, he glanced at the clock, 5 hours. He had 5 hours to be ready to go when the car pulled up outside. It was impossible, he'd never achieve such a high level of perfection in that time!


Howard had tossed and turned all night, butterflies in his stomach making him feel like he was going to be sick. He sat up, seeing it was now a respectable time to wake up. However, he also saw that it was only 5 hours until he was getting in that car to go to the church. He'd never battle his nerves in that time!

Hastily jumping out of bed, he rushed out to find his suit ready and hung up in the bathroom, the emersion on so that he could have a warm shower, and a cup of strong tea ready on the table. He smiled, knowing that as long as he kept Vince happy, Naboo and Bollo would always be half-way decent to him.


Oh god, he had less than two hours! His hands were shaking as he sat in front of the huge mirror in their bedroom, doing his make-up. Vince had never been more nervous. Even the huge crimp-off wasn't as nerve wracking as this. He now had precisely 1 hour and 45 minutes to do his make-up, his hair already been done and given the Vince Noir seal of approval. He was sat in his suit, which had been tailored by the same person who had made David Bowie's suits and his shoes by the same people who made Mick Jagger's. It had been expensive, but worth it, Vince thought, checking himself out in the mirror.

He finished with 5 minutes to spare. He used this time to stand in front of the mirror and wonder what was the best kind of smile to have on when walking down the aisle. Coy, happy, suggestive... Wait, wasn't suggestive the same as coy? he shook his head, trying to stop thinking, his brain already throbbing when he tried to read the instructions for the new kettle Howard had bought a few days ago.


Howard smoothed down his shirt. Less than two hours to go. 1 hour and 45 minutes to go. His hair was naturally tousled (At least, that's what he told everyone. He had brushed it, but it didn't need styling) and he was Howard Moon, Man of Action, he didn't need eye liner or blusher, he was naturally handsome. Well, so was Vince, his make-up just accentuates it all. Stuttering into his head he didn't mean what he said, Howard groaned. He desperately needed to stop talking to himself.

He spent the remaining 1 hour and 45 minutes sat on the end of his bed, breathing deeply into a paper bag.


Vince started fidgeting in the car. Although he was terrfied he would spoil his suit or his hair, he couldn't sit still. He tried to think of something else. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... He shook his head. He'd always hated that film, he didn't have a clue about what as happening half the time. Why was Julie Andrews running over the hills whilst singing with some children? And why did she marry a Nazi? Wait, was he the Nazi or were they running from Nazis? And why did that man have so many children? He liked children, but so many could get annoying, especially little goody-two shoes.

If he ever had kids... He stopped in his thinking. That wouldn't be possible now. He'd be with Howard forever, and... could they adopt? How did Howard feel about children?

"Sir?" The driver said, turning round from his seat, "We're here."

--Howard's POV--

I felt sick as I stood at the front of that church. A huge congregation of people, including my parents and most of my family, and Vince's friends, his decent friends, were there as well. Naboo and Bollo were sat somewhere near the front, although I couldn't really see anything, not paying attention to anything except that front door, paying so much attention to it that everything else was blurry. Soon, the love of my life would be walking through there, smiling just for me.

It was agony the past few months. The feeling that I'd never see my Vince smile again, or that I'd never get to kiss him, never get to feel him kissing back, or when his eyes lit up, just for me. He was magical. And mine.

The waiting's intense, I feel like Larry Edison when he first experimented with his two fingered trumpet solo. The butterflies are building, I'm going to be sick unless Vince hurries up. Why does he have to keep me waiting all the time? Knowing full well that it's killing me when I can't see him, he...

Silence has completely fallen in the room, the door just opened, the music's started.

There he is.

--Vince's POV--

Ok Vince, just breathe and you'll be fine. I was pacing up and down in front of the doors, twisting my hands until my fingers nearly snapped off. I can do this, I know I can. It's like a gig. Stood in front of a large crowd, all of 'em hanging on to your every word.

"Sir? Are you going in?" The driver, fuckin' twat, asking me all the way there personal questions, badly flirting with me. He's got a point at the moment though, I've kinda got to go in. If I don't, Howard'll hate me forever.

