Finally, the third -and most likely final- installment of the After The Credits Roll series. Well independent stories, anyway. I will still be writing Director's Cut. And, because Becky is an evil genius and I am masochistic, there may be another ATCR styled story/series based off of CR2 (the real movie when it comes out). But at the moment, we have AINE, finally.

We are starting 6 weeks, roughly, after LKG. I have the first five chapters written, and they will be uploaded over the next week or so. It may seem a bit slow at first, but I promise, things will pick up by chapter 4 and definitely chapter 5.

So recap of the end of LKG: Mitchie is pregnant, Riley & Nicky are broken up, Jason & Stas are engaged, Caitlyn & Nate are 'promised', Mitchie is writing again, but still not singing much, Kevin & Savannah broke up.

Kevin will be more prominent in this one along with his new love interest, who will also be more of an important character than Savannah was. She's going to become friends with Mitchie, so…

Disclaimer: Bree does not own Camp Rock. BUT she does own Anastasia/Stas, Jacob, Nicky, Kevin, Riley, Naomi, Justin, Cecilia, Shayna, Ethan, JJ, Natalie, Isadora, other characters mentioned in ATCR & LKG, and any other characters that enter.

Warning: This is a sequel to Life Keeps Going, which is the sequel to After The Credits Roll. You may be lost if you don't read those first.

After The Credits Roll… Life Keeps Going…

And It Never Ends

Chapter 1:

So while I know you were all hoping we got our happily ever after, I also know you can't honestly tell me you were expecting that to be the end. We had families to tell about their newest member; fans and media to tell as well; a wedding to plan and an engagement to nudge along; school to finish and more albums to write; and teenage siblings to keep on track. And of course, God forbid the press was nice about anything.

"When are they gonna start this thing?" I heard a impatient voice drawl. Shane and I were standing off stage, listening to the reporters theories on why they were at a press conference called by the Greys. "We've got deadlines to meet." The voice grumbled.

I let out a nervous, shaky breath. The press wasn't always known for being kind to us and they already seemed impatient. I rubbed my stomach unconsciously, hoping to make some of my anxiety go away.

Shane, of course noticed my unsteady movements. "You sure you can handle this? You don't look too good, baby." He whispered worriedly into my ear while holding me tightly to him.

"I'm fine." I assured him, snapping only slightly. "Beside, if I puke on them, maybe they'll be nicer about the pregnancy. Popstar's Pregnant Wife Pukes on Press. What a headline, huh?" I joked, burying my face into the side of his neck, trying to shake off the thoughts of other headlines they'd could come up with.

"Shane, Mitchie, you're on." Stacey informed us a moment later.

Shane nodded to her and pulled back from our embrace. We held hands as we made our way out. I was walking on the inside, away from the reporters, who couldn't see my stomach from that angle.

Silence rumbled through the crowd of eager reporters as they caught sight of us. "Hello, everyone." I greeted nervously as we sat down.

"Many of you are wondering what we've called a press conference for." Shane began. "There's been no bad press that needs addressing or anything."

I smiled and continued. "We have an announcement."

Shane grabbed my hand under the table and gave it a tight squeeze. "Mitchie is expecting our first child in August."

There was a sudden roar of questions flying at us. One of the first questions was from the impatient report we'd heard. "Why not just release a statement?" He asked, not really seeing the major story that would need a press conference.

Shane smiled pleasantly. "We know the media. You all have very creative imagination when you want. We want to avoid as much speculation as possible. This is a very happy time for us, and we don't want false rumors ruining our bliss." He explained simply.

"Shane," Another reporter's voice called out, catching our attention above the rest. "You've been on tour. Are you positive the baby is yours?" They asked smugly.

I looked quite offended at the implication, but Shane just laughed at the woman. Not a reaction I was expecting. "I'm sorry, but that's just a ridiculous thought." He chuckled at her. I gave him the same gawking look the rest of them had.

The reporter threw back, "It's not the first time there's been cheating rumors." My intense gaze turned to glare at the reporter.

Shane smiled, again. "Yes, and those rumors were not only false, but they involved my girlfriend and my best friend, who is like a brother to her. So, if she were cheating on me, the media would automatically link Jason. Except, Jason was on tour with me, and dealing with his own engagement." I shot him a look of what-the-hell-are-you-doing-they're-going-name-Jason-as-the-father.

He winked at me. I glared at him again before I had an idea of my own. "Actually, they technically weren't on tour when I conceived. It was the first night that Shane was home for a break in December for three weeks."

"Mitchie," the next reporter yelled, "Were you trying to get pregnant?" I had to check my eye roll. Of course, I was trapping him. Because getting married didn't do that enough already. Pregnancy made me very sarcastic.

I calmly shrugged and shook my head no. "I was actually really stressed from school and anxious about Shane coming home, and I forgot to take my birth control pill."

"Shane, what are you feelings about starting a family so soon?" Someone yelled.

