It was dark and quiet. Tum Tum was still in deep unconsciousness, but still felt awake somehow. The first thing he noticed was that his forehead was throbbing badly. Since he only felt half asleep, he attempted to rub his forehead to somehow attempt to ease the pain. He tried to move his hand…but it wouldn't move. He tried his other…That wouldn't budge either. It took only a second to realize that his arms and legs were tied down to a gurney. He wanted to open his eyes, but something was keeping him from doing so, and nothing was over them either. It was strange. What could be keeping his eyes closed? He didn't feel anything over them. Maybe that was just a sign of how tired he was. His body was beginning to act kind of bizarre as well. He felt the urge to just move and not in a good way. The small muscles in his entire body had quick spasms every few seconds. He wanted to rest, but his body wouldn't let him. He felt as if he was going to lose all control. Then suddenly…

??: "Tum Tum!" A voice called

He temporarily gained control of his body for the moment.

Tum Tum: 'What? Who was that?' He thought through the darkness

The voice called again.

??: "Tum Tum! Tum Tum wake up!"

??: "Shut up you!" A rugged voice shouted

It sounded like one of Marcus' guards.

??: "No! What did you do to him?!"

Tum Tum: 'Wait a minute. That voice…It sounds familiar.' He thought

??: "Tum Tum please wake up!" Sounding even more desperate

??: "Shut up, or you'll end up just like that cop I shot."

Tum Tum: 'Is that…?'

Finally Tum was able to slowly open his eyes. Light instantly broke through his cracked eye lids and temporarily blinded him. He forcefully shut his eyes to keep it out.

Tum Tum: 'Ow…Let me try that again…' He thought

He tried to slowly open his eye lids once more. The light peered through temporarily blinding him, but he continued on. The bright ceiling lights put him into a blur similar to the one he had in his cell before he passed out. Finally he was able to open his eyes with some discomfort.

??: "Tum Tum?...Tum Tum you're awake!" The voice called once more

Tum Tum looked to his right to see a small figure in a prison cell-like cage. He squinted his eyes to see clearer.

Tum Tum: "Aaron!" He said trying to get up, but was stopped by his restraints that were forcing him to lie down.

Aaron: "You're finally awake." He said with relief

Tum Tum: "Are you okay? Did they hurt you?"

Aaron: "Only a little bit." He said rubbing his right arm

Tum Tum: "What did you do to him?" He said eyeing one of the guards

??: "Nothing compared to what we'll do with you." A voice said entering the room

Noticing another familiar voice that he wasn't fond of, Tum Tum looked about the room to target the source of the voice. He quickly spotted him walking in the lab through a door. It was Marcus.

Tum Tum: "It's you!" He said glaring at him

Marcus: "You don't sound too happy to see me." He smirked

In anger Tum tried to get up, but he forgot that the restraints were tightly holding him to the gurney.

Tum Tum: "Why should I be?! You kidnapped us!"

Marcus: "All in the name of Science." He grinned

Tum Tum: "What's that supposed to mean? Never mind. What are you going to do? Why did you take us?"

Marcus laughed to himself thinking of why he should explain himself to a bunch of children, but then he thought he would tell them for fun of seeing the horror on their faces when they heard the news.

Marcus: "Very well. I will tell you what my plans are. After all you are going to be the one that will be my final test subject."

Tum Tum felt his heart almost skip a beat after hearing that.

Tum Tum: 'Test subject?'

Marcus: "Dr. Rivers was working on a 'cure' for all types of diseases, and being the scientific genius I am, he placed me second in charge of the project."

Tum Tum: 'There's Dr. River's name again.'

Marcus: "He wanted a cure…The fool. Such a fleet can never be possible. He was way in over his head. So naïve, it was pathetic. There wasn't a cure then, and there never will be. Not in a million years!"

He walked past Tum Tum and stood next to one of his guards.

Marcus: "I on the other hand had different plans. Plans to create a virus. A virus that could mutate a human into the ultimate killing machine. Dr. River's 'cure' would just need to be tampered with to make this happen."

Tum Tum: "You were going to sabotage it?"

Marcus: "Sabotage is such shifty word. Let's just say I…enhanced it. Since his work was incomplete, my completed virus would only be improved by River's work. Of course he would never approve of such a brilliant idea, so I decided to cut him from the project…permanently." He said with a callous grin

Tum Tum: "You…you're the one that killed him. You killed Dr. Rivers!"

Aaron's eyes popped wide open when he heard that.

Aaron: "You killed my daddy?"

Aaron's eyes began to water.

Marcus: "He was expendable. His death is what will make my ambitions come true."

Aaron's small hands clamped the bars of his cage in complete anger.

Aaron: "I hate you! I hate you!" The boy screamed. "I lost my entire family because of you! I lost my mommy, sis, and my daddy all because of you!"

The tears were now running down his red cheeks.

Marcus: "Don't worry little one."

He walked over to his cage, and Aaron glared at him through his watery eyes.

Marcus: "When I no longer have a use for you, I'll make it so that you can join your loved ones again."

The boy's eyes then widened in fear.

Tum Tum: "No! Leave him out of this! You can have me, but let Aaron go!"

