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Summery; after the battle in the land of waves Naruto befriends Haku and Zabuza's ghosts, but after he leave Waves the two cross over and now Naruto feels left out and ignored by his team and a lot of others in Konoha. And whats the six realm dragons and the realm sage have to do with anything? Watch as he accepts many things and strives to become stronger, respected, and acknowledged. Warning; alot of Sasuke and Sakura bashing with minor Kakashi bashing; all bashing at beginning.

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Naruto walked through the village of Waves with a depressed aura. Not his normal upbeat attitude, he had befriended Haku and Zabuza the day before the two died and was now in one of his sour and depressed moods he normally got into after something.

He sighed when he finally got to the lake that Haku and Zabuza were buried. He got their and let a few tears slide down his face. "Haku, I don't know when I'll find my precious person, but I'm glad you get to be with yours in the afterlife." He said with a soft smile.

Something touched his shoulder and he looked back to see Haku with her hand on his shoulder. "It's okay Naruto-kun, you're a great friend. You don't need to cry for me and Zabuza-sama. But we have something we wanted you to have. In our hideout we have scrolls with Jutsu and knowledge of the ninja nations and countries and all the village. We have some weapons in there." she smiled as Zabuza appeared next to her.

"Yes, she's right, you can have anything you need from in there, but you need to take the katana, we want you to have it. Me and Haku couldn't wield it, let alone carry it with out getting burned, but we're certain that you might be able to open it, it had that family symbol of yours on it. It also had a scroll that we couldn't open but you might be able to do something, I mean you are very stubborn from what I've witnessed." Zabuza smirked.

Naruto smiled. "I don't even know where your hideout was." He said with a thoughtful look.

"We'll take you there. You can take what ever you'll need to become the Hokage and be a hero. Then we want you to destroy it with explosive notes or set it aflame, whatever works out." Haku said with the softest smile that was almost as nice as Hinata.

Naruto followed them through the forest and over a rope bridge to a tree house hidden under the brush at the base of a tree.

Naruto took a deep breath and then went inside. He found the scrolls and then the Katana with its scroll and they indeed had the Uzumaki symbol on it. He picked it up and felt warmth shoot up his arm and smiled when it dissipated. He watched as the normal brown sheath turned black and had a fox near the bottom and eight white small circles lined around the top and the ninth one was a blue crystal.

Naruto stared at it in shock and saw Haku and Zabuza gapping at him. He swallowed hard and took out the blade and it, too, shot warmth through his hand and the plane blade turned black and the handle turned to red wood and than had a black fox carved into it and then a white cloth was magically around the handle.

Again they were all shocked at it. "Wha.. What was that?" they asked together. Naruto grabbed the scroll and Haku taught him how to make sealing scrolls and was surprised when Naruto got it right away in one try. Naruto nodded and put the scrolls he'd found along with his new katana and Uzumaki scroll.

He went around and found abit of kunai and shurikan. He sealed them too, and then went around and found a small library with tons of scrolls in it. He blinked and went through them. He found three scrolls that told of scrolls, the book of seals level 1, 2, and 3. He put them in the sealing scroll and found a kenjutsu scroll that told how to adjust your taijutsu with your blade, also in levels 1, 2, and 3 as well.

Again he put them away and thought he'd ask the Hokage for his family taijutsu scrolls. He found some medicinal herbs and a few medical books as well with the medical taijutsu style scroll. He packed those to learn as well, just in case. He took several blank scrolls for practicing his seals and then found Haku's medical books with different remedies and smiled. He glanced at Haku and she smiled softly and nodded at him.

He sighed and put those into his sealing scroll and then looked around and nodded. He looked at the weaponry and took out a few explosive tags. Setting them around all over the place he grabbed his sealing scrolls and then ran into the forest so he wouldn't face impact when it blew up.

He turned when he was at the rope bridge and sent his chakra out. After he felt the vibration of it blowing up he walked back and watched it burn to the ground with Haku and Zabuza right next to him. "I hope I didn't take something you didn't want me too." Naruto said to them. "I think I took too much of it." He said and they shook their heads.

"Naruto-kun, you mostly took scrolls. The ton of scrolls we told you had info on all the nations, the sealing scrolls, the scrolls that teach sealing, the taijutsu scrolls, my med scrolls, my remedy scroll, my herbs, the medical taijutsu scrolls, and then the kenjutsu scrolls." Haku said with a smile as she looked up.

"you forgot his new katana and Uzumaki scroll." Zabuza smirked and they stood and walked back to the village. Naruto realized it was already past midnight and sighed as he slowly crept through the door.

He was immediately hit atop the head by Sakura, "You had everyone worried Naruto-baka." she said glaring at him as the lights came on and Tsunami stood there.

"Well sorry, I didn't think you'd care Sakura." He snapped glaring at her. He was tired and wanted to go to bed and her scolding him wasn't helping in the least.

She took a surprised step back. "I'm going to bed." He said stalking up the stairs and everyone in the room was confused by how he was acting to her that time.

The ghost looked at her and then went up the stairs to find Naruto already asleep but Kakashi looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

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