Well here's the long awaited final chapter to my first story of my 'True' saga!!

*** ** ***

They stood, back-to-back, as they breathed heavily, staring at the nine Oto nin in front of them. They were tired, sore, and wounded pretty badly. They had met with Kin earlier that day near the border and had gotten to Oto easily enough, infiltrating it just as easily but... getting the archives and sneaking out... that was a different story. They had been ambushed by Orochimaru, his Sound Four, and several high ranking Oto nin.

Normally this wouldn't be a HUGE problem (remember that they're just a bit away from being an SS ranking team) but before the ambush Kabuto had released some odorless gasses into the archive room that cut off their ability to use chakra... they could still use it thanks to their bloodlines, but it was very hard to control. In fact; they were probably lucky they weren't more injured than they already were.

"Got any plans?" Hinata breathed out, watching their enemy warily.

"Yeah... but it's etchy, really etchy." Naruto muttered back, holding his katana in a defensive stance while the other hand held his chest painfully.

"Etchy?" the midnight eyed girl said sharply.

"My chakra control... I have several seals through out the countries-" He ducked under a punch as he and Hinata rolled forward and struck a nin in the throat with their katana before they jumped back together. "-for Hiraishin... but-" another evaded attack "-with my control... we could end up anywhere from Iwa to Oni."

They dodged around attacks before meeting once again, panting and holding fresh wounds. "That is etchy... but it's worth a shot." she said, but he understood the hidden meaning; 'We've got the records but we need to get away... quickly'.

He sheathed his katana and pulled out a tri-pronged kunai, holding it in front of him defensively before grabbing Hinata securely around the waist and pushing as much chakra into the kunai and they vanished in a flash of gold. Leaving Orochimaru to curse their names.

*** Later - somewhere near the Hidden Cloud ***

"Come on, Yugito! We don't have the time to wait for those guys to wake up!" an irate brown haired male of about eighteen said.

"Shush, Katsu. We may not have good relations with Konoha right now, but we're not enemies with them either. We can't just leave them out here to die." the blond haired teen replied with a scowl as she continued to dress the wounds on the two mysterious teens that were unmistakably from the Hidden Leaf village.

"Come on, Yugito!" the teen whined after about ten seconds of silence. "I want to get back to the village before nightfall and they probably wont wake for another three days!" he turned pleading blue eyes to his other teammate, "Konami, talk some sense into her! They're just from Konoha, we don't need to help them! We're not even allies with them!"

A dark haired female glanced up briefly before looking back down at the two tanned teens that couldn't be more than twelve, thirteen at the most. She was thinking, her teammate finally concluded when he wasn't answered, something about the two nin was curious to her.

"Katsu... How did they appear here?" she asked suddenly, staring at the blond haired boy that her equally blond teammate was currently bandaging. Yugito paused to glance at her curiously before finishing her bandaging and stepping back to view her handy-work.

"I don't know... I was taking a break to get a drink when there was a flash of golden light and they were there." he said meekly, shrugging in confusion.

"Hm, Yugito, do you have that new edition of the Bingo book?"

The blond looked at her oddly before pulling out a black book. "Yeah, I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet, but here." she said, passing it to her teammate, black eyes showing pure confusion.

The dark haired woman leafed through it carefully before pausing on one with a frown. "Hm, says here that the girl is Hyuuga Hinata, skipped Chunnin rank and went straight to Special Jounin and is currently being trained by Jiraiya of the Sannin with her partner. She is only twelve and is already A rank level by herself but is nearly double S ranked when with her partner. See also, Namikaze Naruto." she frowned deeper and flipped to the N's. "Hm, the blond haired one is Namikaze Naruto, also skipped Chunnin rank and is currently being trained by Jiraiya. He's also twelve and is just a bit away from being S ranked. (Remember, Naruto's been training longer then Hinata). Hm, impressive." She said with a thoughtful look. "Seems like we've got the pride of the Hyuuga clan and the last living legacy to Konoha's Yellow Flash." she finally concluded.

"So, these are the kids we've been hearing about?" Katsu said dubiously. "I don't know why... but I thought they'd be, I don't know... older."