Marcus turned around and began walking towards Tum Tum until he came to a stop.

Marcus: "My my. Aren't you quite the brave one? Fine I'll leave the kid alone for now, but I'll need you to hold still." He said pulling out a syringe with a transparent purple liquid inside

Tum Tum: "Wh-what is that?" He said tensing up

Marcus: "This is the cure that I developed to counter my original virus."

Tum Tum: "A cure? Where did you get a cure?"

Marcus: "I came after the boy for a reason you know." He said glancing back at Aaron

He finally realized it.

Tum Tum: "…Aaron? The cure is in Aaron's blood?"

Marcus: "Bingo. You've been infected by one of my creations outside. If I hadn't gotten to you when I did, you'd be one of them by now."

Tum Tum: "Why do you want to cure me?"

Marcus: "I'm not necessarily going to cure you, but I'm going to put in just enough of this antidote, so that enough of your conscience remains. That way I can still control you."

Tum Tum: "Control me?"

Marcus: "Exactly. Too much of the anti-virus and you're cured completely, too little and you're just another wild beast that would just need to be put down." He said holding the syringe up the light and letting some of it squirt out. "So far the virus is growing within you turning you into the ultimate killer that I have been dreaming of."

Marcus then forcefully injects the the needle into Tum's shoulder.

Aaron: "Tum Tum!"

Tum gritted his teeth with his eyes closed as the liquid poured into his system.

Marcus: "Hehehe. It's only a matter of time now." He grinned


Gracy sat there on the ground quietly sobbing to herself with her face in her hands as she listened to Colt hopelessly trying to open the large steel door that Rocky locked on the other side.

Colt: "No…no no NO!" He screamed in a fit of sorrow and anger "Open! Open damn it!" He said tugging harder on the steel bar attached to the door

It wouldn't budge. Colt became fed up and took a step back. It wasn't long until he was kicking the door with all of his might.

Colt: "Give…him…back! Give my…brother…back!!" He shouted between kicks

Gracy finally raised her head when she heard him kicking.

Gracy: "Colt…"

Her voice cracked when she spoke, so Colt didn't hear her.

Colt: "First Lita!...Then Cliff…then Meg…and now both of my brothers!" He said continuing to beat on the door.

When Colt's strength finally gave in, he rested his forearms and forehead against the door and began to slide down it until he was on his knees. A few tears began to escape his eyes.

Colt: "Guys…I'm sorry…I'm so so sorry." He said letting out his sadness

Gracy slid over next to him and put a hand on his shoulder.

Gracy: "Why Colt?" She asked after a few sniffles

Colt: "Because…I can't protect anyone…I couldn't protect my best friend…, and now my brothers."

There was silence between them until Gracy spoke.

Gracy: "…I'm sorry too." She said in a half whisper

Colt then became confused.

Colt: "You sorry? About what?" He asked her

Gracy: "Sorry that I'm so weak." She began to tear up again "I…I slowed everybody down from the start." Her voice began getting shaky. "And…and I'm the reason that you lost Lita. If I had never hurt my ankle…, we wouldn't have needed to rest, and we would have never met that awful man." Now she was crying again. "…I feel like such an idiot."

Colt: 'Gracy…'

Gracy: "Forgive me Colt. If I could change things back to the way it was before, I'd do it, and I want Rocky back just as much as you do, so please forgive me!" She said with her head down in shame.

Colt couldn't watch her sit there and cry any longer. It wasn't long before Colt had his arms around her and was comforting her in her time of grief. She continued to cry.

Colt: 'Look at me. I'm doing it again. I'm breaking Lita's promise that I made to her. I'm sulking over everything instead of doing something about it, and I only made things worse.' (Looks down at Gracy who is still crying) 'I never took into account how others were feeling or were trying to cope with it. I only made Gracy put blame on herself…well not anymore…' He thought

Colt gently pulled Gracy away from him to look into her eyes.

Colt: "Gracy."

Gracy: "(sniffs)…Yeah?"

Colt: "It's not your fault. It's nobody's fault."

She was silent.

Colt: "I should have never had my little moment like I did just now, and it will never happen again. I promised Lita that I would be strong for all of you…for myself, and I almost broke that promise. I swear that I will never let that happen."

Gracy: "Colt…"

Colt: "I know that you love Rocky. I do too. He's my brother, so I'm going to protect you and save the others just like he would want me to."

Colt let her go and easily let her rest against the solid steel door.

Colt: "Stay here where it's safe. I'll be back with Aaron and Tum Tum in no time."

Gracy: "Wait a minute. You're going alone?"

Colt: "It might be dangerous Gracy. I can't risk putting you in danger. That door will hold, so just wait here for us okay?"

Gracy: "But Colt…"

Colt: "Don't worry about me." He cut her off. "I'll be fine." He said with a bit of a confident smile.

Gracy was quiet knowing that there was no way for her to convince him otherwise. She knew that her ankle would only slow him down anyway. She let out a sigh.

Gracy: "(sigh)…okay, but please be careful."

Colt: "I will." Colt stood up. "Now just wait here for us."

With that, he turned around and ran down the hall towards the elevator.