Shane's grin could not have been more convincing of just how happy he truly was. "I couldn't be happier. It was Mitchie's choice to be on birth control. I left our fate up to God. If he thinks it's time for us to start our family, far be it from me to stop that."

"Shane, where's this new religious persona come from? Married life?" The reporter yelled.

I shook my head at the reporter, chuckling softly. "Shane's always been religious. His bad boy persona just got in the way. Promise ring, remember? Or do you not remember the scandal that was our wedding night?" I saw a few faces in the crowd have the decency to grimace as I mockingly threw that back at them.

"So you don't believe in using protection?" Another reporter asked, hoping to clear the atmosphere of the accusing tone I'd used.

Shane smirked. "What am I protecting? Both my wife and I were clean and pure when we got married. And we've nothing to be ashamed of. We're married, it's alright for us to have children."

A different reporter changed the questioning, "What were your families reactions to the news?"

I smiled for a moment before frowning. Everyone had been elated for us. Everyone except Nicky. With everything so on the outs with her lately, she felt the need to glare and make a mockery out of my unborn child. I knew the photographers saw the frown, and the reporters picked up on my hesitation as the memory entered my mind.

Shane spoke up first. "Our parents were ecstatic of course. Mrs. Torres and my mother were crying and laughing and just excited. My brother already knew. He really helped Mitchie while I was on tour."

Taking the distraction from my trip down memory lane, I readily agreed. "Kevin was absolutely amazing. He's the best brother I could as for. He listened to everything I said and made me feel better about all of my worries. I distinctly recall a frantic phone call about the likelihood of me having twins." I smiled thinking of my younger brother-in-law who often seemed older than me in a way.

One wise reporter yelled out, "What about Nicky? What did your sister say?"

My face fell again. "Nicky…" Shane sighed. "Nicky wasn't exactly overly expressive. She just looked at us before saying 'That's nice' and leaving the room. My sister is a teenage girl and I don't pretend to understand her mind." He chuckled at the end, trying to lighten the room.

Despite his attempt to understate the drama that was Nicky, it didn't do much for my mind. It only eased the reaction of the press in the room.

"What happened between her and Riley?" Someone yelled, but Shane dismissed the question saying it wasn't our business to discuss.

"Mitchie, do you know what the baby is yet?"

"No. We don't want to know." I answered. "We want to be surprised. But we've got two names picked out."

The same reporter asked, "When are you due?"

"August 26." Shane answered. "Stas' birthday." He laughed.

"How are your friends taking the news?" A reporter asked.

"Our friends are just as happy as we are. Caitlyn is constantly talking about the baby; Stas is trying to find a bridesmaid dress that is flattering to a pregnant woman; Jason is a full of excited energy; and Nate is surprisingly in awe. I often catch him daydreaming." I said happily.

"Are there anymore engagements on the horizon for Connect 3?"

Shane shrugged. "It's hard to say with Nate and Caitlyn. Sometimes you think yes, sometimes you think no. There's no real telling until Nate actually proposes. It's very irritating." He pretended to pout.

"Shane just doesn't like being out of the loop." I teased him, patting his arm lightly and smiling at the reporters.

"What are you going to do about school, Mitchie?"

I smiled. "I'm finishing this year out. However, I'm going to be taking the fall semester off to take care of the baby and make it up with a summer semester." It'd taken Shane and I a lot fights to compromise on that one. I wanted to stay home with the baby, but he wouldn't let me not finish school. We compromised on the one semester off. Though, I had a feeling I'd probably be taking more than one summer semester to graduate early.

"How is Connect 3's new album going to be affected by the baby?" The next reporter asked.

"Well, Boston isn't too far from New York, and with all three of our significant others in Massachusetts, it's quite possible that a lot of the writing and recording might just be done here rather than New York if possible."

Another gracious reporter changed the subject and asked, "Have you decided on God parents?"

I smiled. "We're still thinking about it." I admitted, smiling at Shane. We wanted to asked Jason if it was a boy, since Jason was very much my replacement for Justin, yet we also wanted to ask Kevin. He'd really bonded with my unborn child so far. God mother was a whole other issue we weren't going to worry about just yet.

"How's Jacob taking the pregnancy?" One reporter laughed. Shane and I laughed along with him.

"Jake's very curious. Shane's very protective of me now and Jacob's on high alert it seems. He's constantly sniffing around trying to figure out what's wrong and why he can't sleep on the bed next to me. But he's also sniffing around the nursery." I said smiling brightly. Shane was afraid that Jacob would hit my stomach in the middle of the night and hurt the baby, so poor Jake got banished to the end of the bed on Shane's side, as far away from me as possible.

"Nursery?" A reporter called out. "Where is the nursery? Connect 3's blog informed us Shane was staying with his parents while you were in school."

Shane gave me a playful glare before smiling brightly at the gathered press. "Well," He stressed the word, "Technically, I am. But, we've bought an apartment in Boston. We're still setting it up and I take Jake with me most times I go. We won't be officially moving in until Mitchie moves out of her dorm at the end of term. Then we'll actually sleep there in our room rather than me sleeping on our couch occasionally." Shane explained. "The nursery is still being worked on, and it intrigues Jake a lot since that's where I work the most."

