I was, literally, shaking from fear. Laurent was slowly, painfully slow, moving toward me. He breathed in deeply. "Mouthwatering."

I knew it as pointless but I began to back away. I could be running and he'd still catch me without breaking a sweat. All I was doing was prolonging my death. I hoped it would be quick and painless. I wouldn't be able to take another bite like the one I received from James. That was pure hell.

My back collided with something cold and hard. They were here! Edward had finally come to my rescue. I put my hands back and felt roughness, not marble. My spirits came crashing in a spiraling downfall exploding into a million pieces. It was only a tree I had smashed into. No one had come back to rescue me.

Laurent was now close enough to touch. He was enjoying watching me squirm. He bowed his head to my neck. I waited but there was no pain. His breath wasn't on my throat anymore. I opened my eyes, which I hadn't realized I had closed. Laurent had straightened up. His head was turned up as if he was looking at something. His face suddenly turned a mix of rage and horror.

"No!" he gasped as he backed away. I briefly turned to look where he was staring. My heart, if possible, started beating faster, as if it would explode if it wasn't released from my chest immediately.

A huge black wolf eased out of the trees, quiet as a shadow, and stalked deliberately toward the vampire. It was enormous-as tall as a horse, but thicker, much more muscular. The long muzzle grimaced, revealing a line of dagger- like incisors. He released a terrifying growl that seemed to rumble throughout the clearing.

"I should have known you'd be protected." Laurent hissed at me with uncharacteristic fury. It was clear he was stopping himself from ripping my throat out.

I didn't understand what he meant by protected. It was just some animal. What damage could it do to a vampire?

I couldn't stop myself from looking back at the wolf. My eyes widened as I took in the five massive wolves that were approaching. Laurent continued to back as the wolves got closer. I gasped when I realized the russet brown wolf was close enough to touch. The wolf's head turned in my direction. At that moment I thought of Jacob. At least I had come here alone. He wouldn't have to die with me.

"Isabella!" Laurent said fiercely. I brought my attention back to the immediate threat. He looked desperate along with the previous emotions. "Think about it. No matter who's protecting you, Victoria will find you. Call off your werewolves. I'll make it quick. I promise."

My breath caught in my throat. "Werewolf?" I questioned. Some old Quileute's stories entered my head. I could vaguely remember Jacob's words.

"…descended from wolves…wolves that turn into men, like our ancestors… You would call them werewolves…cold ones are traditionally our enemies…"

"Yes, Bella. They'll turn on and believe me they'll be brutal."

A growl ripped from the leader's chest. Besides him and the one beside me they took off toward Laurent. He didn't get far before they attacked him. I soon heard his screams echo through the meadow.

I found myself staring intently at the russet colored wolf. He stared back at me with his large dark eyes. Oh my God. No! It couldn't be. They were just stories.

"Jake?" I whispered. The wolf's eyes widened. The black wolf made a menacing growl. Other than quickly glaring at him, I ignored him.

The wolf beside me turned his body toward me. I cautiously put my hand on the side of his face. He leaned into my hand and gave me a toothy smile. The black wolf let out a howl that hurt my ears. The russet colored wolf turned and ran deep into the forest, along with the rest. I was alone.