Gracy: "Be safe…" She whispered as she watched him run off


As Colt was running, he wasn't exactly sure at all what was in store for him, but all he knew was that he had a job to do, a mission to finish. That's all he could think of at this point. There was zero room for failure or it would cost him and the ones that mean most to him everything. He made it to the end of the hallway and came to a stop at the elevator. Looking up above the door, he realized that there was a red light on indicating that the elevator was locked to anyone but higher level staff beyond this point.

Colt: "No way." He looked around. "This cannot be happening."

Colt tried to pry the steel doors open with his hands, but to no avail. He soon became frustrated and punched the door.

Colt: "…Great…Now what do I do?" He said with his hands in his pockets



Colt looked up from the sudden noise and noticed that the red light had turned green.

Colt: "It's unlocked? But how? I don't have clearance here…Maybe it's a trap." He then shook off the thought. "Come on Colt. Who cares if it's a trap? Everybody's counting on you." He reassured himself. "The top floor. That's where they have to be if I remember right."

He wasted no time pushing the up button, but he still had to wait for the elevator to come down to him…

Colt: "Come on hurry up." He said anxiously standing on the balls of his feet

He watched on as the light was counting down to his floor…


There was a moment of silence until the door opened. He ran on and pressed the 12F button and watched as the door closed. It was quiet…, and he was all alone.

Colt: 'This is it…It's up to me now. Lita…Rocky…I promise I won't let you down. Everyone's going to be okay. I swear it.' He thought to himself

Silence filled the elevator as he felt himself rise higher into the building. His palms began to sweat as his heart pace began to pick up, but he wasn't scared this time. He was determined, determined to get his brother, Gracy, and Aaron all out of here alive. He was their only hope. Suddenly the elevator stopped again…


The door slowly opened revealing a long hallway to a pair of swinging metal doors. This was it. Colt wasted no time running towards the doors.

Colt: "Guys don't worry. I'm on my way. Just hang on." He said to himself while running

He forcefully pushed through the metal doors to see Marcus' two body guards standing in front of Aaron's cage with their backs towards Colt. Aaron instantly spotted him at the door.

Aaron: "Colt!" He said with a smile of hope

Colt: "Aaron!" He said in relief

The two guards turned around.

Guard 1: "What's he doing here?"

Aaron: "He's here to rescue us! You see?! I told you they would come for us!"

Colt: "Aaron. Are you okay? They didn't hurt you did they? Where's Tum?"

Aaron: "Tum is…" He looked down

Marcus: "My newest successful experiment." He finished

Colt looked to his left to see Marcus appear from a doorway.

Colt: "What? What do you mean experiment?"

Marcus laughed to himself.

Marcus: "I'll let you be the one to figure that out boy." He said pointing to the door across from him on the other side of the room

Colt followed his finger only to see an automatic door slowly open on the other side and see…

Colt: "Wh-what is that?" He said taking a step back

A 7 foot mutated creature with long muscular arms and legs slowly appeared from behind the door. Its eyes were completely white and the veins in its muscles were bulging rapidly underneath its tattered clothing. Its skin had a darker complexion, and its mouth barred long gruesome fangs. Stopping to observe its environment, it let's out a might roar that filled the entire room…Colt flinched at the powerful sound.

Marcus: "Beautiful isn't it?" He smirked looking at his creation

Colt: "You call that beautiful?!"

Marcus laughed to himself like he always does.

Marcus: "Figures. I can't expect a bunch of dumb children to understand the importance of all the hard work I put into this."

Guard 1: "It's better than we thought it would be boss."

Guard 2: "Yes you did a fine job sir." They both complimented

The monster froze where it stood and observed its surroundings looking at anything and everything that moved or blinked. The first thing he spotted was the two guards. It then took everyone by surprise and unexpectedly bolted towards them.

Guard 1: "What the?! What is he doing?!"

Guard 2: "It's insane!"

They both tried to pull out their guns, but its speed was unreal. The first guard was immediately smacked with such force that he flew into a wall and was knocked unconscious. The monster then lifted the other guard above his head and began bending him backwards making his spine contort. He began screaming in pain and fear for his life. It wasn't long until his back snapped like a twig.

Guard 2: "Aaaaah!" He screamed in sheer agony

Colt turned his head away unable to look at the graphic scene. The guard was tossed to the floor, and he lied there with his body twitching until it became motionless. The monster soon looked down at Aaron's small cage.

Colt: "Oh no. He's gonna go after Aaron."

Aaron huddled himself down with his head covered hoping that the cage would then protect him as he feared for his life. As the small boy whimpered, the creature raised its fist with its unbelievable strength and was ready to smash down on him.

Colt: "No!" He dashed off towards him

Marcus: "You stupid creature! What do you think you're doing?!"

The monster immediately stopped in mid motion at the sound of Marcus' voice. Colt ceased his sprint when he saw the creature stay completely still. They both looked at Marcus.

Marcus: "How dare you show me such disrespect you freak? You think I'm going to just let you run wild and ruin my work like this? After all I went through, after all of my planning, all of my sacrifices and people I've stepped on, you think I'm going to allow you to just do as you please? No! I created you, and I am your master! You obey me!!" His voice was shouting

The monster suddenly began to slowly lower its arm. Marcus let out a smug smile.