"All the more reason to help them." Yugito interrupted.

"What do you mean?" Konami frowned.

"Think about it, they've been making many allies around the nations and some day we may become allies with Konoha if what Raikage-sama is saying is true. So this will make ties with Konoha stronger and reduce a war as harsh as the Third Great War. Think of how many we lost in that war. And it was this boy's father who did at least a thousand of our nin and over two thousand Iwa nin in. The more friends we have the better." Yugito said, going into what they knew as her 'leader lectures'. They were annoying, actually; but hey, they got the point across.

"Fine. I'll stay with you here, Yugito. But don't expect me to help carry them if you decide to take them to the village." Katsu finally conceded.

"Puh-lease, if I brought them to Kumo then Namikaze would probably be brought to Iwa for public execution and Hyuuga would be used as a toy to get the Byakugan. Raikage-sama may be trying to strengthen ties with Konoha, but the council is a bunch of bastards." Yugito scoffed and her teammates nodded in agreement. That was more true than they wanted to admit.

*** Unknown amount of time later ***

He awoke to the smell of pine and fish being cooked over open fire. He groaned as he slowly opened his eyes, looking left towards his fallen girlfriend before shooting up and gasping, clutching his chest in pain.

"You really shouldn't move so much," a female voice said and he looked towards the fire where a girl about five years older than he was sitting on her knees and looking at him from the corner of light green eyes curiously. "You'll only reopen your injuries." she said quietly before adjusting the five fish on the fire, taking one and standing, walking towards him. "Here, eat." She commanded, "Yugito would kill me if I let you starve while she and Katsu were gathering supplies," she explained at his frown.

He slowly reached a bandaged hand forward and accepted the fish thankfully, nodding, "Thank you,"

A smile spread over her pale features, "You're very welcome."

"Hey Konami, who ya talkin' to?" another female voice called and two more teens around the other teen's age broke through the trees to pause as they saw Naruto eating his fish numbly. The blond haired woman smiled, "Hello, Namikase-san, how are you?" she ginned cheekily.

"I can honestly say I've had worse, but I've had much better," he smiled a pained smile, noticing the Bingo Book sticking from her pocket so not questioning how she knew who he was. Naruto cast a worried look towards Hinata, "Is she going to be okay?"

"She should be fine soon, but what happened to you guys?" the other boy, Katsu Naruto guessed, asked with a frown.

"We were caught trying to steal some info on Orochimaru and ended up getting away worse for ware, as you can probably see." Naruto mumbled softly, nibbling on his fish as Yugito went to the fire and swiped one up, taking a chunk out of it in a reminiscent way to a cat.

"That's hardcore. Breaking into a place as heavily warded as Otogakure without any other backup... even if you guys are powerful, you lack experience and should have had a backup plan," she said in a reminiscent way to a mother scolding her children, or an older sister scolding her brothers.

Naruto muttered something unintelligable before looking at Hinata with a worried frown. "At least it wasn't Iwa who found us or we'd be on our marry way to an Iwa execution block." he mumbled under his breath, lifting his hand to brush the long indigo locks from his girlfriend's face before a bandaged hand clasped around his wrist and he found himself staring down into the midnight blue eyes of a tired and confused Hyuuga Hinata.

"Naru...to-kun? What happened?" she asked groggily, wincing as she sat up, leaning into him tiredly.

"Well, we were found by these Kumo nin after teleporting here. And now we've been unconscious for... how long have we been unconscious for?" he asked suddenly, looking at the team in front of them.

"Two days." they replied as one.

"We've been unconscious for two days so we've got... five to meet Itachi and get back to the village but it will be really complicated with these injuries." he concluded, nodding to himself.

"Oh," she whispered, running a tired hand through his blond hair. "Thank you for helping us," she said gratefully to the Kumo nin in front of them, bowing slightly in the best way she could before slumping against him once more, irritated with her slight inability to move. "Stupid Oro-teme," she muttered irately.

"Don't thank us, thank Yugito. She wouldn't hear it when we suggested leaving you and then Konami gave a reason not to, so thank her." Katsu shrugged.

"Thank you."

