My Bella and my baby's life could be in danger and I was the cause of it. I was her mate dammit! I was supposed to protect her from everything not send her into the hands of a filthy bloodsucker. I wish I were with the pack right now, slowly pulling the limbs off that soulless monster. I wanted to make him pay for hurting my Isabella. I hoped she would be able to forgive me for the way I behaved. I should have put her emotions before my own. She was totally elated before I acted as though the world was ending. I just got so scared for them both but that was no excuse. For the first time ever I wished that one of my pack brothers had imprinted on her instead of me. They would take care of her. If she were with anyone else she would be safe in a warm bed instead of this hospital with doctors that took too damn long.

For the past half hour the door to Bella's room had been closed. Behind it doctors were fixing up what the crash had done. No one came to tell me if she would be alright or if our child would survive. I couldn't even hear into the room over the beeping and talking from everywhere else. I thought hospitals were supposed to be quite…

I became alert as the scent of leech filled my nose. I was so devastated I hadn't noticed it before. The hallway reeked of it. I relaxed a little. There was only one vampire who could be in here without killing a few patients. I was actually grateful Dr. Cullen was taking care of my family. At least I knew it wasn't some straight out of college kid who didn't know anything or a creepy old guy with wandering hands. The last thought had me fighting off a growl.

Thankfully the door to Bella's room opened. Carlisle and a few nurses stepped into the hallway. I wiped my eyes as I stood, removing any traces of tears from my face. "Is she alright," I asked urgently. "Is the baby…?" I couldn't bring myself to say the word. The thought of our child no longer existing hurt just as much as the thought of losing Bella did.

"Bella is alright for the most part. Her shoulder was dislocated and she has a concussion. Tonight you will need to wake her every three hours to make sure she doesn't slip into a coma. She may have trouble remembering things and become dizzy or nausea. After a few weeks the scratches on her face should start to heal up. I am going to subscribe her something for the pain and nausea she will experience, as well as keep her arm in a sling. I believe she fainted because her mind was protecting itself. Once she is awake you can take her home. There are a few precautions that need to be taken but she will be fine."

"What about my baby?" I asked once he stopped.

He grimaced slightly. "The baby is in high risk of being miscarried. Bella will need to be on bed rest for at least a month and have minimal to no stress. If it is alright with Sam I could check on her often to make sure everything continues well."

All I could do was nod numbly. It was impossible for Bella to not stress. She was being hunted down by a psychotic bloodsucker. We were going to lose our baby if we didn't catch her. I was suddenly thankful I was a werewolf. Our baby probably wouldn't have survived without my wolf blood running through his tiny veins.

"How far along is she? Is he growing alright? Will the crash have any effect on how he will turn out when he is born," I asked in one breath. I realized I was calling our baby a he but I didn't want to call him an it so he would just have to work for now.

"She is three months pregnant though because of your genes he is a bit bigger which is good because I think he may be premature. The child is vulnerable at the moment which is why the crash was so threatening. The child will be fine once he is born."

Premature? Premature babies had the possible chance of dying.

"Can I see her," I whispered.

"Go ahead son."


I winced as I blinked open my eyes to see the blinding overhead light. This was not the first time I was awakened by the annoying beeping of the monitor. Hospitals should have advanced to quieter machines. Being stuck in this hard bed and having to deal with rude nurses should have been more than enough reason to never want to visit a hospital but second to the needles, the heart monitor is what irritated me the most. It was nonstop even while I was trying to sleep. I mean I was glad that my heart was still beating but doctors had stethoscopes for a reason; only he should hear my heart.

"Why was I even here?" I wondered after my mental rant. I had a minor headache but it was throbbing enough to make my thoughts a bit blurry. I couldn't remember how I got here or why my arm was in a sling. It was incredibly uncomfortable so I carefully took it off. I hissed softly as my hand graced the left side of my face. It felt kind of swollen for some reason.

I started to sit out but almost cried out as I put weight on my left arm. Sharp pains rang through my shoulder as I bit my lip to hold in a scream. I considered putting the sling back on but didn't want to risk any further movement. I wasn't in pain when I didn't move so I became a statue to avoid further injury.