Marcus: "Hehe. That's it you dumb animal. Obey your master." He smirked

Colt: 'What is with this guy?'

Monster: "HrrrAAaaagh!!" It roared in sudden rage

He turned its attention then to Marcus.

Marcus: "What…What are you doing?"

His voice now became nervous. It began to walk towards Marcus slowly…

Marcus: "Hey I just told you that I am your master, your creator. Stop in your tracks this instant."

It began to pick up its pace into a fast walk. Marcus was now backing up towards the west door.

Marcus: "I-I told you to stop. Obey me!"

Marcus had lost control as fast as he gained it. The monster sprinted towards him and made its way right in front of him. Marcus fell on his butt scared out of his mind with his rebelling creation standing over him ready to kill.

Marcu: "This…This can't be! I created you! I am your master!"

It let out another roar and scooped him up by his neck and held him up in the air.

Marcus: 'This…This can't be! I thought I did everything right! I put enough of the cure in its bloodstream, so that it could be controlled. Where did I go wrong…? Or maybe it can't be controlled…' He thought while being strangled

Marcus was trapped in its hold trying to gasp for air as the beast grip only tightened around his neck until…


…His body stopped moving as his legs dangled in mid-air. Seeing that it had successfully killed its target it turns its head…, and then it spotted Colt.

Colt: 'Oh man. Now he sees me.' He thought to himself taking another step back

The creature then began walking towards him. During that moment, Colt then remembered that Rocky had left his gun with him. He quickly pulled it out from his belt and aimed it.

Aaron: "Colt no! Don't hurt him!" He yelled

Colt turned his head and looked at Aaron as if he were crazy.

Colt: "What?! Why?!"

Aaron: "Because that's Tum Tum!!"

Colt fell silent after hearing that.

Colt: "What?"

Aaron: "That mean man did something to him! He's not himself anymore!"

Colt slowly turned his head back to face his mutated sibling.

Colt: '…Tum Tum…? Is that…really him?' He thought to himself

It proceeded closer towards Colt growling viciously.

Colt: "No…It can't be…What have they done to you?"

He slowly began to lower his gun.

Colt: "I can't hurt him. He's my brother. I promised Rocky that I would save you, but…"

The tall monster was now charging, growling, and ready to smash Colt into the ground. Colt continued to stand there paralyzed in shock. It was now within arm distance ready to kill him until suddenly…

??: "No Colt!"

Colt felt himself get tackled out of the way of the monster's blow just in time to roll to temporary safety. Groaning mildly, Colt raised his head off of the ground to get a look at his savior.

Colt: "Gracy?!" He said surprised

Gracy: "Heh heh. Hey Colt." She said with one arm over his back while lying next to him.

Colt: "What are you doing here?! I told you to stay put!"

Gracy: "I'm alright Colt, but I was worried about you, so I had to come. Good thing I did too."

She suddenly winced.

Gracy: "Ah." She moaned in displeasure.

Colt: "Your ankle again." He pointed out

Gracy: "It's okay. It seems I overdid it a bit running towards you like that, but it was worth it. You were about to be killed."

Colt: "…Thank you Gracy." He nodded

The creature was now turning around to face Colt and Gracy again.

They both quickly stood up

Colt: "Listen Gracy. Aaron's in that cage over there. Go get him out."

Gracy: "What about you?"

Colt: "I don't know. I guess I'll have to try and keep him busy. Somewhere in there is my little brother."

Gracy: "That's Tum Tum?!" She said surprised

Colt: "No time to explain. Just go. I'll hold him here."

Gracy: "Be careful Colt." She said taking off towards Aaron

Colt: 'Thanks…I'll need it.'

It began walking towards Colt ready to maul him down.

Colt: "Tum Tum stop this! Don't you remember who I am?! It's me Colt! Your brother!"

Tum Tum: "Hrrraaggh!" He yelled taking a swing at him

Colt back flipped out of the way just in time.

Colt: "No Tum. I know you're still in there! Listen to me!"

He roared again and grabbed for Colt. Colt quickly side-stepped him and jumped further away. Taking a quick moment he looked behind him to see Gracy tinkering with Aaron's cage.

Colt: 'Well Gracy got to Aaron safely, but now what do I do?' He looks back at the monster. 'Tum Tum isn't responding to me at all.'

Tum Tum: "Graaah!!!"

Colt: "Huh?" He looked up surprised seeing it looming over him

Its long, muscular arm came swinging from the side and with a mighty blow, knocked Colt sliding halfway across the lab. When he finally skidded to a stop, he looked up to see Tum Tum walking towards him again. Colt was hit pretty hard. He tried to stand up but quickly fell on his side again. Suddenly…

Gracy: "I got him out Colt! Aaron's free!"

The monster suddenly heard Gracy's voice and turned its head.

Colt: 'Oh no…' He thought

It then began running towards the two.

Colt: "Gracy run! Get Aaron and yourself out now!"

Gracy: "Oh no!" She looked down at Aaron who hid behind her. She made up her mind. "Aaron run!" She said grabbing his wrist and flinging him out of harm's way, but then it grabbed Gracy by her neck…

Gracy: "Huugh!" She said getting cut off by the monster clutching her throat

Aaron: "Gracy!" He said with tears in his eyes

Colt: "No!"