C'mon Vince, what're you playing at? Vince Noir, getting stage fright? Role reversal or what? Howard's the one who panicks, he's the one who doesn't want to go in front of people. Yet he's in there in front of everyone. Family, friends. All on his own, right at the front.

That made up my mind. My Howard can't go through that alone (Well he wouldn't do it alone if I was there, but you get what I mean, I'm just kinda high off Beachems).

I took a deep breath, for some weird reason I winked at the driver, and threw open the doors, hearing the music start as soon as I did.

There he is.


Naboo smiled (For once not high) as Vince strolled casually up the aisle, not that practised stroll brides do, moving one foot at a time, he managed it with style. Grinning at Howard and blushing slightly, he got closer to the front. His hair, having had 3 hours of solid styling, was now feathery and bouncy, shining under the lights in the room. His suit a dazzling white, with a pale pink tie and white boots (Although if you asked him to pull his trouser leg up, you'd see it had swirly black patterns down the sides).

Howard was dressed similarly, but he had a black jacket on over his suit, and Naboo highly doubted that Howard's shoes were the same. Now finally up to the front, Vince shyly took Howard's hand and squeezed it tightly, smiling at the taller man and having nothing but adoration in his eyes.

As the vicar started the sermon, Howard kept sliding his eyes across to look at Vince, who was nibbling at his lip and looking toward the vicar, trying to pay attention and pretending to understand what he was on about, which gave him an adorable confused/worried look. He jumped a bit as the vicar said,

"You wrote your own vows?" Howard nodded and slipped his free hand into his pocket, eyes widening as he saw out of the corner of his vision Vince hurriedly going through his pockets, a feverish glint in his eyes as he looked over at Howard with huge frightened eyes. He mouthed to Howard, I've forgotten mine.

Rolling his eyes, Howard stuck his back in his pocket and turned to face Vince, holding his hands and looking right into his eyes, took a deep breath, and began.

"Vince. The most important thing in my life is your happiness. What I want, every morning for you, is to wake up and smile. Your eyes twinkling in the sun as you look at me with that adorable expression of peace, first thing on the morning. What happened during that two months when you were...sleeping, it was as if the whole of me had been split. I can't live without you, and I hope that if I achieve nothing else in my life, I'm going to make sure you're never hurt. You're my everything, my sunlight, my other half, and I'll love you until the earth stops spinning, and even after that. I love you Vince."

As there was a smattering of applause, Vince hugged Howard, clinging on tight and sobbing onto his suit. Pushing the smaller man's chin up with his fingers, Howard smiled into his eyes and whispered,

"Cheer up little man, it wasn't that bad." Vince gave a watery smile and carefully wiped his eyes, careful not smudge anything. Finally he looked up and started,

"Howard, you're my soul mate. If I ever leave you again, I don't know what to do. For two months I was pining for you, I can't describe how bad it was. When you're not here, it's as if I'm invisible. You make me, me. Being with you makes me feel so happy it's..." He stopped for a moment, trying to articulate what he felt. Unfortunately, words failed him so he simply finished with, "I love you Howard, if I ever say anything different, I deserve to be put in another coma. All I know is, you don't deserve me."

Howard bit his lip to stop himself bursting into tears. He glanced at the vicar who nodded and continued. Naboo brought the rings forward and they exchanged them.

"Then I declare you bonded for life" The vicar ended, and this was Vince and Howard's cue to kiss. They did so, and were aware of everyone in the church clapping, all of Howard's female relatives were crying into tissues, not trying to stay quiet. When they finished, Vince looked up into Howard's eyes,

"We actually made it didn't we?" He asked, beaming happily. Howard nodded and they both turned around, where throngs of waiting people were waiting to congratulate them.

-- The song is called 'So Close' by Jon Mclaughlin. It helps during this scene if you're listening to it, so: h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e. c o m / w a t c h ? v = F H 8 W A o R L 1 x o (Just take the spaces out :P)--

"Ladies and Gentlemen will you please look to the dance floor, for the first dance." The DJ called, making all eyes look to the floor as Vince and Howard walked on, holding hands and smiling. The music started and Howard pulled his new husband close, loving the feel of Vince's warmth near his body. As the first chords struck, Vince put his arms around Howard and they swayed slightly, in time with the music.