I glanced up when the door slowly slid open. A smile broke across my face. "Embry!" I wanted him to come over to my bed to give me a hug but he stayed on the other side of the room. He carefully leaned against the wall, as if he would break something if he moved too much. He stared at me with haunted eyes. I could tell he had been crying and I assumed it was because I was in the hospital. I hoped that was why. I heard the heart monitor speed up slightly as I thought about the possible death of another person. "Baby? What happened?"

He frowned slightly. "You don't remember?"

I shook my head. "Did someone…Was there another attack?"

A shiver went through his frame. "You don't even remember. I wish I didn't have to tell you to keep you from stressing. I would do anything to make this night never happen. I am so sorry I ran out on you. If I had been a man and stayed when you told me about our baby you would have never been attacked."

As soon as the words left his mouth images shot through my mind. His shocked reaction when he found out I was pregnant. Him jumping out of the window as a wolf. Getting pushed into a tree. The vampire's tantalizing eyes…

I didn't even realize Embry had sat down until I felt his arms around me." Nayeli," he said in his native language. I looked up at him with questioning eyes. "I love you," he translated. "I'm so sorry I left you like that. I swear to you another bloodsucker will ever get that close to you again. I'm so sorry."

"It was my own fault for leaving. I should have known you wouldn't just be excited about this and you don't have to feel guilty or obligated. I don't want you to stay with me because of this baby. You can have a normal teenage werewolf life and I won't resent you in the slightest." I assured him. The familiar hole in my chest began to form though it had nothing to do with Edward. It didn't even hurt to think of him. I guess I could only go through one heartbreak at a time.

When Embry didn't say anything I cautiously met his eyes and what I saw made my heart hurt so much more. He looked as though I told him I killed his dog. "You don't want to be with me?" he whispered in a broken voice. I had a feeling that was how I looked when Edward left me. I suddenly felt horrible for making him think that. Before I could tell him otherwise he continued talking. "It's okay if you can't forgive me. I don't deserve your forgiveness. Just because I imprinted on you doesn't mean you don't have a choice. Just please, can we still be friends? I don't think I can survive without you in my life and I still want to see the baby and be around. My father was never around and I don't want him thinking I didn't want him or I didn't care. I promise I wouldn't let anything happen I just want to be a part of his life."

I pressed my lips to his to cut off his rant. Part of me was aware of the heart monitor going crazy but my main focus was Embry. I had to show him how much I loved him. Unfortunately what I had in mind would not be happening in the hospital. I rest my head on his, gasping for air. "I love you and that will never change. I wasn't breaking up with you. I just thought you didn't want to be with me because of the baby. I would understand completely. You have gone through so much and I wouldn't want to put anymore pressure in you."

"You're my imprint. I couldn't ever not want you. I just want your happiness."

"When I'm with you, I'm happy."

"Que Quowle," he whispered.

I smiled. "I love when you talk in your language but I have no idea what you just said."

"Stay with me forever."

"Forever," I promised. His fingers lightly traced the left side of my face. I vaguely remembered the glass cutting into my face. With my luck it would probably scar.

Two light knocks broke us from our trance. "Come in guys," Embry said in a normal voice.


Quil and Sam walked in with balloons, a teddy bear, and boxes of chocolate. It made my girl's face light up like it was Christmas morning. I was so glad she was alright. I thought after the attack she would fall apart but she was strong. Me on the other hand, well I was a mess. She was the only thing keeping me alive and I loved her with all of my heart for it. I was so lucky to imprint on a girl that was so wonderful. I hated that she was my rock and not the other way around. I wanted to be the one taking care of her but I guess that was how I knew we were really meant to be. We were both equals. I was there when she needed me and she was there when I needed her.

"You guys really didn't have to do this," Bella said as she took the chocolate. Sam placed the balloons and the bear on the bedside table.

"Yes we did. It's our way of apologizing for not getting there sooner."

"Ugh," she groaned. "Not you guys too. This wasn't anyone's fault. What happened anyway?"

"We killed the bloodsucker after we got some information out of him. Apparently he was one of the newborns working for Victoria. She wanted him to bring you to her so she could kill you. A few bloodsuckers came to help him but they were easy kills."

"He didn't say where she was at?" I asked. I was pretty sure what the answer was considering they were here and not there burning her to ashes.