It continued to hold her high up in the air planning to do the same thing it did to Marcus until…someone dropped from the ceiling onto the creature's back causing him to turn Gracy loose…

Colt: "No way. Is that…?" He said not believing his eyes

Aaron: "It's Rocky!"

Rocky: "Stop it Tum!" He said while struggling to stay on its back

Tum Tum let out a roar trying reach behind to get Rocky off of him.

Gracy coughed feeling her neck and looked up. She couldn't believe it. She felt she had to have been dreaming.

Gracy: "R…Rocky?...Rocky!"

Rocky: "Gracy!" He shouted while struggling "Get away from here!"

Gracy: "Mhmm." She nodded obeying him

The monster still struggled trying to reach at Rocky and get him off of his back.

Rocky: "Tum Tum I know you can hear me! Stop it now! It's us!"

He let out another roar and was able to grab Rocky's arm and fling him off of his back onto the ground in front of him. He landed on his side and looked up to see its foot coming down to crush him, but he quickly rolled out of the way as it crashed behind him. Standing up, Rocky takes a defensive stance not really knowing what to do.

Colt: "Rocky!" He said running towards him

Rocky: "Colt! Stay back!"

Colt ignored him and stood by his side.

Colt: "No. I'm not losing you again. How did you survive?"

Rocky looked back at Tum Tum who was walking towards them again. Learning from last time, Colt knew he would start sprinting again.

Rocky: "I'll explain later…He doesn't even recognize us Colt." He said still looking at him

Colt looked back at Tum Tum.

Colt: "I know Rock, but what can we do?" His voice getting desperate

Rocky: "I don't know…, but I'll think of something…Until then we're just gonna have to stay alive. We can't run from him, but let's keep him from attacking the others."

Colt: "Okay Rocky. I'm right here with you then."

The vicious monster roared barring its fangs and began sprinting again.

Rocky: "Okay Colt get ready…" They both stood ready to dodge… "Now!"

Each jumped out of the way to one side, but this time it kept up pursuit following Rocky.

Rocky: "Oh boy…" He began running

The monster roared behind him chasing after the green ninja. Never missing a step, Rocky kept calm and kept his mutated brother in sight. Good thing he did because he then saw its massive hand come from the side to smash him against the wall. Luckily, Rocky flipped out of the way just as it put a large dent into the steel wall. When he balanced himself again, he looked back to see the damage. Without giving him another chance to think, it swung its other arm at Rocky's arm and clawed at him, but he noticed and moved just in time. The claw tore through his sleeve, but he himself was unharmed. Rolling to safety, he felt the hole in his torn shirt.

Rocky: "This is…unreal." He said making sure his arm was alright

He then felt hands on his shoulders. Rocky looked behind him to see that it was Colt.

Colt: "Rocky. You okay?" He said quickly getting him up on his feet.

Rocky: "Yeah."

Tum pulled his arm out the dent he made in the wall. He looked at both of the boys and snarled.

Colt: "What now Rocky? I know we can keep him busy, but it's pointless if we can't actually save Tum."

Hearing those words made Rocky's stomach begin to turn.

Rocky: 'He's right though. We can't keep this up forever, but… we can't run either and just leave Tum Tum behind. I…I don't have a clue about what we should do.'

Colt: "Guess I'll have to try this then…Yaaah!" He yelled charging it head on

Rocky: "No wait!"

Running towards it at full speed, Colt puts a powerful kick into its side. After noticing no reaction from his brother, Colt continued his barrage of fierce punches to Tum's stomach, but he appeared unfazed by them. He then jumped up and put both his hands on Tum Tum's shoulders and used them to pull himself high enough to powerfully knee him in the chin. His head flew back from the blow but his body did not move.

Colt: 'Man! He didn't even budge!' He thought running out of options

Colt landed back on the ground only to be greeted by a swift kick to his side from the monster that sent him sliding across the floor once again.

Colt: "Ahh!" He yelled

Rocky: "Colt!" He ran over helping him to sit up. "I thought it would be pretty obvious that an attempt like that would never work."

Colt wiped some blood from the side of his mouth.

Colt: "Well I thought I would give it a shot." He said rubbing the side of his sore ribcage. "Got any better ideas?" His sarcasm kicking back in

Rocky looked back at their changed brother.

Rocky: "I don't know Colt."


Aaron and Gracy stood off near a corner of the room watching Colt and Rocky feeling helpless.

Gracy: "Rocky, Colt. Oh no they're in so much trouble."

Aaron: "Gracy…" He said tugging on her skirt

Gracy: "Not now Aaron. Later."

Aaron: "But Gracy…" He continued

Gracy: "Not now." She gently pushed his hand down

Aaron: "But I think I might know how to save Tum Tum!"

Her eyes went wide. She turned around and took a knee in front of him.

Gracy: "What?! Are you sure? If so, please tell me!"

Aaron: "Yeah. Marcus used my blood to make a cure to the virus. See?" He said showing Gracy his bandaged arm.

She took his arm and observed it.

Gracy: "Oh my God…" She whispered to herself "So that's why they were after you all along." She concluded

She looked back at the boys as they continued to struggle then she put a hand on Aaron's shoulder.