"No need to thank me, it was the least I could do. Besides, your dad saved my life when I was five, even though Konoha and Kumo had just gotten out of war." Yugito grinned a cashire smile at them before sighing and sitting down. "So, what's it like in Konoha?"

"It's doing okay, Tsunade's the Hokage now and we're strengthening our political ties." Naruto and Hinata said at the same time, shrugging simultaneously.

"That's weird."

"What is?"



"You know what? Forget it!" Katsu finally shouted and the two frowned before shrugging as one. It really was weird, anyone could admit that.

After about an hour they were all sitting by the fire, talking quietly about ninja things like the best way to kill a missing nin or incapacitate a target. When it was around noon the Kumo team stood, "Well, it was nice knowing you but we've gotta go before Raikage-sama sends someone out for us, we should have been back last night." Yugito said to them.

"Yeah, we should get to Taki and meet with our informants, too." Hinata said, stumbling to her feet and letting Naruto support her from her injured leg, being conscious of his arm as it wasn't fairing much better than her leg.

"Well, see ya!" Katsu said before the five of them went their separate ways.

*** Four days ***

It was a dark day in Konoha. People walked around in a melancholy and sluggish motion. No one greeted friends cheerfully, or even energetically. It was just... sad.

This was how it was when our blue eyed duo finally made it back from their mission, clothes torn and bandaged securely, weary and uneasy from their mission. They got to Konoha and had immediately noticed the mood as they walked towards the hospital, where they were treated by Sakura and Ino, who were now under Tsunade in healing training. After they were healed as good as two rookie medics could heal them, they were informed that... that Old man Sarutobi was gone.

His heart had gave out on him just two days after they'd left and the funeral would be in three days after everyone was back in the village. It had rained a lot in those three days, and Naruto and Hinata had mostly stuck to themselves, preferring not to see anyone.

They'd seen Anko and Iruka, the Otonami family, and the last two Sannin. Naruto had tried to find Konohamaru after hearing the news but... the boy wouldn't come out of his bedroom and had somehow got a hold of some barrier seals that he'd left in his apartment before the mission to Oto, making no one able to get in.

The boy needed comforting more than anyone in the village right now. Though their friends thought Naruto could use it too, knowing how close he was to the old Hokage. It was odd how this seemed to cause Naruto and Hinata to finally forgive Sakura more, Naruto comforting the girl after she'd healed his cuts and bruises while Hinata did so for Ino.

On the day of the funeral, they walked slowly towards the cemetery and were at some point joined by the entire Konoha twelve minus Sasuke plus Ryuu, they were also joined by Jiraiya and Konohamaru, the former telling them that Tsunade was already at the designated area.

Konohamaru sniffled quietly by the man's side as they walked and Naruto walked faster to be by his side, resting a hand on his shoulder comfortingly. The academy student leant into him, finally letting out a small sob. "Naruto... he... he was gonna teach me how to do the bunshin yesterday and now.... now he's gone forever," he sniffled.

Naruto kept his silence that had been there the past two days, closing his eyes to block his own tears as his darker than usual eyes shined with unshed tears, looking towards the sky as a drop of rain hit his cheek. He smiled sadly and pulled Konohamaru along as they walked, Hinata coming over to grab his hand as they neared the ceremony.

It passed slowly, too slowly in Kiba's opinion, as they stood there with their heads bent in silent prayer for their late Hokage. Then people began getting up and saying a few words for the old man, making Konohamaru cry for all the respect and love the village had for his grandfather.

Naruto released his shoulder and he looked up as his idol walked slowly to the risers as all talk and movement ceased. He stood there with his back turned, staring at the picture for a long moment before turning slowly to look at them with a sad smile on his face. "Sarutobi-ojichan was the first person to accept me, he was kind and selfless, he protected us when he needed to, let us protect ourselves when he knew we were able, and he listened and loved every single one of the people in Konoha. Ojichan... he was like a grandfather to me, he was my friend, and probably the reason I'm not a heartless monster," at this many villagers looked away in shame for they knew he probably would be like that from how they treated him as a child had it not been for their beloved Hokage, "He helped me make friends, he introduced me to Konohamaru... sort of. And he most of all... he acknowledged me before anyone else, he helped me understand what it turlly meant to be a ninja of Konoha, to put our lives on the line to protect those we care for, even those we don't, and to protect our home from our enemies. He was wise and strong, and I know he won't be forgotten." he finished quietly and they all bowed their heads in respect for the words spoken by the Namikaze heir, in respect for their late leader, and respect for their village shinobi.

