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Lita: "Colt? Colt! Would you wake up?!" She said while nudging him in his arm.

He woke up and looked around a bit frantic as if something unexpected had happened.

Colt: "What?! What happened?!" He said a little startled

Lita: "You fell asleep again. That's what happened." She said in her seat

Colt looked around at his surroundings and remembered that he was still on the plane bound back for his home in California. He let out a sigh of relief and let his head fall back onto his chair.

Colt: "Oh yeah…" He said while he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "Could you not do that? I thought the plane was crashing or something."

Lita: "Sorry." She laughed "I just wanted you to be awake. That's all. You know I get bored on these flights." She said truthfully.

Colt: "Well I'm up now."

Colt fixed his messed up hair a bit and looked out of the window. All he could see was the white clouds that stretched miles and miles across the endless blue sky.

Colt: "How long have we been flying now anyway?" He asked while stretching his arms with a yawn.

Lita glanced at her watch.

Lita: "I'm not really sure. I'd say about four and half hours tops. It shouldn't be much longer now."

Lita took a look down the empty aisle of the airplane and then back at Colt.

Lita: "Hey Colt?"

Colt: "Yeah?"

Lita: "Thanks a bunch for coming all the way to Colorado with me to visit my family. I really appreciate it."

Colt gave her a comfortable smile.

Colt: "Hey it's no problem. If anything I should be thanking you. I'm just glad that I could get away for once. Life at home was getting to be a bit too crowded for me. I needed to get out somehow."

She looked at Colt curiously as she leaned in towards him a little to ask him something.

Lita: "So how did you enjoy yourself over there? How did you like Brad?"

Colt: "Your cousin? He was okay. I mean it's not like we did anything together. The guy is barely athletic, so we could barely relate when it came to common interest. All he wanted to do was show me his spider collection." (He cringed at the thought) "I hate spiders."

Lita began to laugh lightly because she knew that there were other people on the plane.

Lita: "Poor Colt is afraid of spiders." She teased

Colt shot her a look.

Colt: "I AM NOT!" He shouted

Random passenger: "Shhh!"

Colt quickly shrunk down into his seat with his face red in embarrassment.

Colt: "I am not scared!" He whispered a bit irritated

Lita: "Alright alright. I was just kidding with you is all. No need to get defensive." She said waving it off with a laugh.

Colt: "I…I knew that…" He lied

His face began to turn red again and Lita began to laugh at her best friend.


Gracy: "Oh I wish you would tell me what the big surprise is already. I'm beginning to get impatient." She said with her eyes closed

Rocky: "Not yet. Just a little bit longer, and no peaking." He said while he held her hand guiding her someplace

She held his hand tight with one hand and used her other hand to cover her closed eye lids as she carefully tried to follow Rocky's footing.

Gracy: "Are we there yet?" She said with a smile

Rocky: "Almost…" He smiled back at her while walking

Gracy trailed behind him having no clue where she was. She was just wishing over and over in her head that he would just tell her what was going on already. Then they both finally came to a stop. She was silent, and then she heard Rocky's familiar voice.

Rocky: "Okay…You can open your eyes now."

Gracy pulled her hand down from over her closed eyes and opened them. She was almost speechless as she gasped in amazement. All she could see was the never ending waters of the ocean as they stretched on and on into the distance. The sun's rays of light shined perfectly on the calm waters making them glisten in sheer beauty. A flock of seagulls soon came up from under the pier where Rocky and Gracy stood and flew over the smooth waves of the ocean. Gracy continued to watch the seagulls as they flew away.

Gracy: "Oh…Rocky…This is beautiful."

Rocky: "I'm glad you like it." He smiled

She turned to look at him.

Gracy: "Of course I do."

Rocky: "Believe it or not, not too many people come to this beach at all. I don't know why, but it just doesn't seem too popular."

Gracy: "So that's why it seems so peaceful here." She said pushing some hair behind her ear from the breezy wind.

She then felt Rocky gently take a hold of her hand. She became a bit surprised and blushed a little. She could feel Rocky's eyes staring at her.

Rocky: "Gracy…I love you."

She could have cried out of happiness at that moment, but she didn't. Gracy turned to him to look right into his eyes. There was a good silence between them, and she finally replied…

Gracy: "I love you too."

Delighted to hear that loving response, Rocky leaned in towards Gracy and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Rocky had put one hand on her hip to pull her towards his body as he used the other hand to caress her soft and warm face. Gracy had both of her hands set on Rocky's chest. The moment at that point couldn't get anymore romantic than that. All that could be heard was the sound of the rolling waves of the ocean, the whistling of the air, and the calls of seagulls in the distance. When the kiss ended the two just stood there and held on another as they gazed into each other's eyes. Rocky used his fingers to push some of her blonde hair out of her face so he could see her better. When he saw her full face, he just smiled again.

Rocky: "Man you're just too beautiful."

Gracy began to blush again as she nuzzled herself further into his warm grasp with her head resting on his chest. He continued to hold her until they heard a scream that made the two jump in fear.

???: "Aaaaaahh!!"

Gracy: "What was that?!" She said in a frightened voice

End of Chapter!

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