Another happier reporter asked, "What's the theme, since you aren't finding out the sex of the baby?"

I couldn't restrain the enormous grin across my face. "Winnie the Pooh. Shane gave me a bunch of scrap books for Christmas, some already filled from Camp Rock and our Wedding. Others were blank, like the Winnie the Pooh one that only had a note inside that said Someday for pictures of our children. It was the perfect theme for a unisex nursery."

We got a few awes from the reporters. Others scoffed.

I felt a sudden wave of queasiness as I often felt lately. When I placed my hand on my stomach, and the other on my forehead, Shane became concerned.

"Any last minute, pressing questions? I think it's time for Mitchie to rest a little. I think she's getting too excited." He teased me softly and kissed my temple in a sweet gesture completely unphased at the public display in front of all of the reporters. Nor was it simply an act to show how close we still were. No, it was completely instinctual. He often did that to me when I didn't feel well. A few hands had risen, but Shane called on one last reporter. "You."

"How many children do you and Mitchie plan on having, in the future?" The reporter asked.

Shane glanced at me. "If I had my way, more than the Government would legally allow me to provide for. But we'll have as many as God grants us, or Mitchie is willing to give birth to."

"As many as God grants us." I smiled at him, rubbing my stomach. I still wasn't overly religious, but it gave a good impression if we shared our religious beliefs.

"Thank you all for coming today. Good-day." Shane said, standing. He gently helped me up. It was much clearer to the crowd that I was pregnant, with nothing obstructing their views anymore. Now that they knew, my 20 week along pregnant stomach wouldn't be on the cover of some tabloid about me gaining weight. I wasn't vain enough to care if I was on the larger side. It was more of the fact that they deprecated celebrities that way and caused many young girls to feel that way, too. But I was more nauseated by the thought of my pregnant stomach than of my fat stomach. I still shudder at the thought of my pregnant stomach. It was something that just did notfascinate me as it did my husband.

"You were amazing." Shane whispered in my ear as we left the still crowded room.

"Mmmm." I mumbled into his shoulder wearily. I was exhausted. Being pregnant was not fun. "I want ice cream."

"Anything you want." Shane assured me as he gently helped me into the waiting car. Okay, so maybe pregnancy did have it's advantages.

"Mom's ice cream?" I asked hesitantly as he climbed in the back with me. Shane preferred not driving his Mustang with me in it anymore. I personally thought he was taking the whole overly cautious approach a little too far, but didn't say anything about it. If it meant I could snuggle with him, I wasn't going to complain.

Shane sighed. "Mitch, that's a four hour drive. One way." My face fell slightly, not on purpose, but due to genuine disappointment. "And I don't think she's made any. But, I could call her and be on my way in an hour." He promised as he cradled my face.

Guilt swallowed me up in that instance and I realized it wasn't fair to ask for ice cream that was over 4 hours away. "No, it's fine. Will you make a milkshake when we get home?" I asked instead, though I really wanted the ice cream.

"Absolutely." He smiled at me, pulling me closer to his side. He hummed in my ear softly and I let my mind wander. Suddenly I was pulled back into the memories the press conference drew forth. Nicky's reaction.

"What is your problem, Nicky?" Shane's harsh voice snapped.

"She's just trapping you." Nicky sneered.

"Wh-what?" I stuttered, completely caught off guard at her tone and her words.

"You're really that insecure that you had to go and get pregnant, Mitchie? Or are you just that delusional that you thought it'd save your marriage?" She demanded. My eyes misted even more at her jab at my mental stability.

"There's nothing to save." Shane snarled back at her. He seemed like a wolf on the defensive.

"I'll say." Nicky scoffed.

"You know what I meant." Shane shot back quickly. "Our marriage is not in danger. Things happen. Did you ever think of that? If accidents didn't happen, none of us would be here. Not me, not Kevin, not you. None of us were planned. Were we a means to save Mom and Dad's marriage?" He demanded of his younger sister, who looked so much older than I did with all of her bitter resentment. I winced at Shane's example, knowing full well that both pregnancy were a rough patch for the Grey family. The twins almost cost Shane his happy family.

Nicky dismissed his comment and continued on her other theory. "Are you really that insecure? No surprise. I mean, he is Shane Grey. Who knows what he's been up to in Europe?"

"Nicole Leigh!" Shane's mother snapped. "Go to your room, right this instance. Don't you dare come back down until you are willing to apologize to Shane and Mitchie and mean it. I cannot believe you."

Nicky hasn't been out of her room except to go to school since.

Here we go again. I hope you enjoyed. Now I'm off to my 3.5 hour film class and hopefully there will be reviews waiting for me. I will probably post the second chapter shortly after I get back. Just because you have all been waiting so patiently for AINE.