Naruto slowly walked down the steps after speaking to anyone for the first time in two days, speaking to the village in respect for his grandfatherly figure, and speaking for his heart. He walked back to his place as the ceremony went on, Kiba placing a comforting hand on his friend's shoulder before pulling back and watching as well.

They concluded by putting a white rose on the grave, the symbol of life, rather than death, and after a bit departing to do what they do. The Konoha twelve and their sensei stuck with Konohamaru and walked with him towards his home, where he would be staying with Asuma.

After a few days Naruto finally broke out of his melancholy before anyone else, surprisingly, and got his team i.e. Kiba and Shino, to help him prank the village while Hinata was with Tenten and Sakura for the day. "Are you sure this is a good idea, Naruto?" Kiba asked warily and Akamaru barked in agreement.

"Of course, have I ever lead you guys wrong?" Naruto grinned his goofy smile and grabbed a piece of candy from his pocket, stuffing it in his mouth before offering some to his teammates, who took it calmly. They were both pleasantly surprised to find that they're hyperactive teammate was starting to be like his old self again.

"Well, there was that time when you were experimenting and-" Kiba began.

"You promised never to bring that up! It was one time!" Naruto shouted at him.

You could practically hear the smirk Shino had on his face as he continued for Kiba, "And there were several large, walking marshmallows trying to talk everyone to death."

"Shino!" Naruto shouted.

"I wasn't sworn into secrecy, Naruto." the boy said evenly and Naruto pouted before they set about his plan on pranking the village.

Two hours later the three boys and one dog were running from several Jounin, who were shouting profanities after them. After a bit the four of them were in the forest, laughing (yes, even Shino) while enjoying their day off. They'd painted the Hokage Tower neon yellow and then put the words 'Beware of the Ghouls' in red runny letters over the ghost of all of the four first Hokage eating ramen and pocky along with every time some one tried to enter the tower they were covered in feathers and sparkle glue and when they tried leaving they were covered with neon green paint with yellow flowers sticking to their bodies.

Needless to say, when the villagers saw the four of them being chased by either feather covered or paint covered shinobi, they were in a remarkably better mood for the first time in a week and a half.

They had met and spoke with Konohamaru a while later, offering their help for any problems, and then went to train a bit i.e. Naruto drilling the two in a way one would think only a sensei could drill their students... man, the Inuzuka/Aburame duo truly felt sorry for Naruto's students if he ever became a sensei. Actually, in order to be Hokage one had to be in Anbu for a time of at least two years with another year with captain status added to being a sensei either before or after that... hm, poor kids.

"Come on you lazy bums! Faster!" Naruto shouted at them as a blue and green fox chased them, nipping at their ankles while Akamaru sat comfortably atop Naruto's head.

"Naruto! This is ridiculous! Call off Hotaru!" Kiba shouted in a panic as the fox nearly took a bite that very well could have taken off half of his leg!

Naruto stared blankly at him a bit before whistling, causing the fox to stop and make a beeline for him, pouncing on the blond to give the fox equivelent to a pout. "But Naruto-kun!" he whined, "I was having fun!"

"Yeah, well those two need a break, but you can go and hunt some. I know how much you like the Konoha forests," Naruto said, scratching the rather large fox's ear, gaining a purr of pleasure. Raising an eyebrow, he said with amusement that couldn't be hidden, "I thought you were a fox, Hotaru, not a kitten."

This got the fox to growl before jumping off him and sauntering off with a pompous attitude, nose in the air and all, grumbling about ungrateful summoners. Naruto pouted after him before glaring at his teammates, "Now look what you made me do! Now Hotaru-kun hates me!" he shouted indignantly and the other boys sweatdropped at him while Akamaru muttered something about stupid mood-swinging fox-puppies.