You're in my arms,
And all the world is calm,
The music playing on,
For only two,
So close, together,
And when I'm with you,
So close, to feeling alive,

Howard gave Vince a small kiss, and moved him closer, moving a tiny bit faster,

A life goes by,
Romantic dreams will stop,
So I bid mine, goodbye, and never knew,
So close,
Was waiting, waiting here, with you,
And now, forever I know…

Howard twirled Vince a bit, loving the calm breathing of the man opposite him,

All that I wanted, to hold you, so close,
So close,
To reaching, that famous happy end,
And almost, believing, this was not pretend,
And now you're, beside me,
And look how far we've come,
So far,
We are,
So close.

The room started clapping as they started twirling, faster, Vince's breathing becoming faster as the crescendo went up and down, coming back into excited bursts before calming and continuing, Vince kissing Howard slightly on the cheek,

Oh how, could I face, the faceless days,
If I should lose you now?
We're, so close,
To reaching,
That famous happy end,
And almost, believing,
This was not pretend,
Let's go, on dreaming,
Though we know we are…
So close,
So close, yet still,
So far…

The music faded and they finished, kissing passionately as everyone clapped once more. Vince had tears in his eyes from the music and smiled as their guests decided to dance, the floor now being full, allowing him to dry his tears on Howard's shirt.


The night had gone off to a superb start, as everyone there had laughed together, having been pouring wine down their throats and several (Vince mainly) getting very bouncy after the four tiered wedding cake which had lots of coloured icing on it. Everyone apart from Naboo and Bollo had danced, the shaman and his familiar preferring to sit at the bar and down shots, while occasionally glancing over to the dancing couples.

'Funky Town' had blasted on, meaning Vince had dragged Howard onto the dance floor, pulling shapes as though he was the one who was performing it. Holding Howard's hands through all of it, swinging him around, Vince's boot made contact with a table leg, and he tripped, almost falling over, threatening to pull Howard with him. However, a pair of huge hands grabbed him and pulled him upright.

Beaming, he turned to find his saviour, and came face to face with Gene. Behind him, Hannah was grinning and waved merrily at Vince,

"Hello dear! We just wanted to say congratulations! We left your present on that table." She motioned toward a huge table with a white tablecloth on it, stacked with presents. Vince grinned, he loved getting things. Guessing it was the polite thing to do, he held his hand out to Hannah and said,

"May I?". She giggled and allowed him to swing her onto the dance floor. Howard now leant against the table Vince had tripped over and bit his lip. He'd never had a conversation with this man, and there was an awkward silence for a few minutes, as both watched their respectable partners dance. Eventually, Howard cleared his throat and said,

"Thanks. For, y'know, catching Vince before he nearly killed himself." Gene grunted,

"S'fine, I always had to save him from something." He stopped and looked down into his drink. Reading the man's mind, Howard leant nearer to him and said, rather conspiratorially,

"Did he really go back in time? It's just, that's not possible! He was in that hospital bed the whole time!" Gene downed his drink in one and said,

"Be that as it may pal, he was definitely part of my time back in the day. Little bugger."

"Tell me what he was like." Howard implored, eager to know what had happened. Musing for a second, Gene said,

"Well, he was always faffing about with some part of his face or another, always telling the WPC's what to wear with their uniforms, how to 'ave their hair. And he fainted once or twice," Gene added, remembering more, "Saw a puddle of blood and he was down like a shot. He annoyed the hell out of me. Always arguing, telling me I was wrong, grinned smugly when he was right. Little prick." He finished his little rant and allowed Howard to raised his eyebrows invitingly, but seeing that Gene wasn't going to offer anything else, he was forced to stand in silence until suddenly,

"I missed him," Gene muttered, "When he got shot, I honestly didn't think that he would die. Might have had to spend a week or two in hospital, but I thought he'd be fine. Kind of… shut myself off for a few weeks. No one else seemed to care, so I had to grieve for them all." Howard sighed, sad that this man had to carry this huge burden on his own, and that no one had seemed to be too bothered about Vince dying. He shuddered at the thought of his husband dying, and thrust it to the back of his mind before asking,

"Why are you telling me this? You've never told anyone else, so why someone you've never met until a few weeks ago, and haven't even talked to?"

