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I Scratch Your Back, You Scellotape My Socks.
By SugarSpiral.

Chapter One.

"Aww, Matt, come on!"

"No TK, you're too young! You need your rest!"

"Please… Matt-"

But Matt had stormed off again. TK's arms dropped limply to his sides. He was so grouchy today. He felt his mouth turn down at the corners, and his eyes began to smart. I'm not crying. He thought vehemently to himself, plonking himself down on the sandy riverbank. I'm not! Matt doesn't cry. Grown ups don't cry. If I was a grown up I'd be allowed to stay up and keep watch… It's not fair! Squeezing his eyes shut, TK's mind replayed the major events since he arrived in the DigiWorld.

Meeting his new best friend and Partner, Tokomon. Tokomon Digivolved into Patamon, to save him from a big red bug with an anger problem. The trouble with Kuwagamon was over, he falls off a cliff- but is saved by Gomamon's friends, the Marching Fishes(1). Then his new friends discover some strange phone booths, but no one is able to call home. After that hope was shattered, they got attacked by another angry Digimon, this one seemed to think it was a hermit crab. But instead of pincers, this thing squirted out seawater, from it's head? Then the kid with the big hair –Tai- 's Digimon Digivolves again into this huge dinosaur thingy, Greymon! After that, they saw another two Digimon that looked like rhinoceroses -Monochromon- fighting over territory. So they ran away… Then… then…

TK pushed the palms of his hands into his eyes now- he didn't want to think about last night. But somehow, he couldn't stop himself…

They'd needed to eat, so they'd caught fish and cooked it. They'd needed a place to stay, and they'd found the trolley cart. They'd needed a night watch, so the big kids had arranged it… And TK had been shoved into the trolley, with Mimi keeping watch on him. Like a baby, with no responsibility. TK pressed his eyes further back into his skull- he was not going to cry! Then the island started moving and bam! There's another huge, angry Digimon. And this time, it's got Matt!

The boy shook his head. It'd been ok in the end. Gabumon- Matt's Partner, had Digivolved into this enormous silver-blue wolf: Garurumon. But TK couldn't help thinking that maybe, just maybe if Matt hadn't been standing watch(2) it wouldn't have happened…

Not too far away, a pair of delicate brown eyebrows were creased together with concern. The girl with the oversized pink cowboy hat, otherwise known as Mimi Tachikawa, was worrying about the little blond haired boy. She'd never seen a kid look so miserable. For the past ten minutes, he'd been sat coiled up into the sand grimacing, hands balled up and pressed into his eye sockets like he wanted to go blind.


Her Digimon, chirpy as ever, smiled up from underneath pink petals "What's up?"

Just as she opened her mouth to voice her anxiety about the little kid, a new voice popped up behind her.

"Mimi? Could I talk to you..?" Turning around, the girl was surprised to see no one there. "Down here."

Glancing downward, Mimi sighed with relief. It was Patamon. She could never decide if he looked more like a giant mouse or a guinea pig- with wings. Well, whatever. He sure was cute.

"How can I help, Patamon?" Mimi smiled her best how-can-I-help-you? smile.

Patamon grinned in response, than shrank, as if disheartened. "It's…. it's TK." He peeked up at Mimi, wary. As if not sure whether he could talk to her. In the end, he must've decided she was trustworthy, because he started speaking again.

"I'm worried about him. He thinks Matt doesn't trust him, like he's just a bother all the time. It's making him sad. I think he blames himself for what happened last night. He may only be small, but he's got a big heart and a good sense of responsibility. When he finally went to sleep this morning, he was fidgeting, talking in his sleep. 'Let me help' he said. 'I can help too'. Things like that. He wants Matt to let him keep watch at night- he seems to think he's not doing any good." Patamon paused, breathless. It had all come out in a gush. He was about to continue, but Mimi raised a gloved finger.

"I understand Patamon, I've been worried too." Mimi smiled tentatively, "I've been watching him all morning. He seemed really sad after Matt stormed off."

Patamon visibly brightened. "See, that's it! That's what I was hoping you'd help me with. Maybe, if we could cheer TK up, he'd understand that it's not so bad being little. I'm little, but I'm happy!" Mimi felt her smile widen to a grin as the little guinea-pig-with-wings Digimon beamed up at her, "And maybe, maybe you could try calm Matt down when he gets back! Maybe, you could…"

Patamon bubbled on cheerfully, oblivious to the fact Mimi's blood had just frozen in her veins. Talk to Matt? Mimi wasn't scared of the tall blond; she wasn't! He was just… he was just very stand-offish. It was almost rude. She didn't want to be the one trying to tell him how to act around his brother- she'd watched Tai try many times before. She was on the verge of saying no, when her gaze strayed over to where the youngest DigiDestined was sitting. Then, she knew, she'd just have to find away. It would be unforgivably horrid of her to let that Takashi kiddo suffer on, when she knew she could help.

To be continued...

(1) I notice that the fish raft has very little relevance to Gomamon's attack, Marching Fishes. But hey, Teeks is just a kid; he's confused…
(2) Yeah yeah, I know Matt wasn't actually standing guard when Seadramon lifted his big ugly head (apologies to Seadramon/Michael fans), but like I said… He's young; he's allowed to get all muddled up!

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