"Oi! Don't you even start with me Akamaru!" Naruto shouted suddenly and, strangely, the puppy stuck it's tongue out at the thirteen year old. After some more grumbling and joking, the trio plus puppy was with Hinata, Tenten, and the rather talkative Sakura.

"Oi Sakura, what are you going on and on about?" Naruto raised an eyebrow at the blush that appeared on the girls face as she muttered something under her breath that sounded strangely like 'Shinsei' but he couldn't be too certain.

"She had her first kiss!" Tenten chirped in, laughing at the even darker color that appeared on the pinkette's face.

Naruto smiled slightly and glanced at his partner and girlfriend, Hinata, who grinned back at him before walking around the other girls and leaning into his side in content. "I haven't seen you all day, Naru-kun," she breathed quietly into his neck, eyes closed.

"Yeah, I think that's the longest we've been apart in about a year, maybe more," he said quietly back to her as Tenten proceeded to tease the pink haired girl who was slowly regaining their trust, slow, true, but it was happening, they had to admit that.

"How long was it? Six hours?" she giggled, tanned features spreading into a cheery smile as she looked up at him, being a bit shorter than he was, but that was understandable.

"It was only six? It felt more like eight," he continued to muse as they quietly watched Kiba and Shino join the banter, Kiba taking Sakura's side and Shino giving silent support to Tenten as the two began to fight. They had to admit, the two duo's made a good team when they wanted to.

"Ne, Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked and he looked down at her questioningly. "How long is it until Anko-neechan has the baby?"

"Three and a half months, why?" Naruto yawned, pulling her down to sit on the ground with her on his left knee.

"Well, Ero-Sennin said that he wanted to start training us again, saying that while our skills were at Sannin levels themselves, we only know enough to be about Chunnin level in terms of that. He also wanted to takes us training away from any distractions so we'll be going on a training trip. He wanted to go now but I told him I wanted to wait until Anko-Neechan had her baby," she said with a finger raised and eyes closed, giving a some-what amusing try at Naruto's Lecture Mode.

"Hm, then we have to make sure that any problems are solved before we go, we have to tell Kimi about it, too, and we also have to at least know Kyoko for a few days before leaving... Hm," Naruto began muttered fervently under his breath, absently taking out some candy from his vest and sucking on it idly, making plans.

The midnight eyed girl pouted slightly at her boyfriend being lost to the world before smiling and reaching into the vest, pulling out a few pieces of candy and eating them with none the wiser. Hey, it was Naruto's fault for being so lax with his rather devious and Hyuuga girlfriend. He should know by now to guard over his food.

*** A few weeks ***

"Naruto! Put me down!" Hinata shrieked out in laughter as her sky blue eyed partner held her above his head, spinning her like a ballerina or a figure skating team. It wasn't helping that Kimi was laughing at them, or that fact that they were in the Sarutobi family main house, or that the Otonami family had, oddly enough, moved in with them as Asuma and Tsuki began getting closer, like, lover closer.

"Why don't you make me?" he sing-songed and was hit with a jyuuken to the arm, causing him to yelp in surprise and drop his girlfriend, who he hastened to grab before she hit the ground, the girl being rather flustered compared to what she usually was now.

"You said to make you," she said dizzily, hugging him to keep her balance.

"Yeah, well, gah! I didn't mean it!" Naruto groaned, rubbing the feeling back into his arm and pouting slightly before snapping back and eating some pocky that he got from... somewhere, breaking a piece off to give to his youngest little cousin.

"You look like you're gonna be sick, Hinata-chan!" Kara chirped with a grin.

"Shush up, he was going really fast! Like, faster than Kaiton fast!" she said defensively.

Naruto stuck out his tongue at her, "Wuss,"

"What was that?" she said dangerously, hitting him in the arm, causing him to yelp.

Naruto fell over dramatically, gasping, "I... regret... nothing!"

"Stop that, Naru-kun," Hinata said, grinning at her partner.

The Kyuubi jinchuriki hopped to his feet before pausing and blinking a few times and reaching into his pouch, which held a scroll that held all of the things he'd recovered from Zabuza and Haku's hide out. The book on Sue was pulsing slightly and he glanced up at the others with a raised eyebrow. "What do you think it means?"