"Just thought that you might need more convincing. From what I knew of Noir, if no one believed him he'd get quite… rash. Do anything to make you believe him," He paused as the song had ended, and both Vince and Hannah were coming back, "Look after him," Gene finished, "He's a copper you don't want to loose. And a friend or… husband, whatever he is to you."

He finished this gruffly, and Howard knew he was extremely homophobic, so he must have liked Vince a lot to have come to his wedding. Howard nodded at Gene as Vince came bouncing back,

"Alright babe!" He grinned at Howard, pulling him into a hug, "We have to dance to this one!" He yelled, as David Bowie's 'Ashes to Ashes' came on.

"Wait a sec!" Gene said, putting a hand on Vince's arm. Looking at him quizzically, Gene gave him a tenner.

"Remember that bet we had ages ago? You said in 1980 Bowie would release a song called 'Ashes to Ashes'. Here." With that he gave Vince the money and after a small, whispered argument with his wife, hugged him and went. Hannah smiled and hugged Vince too,

"Good luck dear," She said, "I'm so happy for you. The both of you." She walked off as well, and Vince grinned up at Howard, stuffing the tenner in his pocket,

"Imagine that?" Vince exclaimed, "Him remembering after all this time!" Howard rolled his eyes and said,

"It's just like you to place a bet on something that hasn't happened yet. I'm sure that's cheating, they weren't to know you were from the future."

"Stop moaning Howard!" Vince giggled, "Enjoy the night, we're never gonna see this amount of luxury or presents again." Howard chortled and swung Vince into a dance, loving the flushed colour of his skin and the sparkle in his eyes, as Vince, quite unaware he was being stared at, grinned so widely he was sure his face would crack.

"I love you." He whispered, as a new song was starting. David Bowie again.

"Dance with me?" Howard asked, jokingly, knowing Vince would jump at the chance. They started a slow dance, right in the centre of the floor.

It's a god-awful small affair
To the girl with the mousy hair
But her mummy is yelling "No"
And her daddy has told her to go
But her friend is nowhere to be seen
Now she walks
Through her sunken dream
To the seats with the clearest view,
Now she's hooked to the silver screen
But the film is a saddening bore,
For she's lived it ten times or more,
She could spit in the eyes of fools,
As they ask her to focus on,

Vince grinned at the very familiar song, feeling suddenly home sick as the chorus started,

Sailors, fighting in the dance hall,
Oh man, look at those cavemen go,
It's the freakeiest show,
Take a look at the lawman,
Beating up the wrong guy,
Oh man, wonder if he'll ever know,
He's in the best-selling show,
Is there life on mars?

He snuggled into Howard's chest, the song weirdly ironic, though he wasn't sure how.

It's on Amerika's tortured brow
That Mickey Mouse
has grown up a cow
Now the workers
have struck for fame
'Cause Lennon's on sale again,
See the mice in their million hordes,
From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads,
Rule Britannia is out of bounds,
To my mother, my dog and clowns,
But the film is a saddening bore,
'Cause I wrote it ten times or more,
It's about to be writ again,
As I ask you to focus on,

Vince was well aware that everyone's gaze was on them as they slowly danced around the room, the whole room getting slightly hazy as his consciousness was leaving him, being absolutely shattered and barely managing to keep his eyes open.

"We goin' soon?" He asked Howard, voice slurred in tiredness, "I wanna be driv'n home by Numan…" Howard smiled and propped him up,

"Soon love, let's just finish the dance and go outside, Naboo can take care of the guests and everything." Vince nodded and hugged Howard more, warmness washing over him as they finished dancing, the last words of the song ringing in Vince's ears,

Sailors, fighting in the dance hall,
Oh man, look at those cavemen go,
It's the freakeiest show,
Take a look at the lawman,
Beating up the wrong guy,
Oh man, wonder if he'll ever know,
He's in the best-selling show,
Is there life on mars?

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