"No," Quil said with a frustrated sigh. "We tortured him slowly but he wouldn't speak."

Bella sighed and placed her hands on her stomach. She had started doing that lately, mostly in her sleep, but I never put much thought to it. I put my hand on top of hers and smiled. "We'll be alright. She won't get near you or the baby.

"Oh, yeah. Congrats," Sam said patting me on my shoulder. Quil nodded.

I couldn't help but wonder what Jake would think about this. He would probably be bothered a little but not because he still was in love with her but because it was too soon. I couldn't even think about loving a girl other than my imprint and I knew he was the same. Ever since we both imprinted they had a sibling relationship and I was happy for it. Bella loved Jacob and she probably would want him to be the Godfather. I would be cool with that.

I pulled Bella closer as the sickly sweet scent filled my nose. Sam and Quil stood around the bed. There were soft growls coming from Quil. Sam was a little calmer but he was still protective of Bella. Ever since we've imprinted the pack became Bella's family. They all loved her like a sister and I was grateful to have brothers that cared so much for my girl.

The door opened quickly and Alice Cullen came stepping in. "Bella, I am so sorry. I didn't see it happen until it was too late. I knew you were coming over but then you're future went blank so I just assumed you changed your mind and was with your wolf but then I saw you here and glimpse of the wolves killing the guy. I am so sorry I wasn't watching you closer," she said all in one breath.

My heart sunk in my chest. I hated myself for thinking it but a part of me was sure she had been running back to him, Edward. I couldn't keep screwing up like this or I would lose her. Even after everything he did to her…

Bella sighed. "It wasn't your fault either. I was just coming over to talk about the baby. Do you know what I'll be having? I keep dreaming it's a boy."

Aw now I felt bad for thinking so lowly of my girl. She loved me. She'd never do that to me.

"I don't know. The baby is part werewolf so I can't see completely. The crib is blue so it could be a boy."

My cheeks started hurting from how hard I was smiling. I had a baby boy. I would do everything to show him I loved him. I wouldn't desert him and make him think I didn't care like my dad. We would play catch on the weekends and get up early to watch cartoons. I would tell him how to pick up girls and teach him how to drive. We could go to football games and play video games, everything my father wasn't around to do with me.

I never really expressed my feelings to anyone but if anyone in the pack ever tried to dig hard enough they would see how hurt I was that I didn't have a father. It really sucked to know that one of the pack members were my brother. One of their fathers had cheated on their wives with my mother. No one had ever claimed me though and my Mom didn't want me to know. Everyone hoped it was Sam's dad because he wasn't that great of a person. I didn't care if it was Sam's, Quil's, or Jacob's dad. They didn't want me as a son so I didn't want them as a father.

Quil pulled Bella to him and kissed her forehead. "I need to go check on Jake and Kell."


"I should be going too," Sam said as he hugged her. "Get better alright? Emily's going to want to start planning the baby shower as soon as possible."

"You know Alice would probably be able to help her out a lot," she hinted. I could tell Sam really hated where this was going. A vampire on La Push land was one thing but to have them with anyone's imprint was just crazy.

Sam sighed. "I will let her know."

"Thank you," she squealed and hugged him again.

"You're pretty drugged right now aren't you?" he chuckled. He ruffled her hair lightly before walking out of the room. Alice was suddenly appeared beside Bella. I was okay with the vampire midget for the most part. She could be a little annoying but Bella loved her so I tolerated her.

"I'm going to call Charlie to let him know about the 'car accident'," I told her.

"Tell him not to come," she said quickly.

"I know," I said before kissing her forehead. I really wish she would let people fuss over her sometimes. I walked out to find the guys waiting for me as I knew they would be. It was so strange how we communicated without words.

"Is she going to be alright?" Quil asked.

"Yes but out baby on the other hand…We have to get that bitch. The stress of all of this can kill our kid. Carlisle said she needs to be on bed rest for at least a month to get past the chance of miscarriage but even then the baby will most likely be premature." I reached up to tug at the hair I no longer had. I grounded my teeth together to stop from phasing in the middle of the hospital.

"I'm sorry man," Sam said.

"We'll stop her Em. She won't ruin your family."

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