"When was the last time you checked that scroll, Naru-kun?" Hinata frowned, walking over.

"Well, I haven't really... that is to say.......... a year, maybe a year and a half," he stumbled over his words slightly but finished evenly, if not a bit weakly.

"Well, maybe it means there's another entry," Asuma said, all in the house having been told of the scrolls and such from his ghostly friends.

Naruto opened the scroll slowly and went to the section it cut off last time, there was at least thirty paragraphs!


Naruto nodded in agreement to his girldfriend, "Yeah, but we can read it later , right now I just want to go home and eat lunch and take a nap,"

"A nap?" Hinata pouted, "I thought we were gonna train with Kimi today!" she whined.

"That was today? I thought it was tomorrow," Naruto admitted.

"See ya later guys," they said together absently as they left the miffed family and Asuma behind.

*** A few months later ***

Anko sat between her husband and cousin while said cousin was whispering little things in his girlfriend's ear, causing the girl to giggle. They were currently sitting on the couch while waiting for the soup, her favorite that Naruto and Hinata made sometimes, to finish cooking.

Iruka had an arm around her, absently rubbing her stomach while reading a book that she was reading with him, leaning into him with a gentle and tired look on her face. She was expecting in just a week so she had to stay away from stress so her fiance' (yes, Iruka had proposed awhile back) had offered to stay off of work until the baby was at least two months old, to help with everything until she was back on her feet.

"I'll go check on the soup," she said with a grin, pulling him into a small kiss before standing up with his help and giving a slight wince, holding her stomach, "She's getting restless, kicking my insides out!" she said with a beaming grin that practically lit the room. Naruto and Hinata raised their eyebrows while Iruka gave a short chuckle.

The snake mistress walked out of the room with a grace not normally seen in pregnant women before there was a sudden clatter as a spoon dropped to the floor. "IRUKA!! GET IN HERE! I THINK MY WATER JUST BROKE!!!" the woman shouted at the top of her voice, sounding a bit panicked.

Hinata, Naruto, and especially Iruka were out of the living room and in the kitchen in moments to see Anko clutching her stomach while supporting herself with the counter, a slightly pained look on her face. Iruka immediately began panicking, racing around the room, grabbing a blanket and other things he thought they'd 'need' while shouting and trying to understand what was going on.

"Oh Kami! Kami! Kami! What do we do!? We gotta get a doctor! We gotta-!"

"YOU GOTTA SHUT THE HELL UP AND HELP ME TO THE HOSPITAL YOU BAKA!!!" Anko shouted at him angrily before groaning and clenching the counter tighter.

Iruka was by her a moment later, lifting her into his arms and out the door faster than you could say 'Ramen' and Naruto and Hinata glanced at each other before shutting off the stove and running out after the couple.

*** A while later ***

"GREAT MOTHER OF KAMI!! I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU FOR THIS IRUKA!!!" Anko screamed as she was brought to a room. Iruka gulped slightly and gave her an uneasy smile.

"Here we go..." he said nervously.

"Good luck, Iru-niisan!" the blue eyed couple said together.

A few hours later...

"KAMI!! MY HAND!!" Shouted Iruka in pain from delivery room 119.

"Damnit! Not again!" a doctor shouted.


"Okay, Ms. Mirarashi, just one more push and she'll be out!" the doctor said, seeing the head.

"I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU, IRUKA!!" there was a painful crunch as once again Iruka's hand broke.

He yelped before saying weakly, "I-I love you, too, Anko-chan,"

*** The lobby ***

Naruto, Hinata, Kurenai, Kakashi, and several others were pacing or wringing their hands nervously, wincing when Anko screamed out in pain or Iruka yelped from another break in his hand.

The door opened and a tired doctor with a very broken handed Iruka stepped out, sighing. "It's over!" Iruka moaned, clutching his left hand.

"Here, Iru-niisan!" Hinata said, gently taking the hand of her old sensei and healing it after setting it as carefully as she could.

"Can we see them?!" Naruto asked excitedly.

"Yeah, come on," Iruka said with a smile, nodding towards the door, "Thanks for healing me Hinata-chan," he said gratefully.