Gracy: "Aaron. Do you know where this cure is?"


Rocky and Colt continued to dodge the monster's attacks, but they soon found themselves getting worn-out.

Colt: "Rocky I don't know how much longer I can keep this up." He said holding his injured side

Rocky: "Stay with me Colt. You can't give up now."

Colt: "But Rocky I-"

Rocky: "Look out Colt!" He said tackling him to one side

They both were able to avoid it grabbing at them, but then it kept going. As they lie on the ground, they looked up to see it looming over them again. After letting out a roar he finally grabbed Rocky and Colt by their necks and held them up into the air squeezing the life out of them. It then ran and slammed them both hard into a wall and continued to hold onto their necks tightly. Trying to pry his hands off of his neck, Colt was unsuccessful in trying to break free. Tum Tum had them both completely at his mercy…

Colt: 'No…He's got us!' He thought panicked

Rocky: 'Tum Tum no…This…This can't be happening…' He thought beginning to fade out…

??: "STOP!"

They suddenly heard a stabbing noise and the monster roared in pain letting the two boys drop to the ground. Colt and Rocky both fell onto their sides coughing and gasping for air.

Colt: 'What just happened?' He thought rubbing his neck.

They both looked up again and saw Gracy standing behind Tum Tum.

Rocky: "Gracy?" He said making her out

She seemed to be doing something that had him almost completely immobile. On the other side she had a syringe in his back. When the monster finally realized it, he went berserk. He turned around and knocked Gracy to the floor, but only to get away from her. He clutched his head in pain and began to stumble away from the 3 teenagers towards a wall. As it was groaning in misery, the boys noticed that its muscles were beginning to shrink in, and its height began to fall. Its skin began getting a little paler. It slammed into a wall roaring in agony while its body continued to change…

Colt: "Rocky. What's happening to him?"

Rocky: "I don't know Colt." He looked over to Gracy. "…Gracy?"

She sat herself up on her side and showed Rocky the empty syringe from where she was lying.

Colt: "What is that? What did you put in him?"

Gracy: "It's the cure…"

Both of their eyes went wide.

Rocky: "You mean there is some sort of cure to this virus?"

Colt: "It has to be Rocky. Look!" He pointed

All three looked over to see that the 7 foot giant had completely transformed…back into their little brother.

Rocky & Colt: "Tum Tum!"

All three of them stood up and ran towards him as he was lying on the floor face down unconscious in his tattered clothing. As soon as they made it over to him, Rocky flipped Tum Tum over on his back and lifted his head to support him.

Rocky: "Tum Tum." He firmly called "Tum Tum wake up. Come on man we know you can do it. Wake up for us." He said shaking him a little

No response…

Colt: "Come on. Don't give up on us now." He whispered to himself

Gracy: "Please. Please wake up." She urged

His eyes began to flicker a little and Rocky saw it.

Rocky: "Yes that's it Tum! You're doing it. Just open your eyes. Everyone is here waiting for you." His voice excited

Slowly his eye lids came open. Blinking again he noticed Rocky above him with Colt standing behind Rocky and Gracy beside him.

Tum Tum: "…I knew you guys would come." He smiled

"Tum Tum!" They all said giving him a welcome back hug

Colt: "Tum you had us scared. I thought we had lost you."

Rocky: "How do you feel? Do you remember anything?" He asked while sitting him up a little more, so Tum would be able to support himself

Tum Tum: "I remember everything…, and it was horrible." His head went low. "I was completely out of control, and I couldn't do a thing to stop it. Sorry guys." He said with his voice filled with shame.

Gracy: "Don't be. We all know that it really wasn't you doing those things. Plus we're all here now and that's what matters."

Tum Tum sat up and looked around.

Tum Tum: "We are? Then where is Aaron?"

Gracy: "Oh yeah I forgot." She turned around to face Aaron who was still sitting in the corner like he was instructed for his safety. "Aaron. Come on over here. It's safe now."

The young boy stood up and quickly paced across the lab and stood in front of Rocky and Tum Tum who were both still on the floor.

Aaron: "You're back!" He said with joyful relief

Tum Tum: "Yeah and it feels good."

Rocky: "Speaking of which. Are you okay Aaron? You're not hurt or anything are you?"

Aaron: "I'm fine now…," He suddenly noticed "but where are Cliff and Meg?"

Colt: "They're…They're not coming." He regrettably stated

Tum Tum: "You mean they're gone?"

The room went silent.

Gracy: "They gave up they're lives, so that we could reach you. There was no other choice for us."

Colt: "It's still hard to believe that they're gone."

Both Rocky and Gracy nodded in agreement. Rocky decided to get back to more pressing matters.

Rocky: "Listen everyone. Downstairs is practically flooded with zombies."

Colt: "Oh yeah Rock. That reminds me. How did you make it out when you locked the door behind me and Gracy? We both thought you were a goner especially after you gave me your gun."

Rocky: "Hm? Oh that?" He said beginning to remember "There was an air duct right above the door I locked. I spotted it at the last minute. I saw them charging down the hall, so I did a quick jump to grab and yank it off using my body weight. It took me about 3 attempts, but I finally got it down, and well…you can guess the rest."

