Okay. Here's my entry for Tazzy-chan's 100 word fic contest.

Hope you like it! Enjoy!

Contest: TazzybizzyNya's 100 word fic

Title: Only A Dream

Words: 100 (without A/Ns)

The final scream of a woman and an infant's cry were the only sounds echoing off the white hospital walls.

"No! Ichigo! Stay with me, Ichigo! ICHIGO!!" With one final, shaky breath, her hand went limp in his. The emerald-haired man dropped to his knees and cursed the Kami above.

The wailing of a light-green-haired infant girl shattered his heart even more. She knew. She knew her mother wasn't coming back.

Kisshu woke with a start, nearly falling out of the tree. He peered through his Koneko-chan's window to see her fast asleep.

"Thank Kami. It was only a dream."

It. Was. Short. I know. But I like how it turned out.

Later guys!