"No problem!" the girl beamed before racing after her boyfriend and they entered the room together, followed quickly by a proud new father and their friends.

They saw Anko smiling lovingly at a sleeping child with a tuft of purple hair and a natural tan that was wrapped in a pink little blanket. She looked up at them tiredly before smiling gently, "Come see her," she said softly, voice hoarse from her shouting.

Naruto was there first, looking at the little one curiously, running a soft and gentle hand along his god daughter's little soft cheek. "She looks so peaceful," Hinata commented from beside Iruka as she leaned into the blond haired jinchurriki.

"Kiyoko," Iruka said with a beaming smile as he sat beside his fiance on the bed.

"She looks like Anko-chan," Kakashi mumbled quietly, a soft smile on his face.

"I think she looks like Anko with tanned skin," Kurenai agreed, snuggling into her lover's side.

"She's so cute!" Tsuki gushed with her daughter while the boy's stood off to the side, Asuma holding the toddler while making little faces at her.

It was a month later that the happy family said farewell to Hinata and Naruto from their home while the others met that at the gates with several of the villagers.

"You guys come back now, you here," a villager called to them as they were walking down the road.

Naruto and Hinata spun to face him with identical grins, "Don't worry, you can't get rid of us that easily!"

*** ** ***

I know it's been at least a couple months since I've last updated and I didn't get too into the whole scroll bit, but I'm saving the story of Sue for the sequel. Bits will be shown through out that story so no worries. Oh, and I may be rewriting and editing stuff out of this story that make no sense because when I was trying to make a closure for this, I reread it and some of it made no sense at all! And I found my old poll so I'll be either putting that in the next as well or just dropping it, I'm not sure. But to show my appreciation for those who supported me and gave me ideas or gave me tips or even just plain added me to their favorites and alerts, not to mention a few short and kind reviews, here's a little preview for the sequel!!

'Sensei's Pride'

She chanced a glance back and found he was gaining on her, only a little bit away from her. Hitomi closed her eyes tightly and shook her head with tears streaming her pale face as she increased her speed with chakra the way her father had taught her those years ago.

The orange masked man wasn't even trying! And she was tired and injured already, struggling to make it to the gates of the village her father had told her to go to.

She opened her deep red eyes in time to see black cloth as she crashed into something. With a shriek she fell to the ground and looked up fearfully to find the man standing over her.

Hitomi's eyes widened and she slowly pushed herself back away from the man, who kept talking nonsense to her.

"Come on, Hito-chan, why don't you want to join grandad's organization? Are you scared of becoming powerful? You would be great with training from the Akatsuki," the soft, dark voice said from behind the mask.

"St-stay away from me!" she shouted, tears welling within her eyes once more. She was only ten and this whole experience was terrifying her.

"HEY! What's going on here?!" a voice demanded and she quickly looked up to find a man with a mask covering the lower half of his face with his headband covering his lesf eye. A silver plush of hair that simply defied gravity was sticking from the top of his head.

"Yeah, I would also like to know?" Hitomi's head snapped to the other side of the road to find a woman with long, wavy black hair and glowing red eyes several shades brighter than her own.

"Oh, if it isn't Kakashi and Kurenai, I hear you two are thinking of settling down, hmm? Why don't you run along while I talk to my deat little grand daughter," the orange masked man made a shooing motion before turning back to her. "Come on, Hitomi," he walked towards her.

"No!" she shouted, sitting bolt right up. She took a few shaky breaths, tucking a strand of her short raven colored hair behind her ear, "A dream... just a dream, calm down, Hitomi, it was just a dream," she told herself, trying to stop the tears. "He can't get you now nad you get your new sensei tomorrow, calm down,"

"Hitomi?" a soft voice said and she turned to her roommate, who's normally stoic features were etched in concern. "Are you alright?" she had long blond hair and soft green eyes.

"Yeah, Mioka, I'm fine," Hitomi said quietly.

*** Jounin Meeting ***

"You guys just get back and you're already requesting a team?" Tsunade said in bemusement at the blond haired jinchurriki.

"Well, kinda... Hina-hime said she'd help when she could!" Naruto said defensively.

*** Done! ***

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