Gracy: "So that's why we heard a thud on the other side. They missed you the moment you got in."

Rocky: "Exactly." He nodded. "Then I had to find a way to meet back up with all of you, but I had no idea where I was going or where I might end up."

Colt: "What was after that?"

Rocky: "I kept going until I came upon the first light I saw. It was the security room…"

Colt: "The security room?"

Rocky grinned.

Rocky: "Hey. Who do you think it was that unlocked the elevator doors for you then?"

Colt: "Rocky…That was you? You were the one who unlocked it for me?"

He nodded.

Rocky: "Lucky I did decide to split up with you two otherwise all three of us be trapped in that room."

Gracy: "Wow Rocky. You're right, and if you hadn't dropped from the air vent and landed on Tum, I'd be dead."

Rocky: "And thank God that didn't happen."

Tum Tum: "So does that mean that this is all over?" He interrupted

Rocky stood up.

Rocky: "Tum Tum I wish. We still have to get out of here."

Gracy: "But how?"

Rocky: "(sigh)…I'm not sure."

There were suddenly banging noises on the lab door. Growls and yelling soon followed. Everyone jerked their attention towards the doors.

Colt: "No. I don't get it. How did they get up here?"

Gracy: "I don't know. Colt when you left me alone the door was still locked. I never touched it. I swear I never did."

Rocky: "We can worry about the how's later. Right now we've gotta find a way out."

Gracy: "But to where Rocky? That's our only exit."

Aaron: "Hey everyone! Look up there!" He pointed towards the back of the lab.

They all turned around and saw a ladder leading to an opening that leads to the roof.

Colt: "The roof?"

Rocky: "Better than nothing. Tum. Can you walk?"

Tum Tum: "Yeah I think so." He slowly began to stand up on his own

Rocky: "Okay good. Colt lead the way up the ladder. I bring up the rear"

Colt: "Consider it done."

Rocky: "Now hurry before they break through. Those doors won't hold long."

Everyone did as he instructed and gathered around the ladder that led to the roof of the building. Colt went first followed by Aaron and then Tum Tum. It was then Gracy's turn to start climbing up the ladder. Rocky was right behind her climbing until she stopped.

Rocky: "Gracy what's wrong? Why did you stop? Is it your ankle?"

Gracy: "No I…I just remembered something." She said thinking

Rocky: "What is it?"

Gracy: "The cure. There is more of it still in this lab. We're going to need it, so I'll go get."

Rocky: "On that ankle? No way. Just tell me where it is and I'll get it. I'm faster anyway."

Gracy: "Okay then there should be some on that far end table over there." She pointed "That's where I got the one for Tum Tum."

Rocky: "Okay. I can only grab a few vials, but it's better than nothing. Keep climbing. I'll catch up."

Gracy: "Okay." She nodded "Please be careful."

Rocky: "I will."

Dropping down from the ladder, he made a dash across the laboratory towards the table and saw the 2 vials with the very same purple liquid left on the table.

Rocky: "This is all?" He said looking it over making sure he wasn't missing any

The door suddenly began to dent inward meaning that it wasn't long until they broke through.

Rocky: "I'll take what I can get."

He quickly swiped the 2 remaining vials and stuffed them into his pocket. Turning around to make his way back the ladder, the door was finally broken off its hinges. This time he didn't even bother looking back. All he did was run. That's all he could do. He soon heard the others calling him from the top of the roof.

Colt: "Rocky hurry!"

Rocky had distance on the horde, but not very much. Jumping towards the ladder, he made it on and began to climb up…

Rocky: "Ah! What the?!"

He turned his head and realized that one of them had grabbed onto his leg and keeping him from climbing further.

Tum Tum: "Guys one of em's got Rocky!" He yelled

Rocky began shaking his leg to get away, but his grip was too tight. It wasn't letting go. As he continued to struggle, the zombie opened its mouth and was ready to bite down on his ankle.

Gracy: "Rocky look out!"

Suddenly a single gunshot was fired and a bloody hole appeared straight on in the zombie's forehead. It instantly let go and fell to the ground. All 3 of them turned around to see Colt aiming the gun down the ladder.

Colt: "Rocky! Move it!" He demanded

Rocky looked up at his brother and smiled, but wasted no time bolting up the ladder. The horde crowded around the ladder fighting to get up all at once. Closing the hatch to the roof and locking it everyone collapsed on their bottoms and drew a breath of relief. Everyone was silent. The night was quiet and somewhat seemingly peaceful for some strange reason. All they could here was their own breathing. It was...relaxing…

Tum Tum: "Okay…So…Now what?" He said catching his breath

Rocky: "I don't know Tum. I'm all out of ideas. Anybody else have one?" He said while looking at the moon hide behind the moving clouds

Colt: "Growing a pair of wings and flying would be a good option." He said speaking as if things were normal again

Rocky: "Okay…any ideas that are actually possible?"

Gracy: "Well I think that is still possible." She said beginning to stand up.

Rocky: "What are you talking about Gracy?"

Aaron: "I think she's lost it."

Gracy: "No you guys. I'm serious. Look!" She pointed to the sky.

The first thing they saw was a blinding light and heard what sounded like helicopter blades spinning. Everyone else instantly stood up.

Tum Tum: "Guys! It's a helicopter! We're saved!"

Everyone then began trying to get the pilot's attention. Jumping up and down, waving their arms around in the air, and yelling for the chopper to come down. Next thing they knew it began to make circles around the lab building.

Gracy: "I think he sees us guys!"

??: "Kids!" A familiar voice called from the helicopter through a megaphone

All of them went silent.

Colt: "Is that…? Rocky could that be?"

Rocky: "I think it is Colt."

The helicopter slowly spun in a direction that allowed the moonlight to pour through one side of the helicopter revealing the familiar person's face.

Gracy: "Meg!"

Colt: "But how? We thought you were dead!"

Meg: "You should never count me out that easy. I told you before. I'm tougher than I look." She winked

They all smiled knowing that she had survived.

Meg: "Guys we're going to land down on there soon. Take some safe cover while we do so."

Rocky: "You heard her guys. Let's move over there."

The helicopter slowly and safely lowered itself to the ground as the loud patting engine sent vibrations through the rooftop. The blades blew wind throughout the area that was so strong; everyone had to use an arm to cover their faces while getting closer. Keeping their heads low, they finally make it to the helicopter and Meg helped to pull them on safely. When everyone was finally aboard, she closed the door and signaled to the pilot that it was okay to take off. Giving her a responding thumb up, the helicopter began to lift off of the ground and into the air once more. Everyone got into a seat and buckled up.

Meg: "Are you all okay?" She asked looking them over

Rocky: "We're fine, and so are Aaron and Tum. But aren't we glad you showed up."

Meg: "Seems I was just in time too. Look." She pointed out of the window towards the top of the lab building.

They all looked out of the window to see the door to the roof being banged on viciously. Next thing they knew it had busted open and a bloody hand popped out. They watched on as a body slowly crawled out of the opening and it wasn't long before others slowly followed.

Colt: "Man you're right. If we were there any longer, we would have been killed."

Gracy: "Thank God." She said holding her chest

Rocky: "Oh yeah I almost forgot." He reached in his pant pocket. "Meg here."

He pulled out the two vials that contained the cure and handed it to her.

Meg: "What is this?" She said looking at the vials

Aaron: "It's a cure. Marcus made it out of my blood."

Meg: "A cure? How fascinating! Do you have any idea what this means?"

Colt: "There's still a fighting chance?"

Meg: "Yes exactly."

Rocky: "Well no more fighting for now. I've had enough of my share in that for today. I just really want all of us to at least get to Grandpa's house. Let's at least see if he knows what's going on or if he's okay."

Meg: "No problem Rocky. We can even pick him up if you want us to. We'll find some safer place and then figure out what to do from there."

Colt: "That sounds good to me."

The helicopter flew on into the night…


As the helicopter flew on through the skies, the comforting warm glow of sun rays began to peak over the horizon. The ride in the chopper was quiet as everyone except Meg and the pilot were asleep. The whole event had everybody exhausted. Rocky slept with his head leaning against the window and Gracy's head rested on his shoulder. The warmth of the sun's rays that traveled through the clouds reached his face, and as he felt them he began to slowly wake up. Letting out a mild moan, he pressed his eyes shut from the sudden light that was intruding his sleep. Rocky slowly opened his eyes and began to sit up. He pulled up one hand and began to rub his eyes to wake himself up. After that, he noticed his girlfriend still resting peacefully. He smiled at down at her, grabbed her hand, and began to lace both of their fingers together. Gracy noticed and began to awake herself. The first thing she noticed was that Rocky's fingers were entwined with her own. She peered up at his smiling face.

Rocky: "Morning." He whispered trying not to wake everyone else up

Gracy: "Good morning." She whispered back.

There was a short silence between the two.

Rocky: "How did you sleep?"

Gracy: "I slept fine. How about you?"

Rocky: "Best sleep I've had in the past two days."

Gracy softly laughed.

Gracy: "I couldn't agree more…Rocky?"

Rocky: "Yeah?"

Gracy put her head back on her boyfriend's shoulder, and looked at everyone else that had still been sleeping.

Gracy: "They've been through a lot. Haven't they?"

Rocky: "Yeah."

They were silent again…

Gracy: "Rocky?"

Rocky: "Yes?"

Gracy: "What's going to happen to everyone left behind?"

Rocky: "Who? The infected?"

Gracy let out a yawn.

Gracy: "Yes. I mean what do you think is going to happen to all of them?"

Rocky: "I don't know. I'm hoping that more of this cure can be made with the ones we were able to take from the lab. Then maybe a plan can be made to turn most of them back to normal. But either way Gracy, I don't want you or anyone else here worrying about that anymore. We've done our part and shouldn't have to wonder about what to do next. Besides…"

Rocky looked down at Gracy…only to see that she had fallen back to sleep.

Rocky: "Gracy…?"

She was out like a light again.

Rocky: 'Haha. Man I guess she's a lot more tired than she thinks she is.' He thought laughing to himself.

Rocky turned his attention back out the window as he look out on the mountains peacefully. The helicopter flew off into the horizon.


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