AIM With the Cullen's

AIM With the Cullen's

Dazzler1901: Edward

Dazzlee1989: Bella

Pixie_friend: Alice

: jasper

Sexi_rose: Rosalie

Im_so_awesome: Emmett

Sexydoc: Carlisle

Hottmommaof6: esme

Wolf_boy: Jake

Dazzler1901 has signed on

Dazzlee1989 has signed on

Dazzler1901: hello love

Dazzlee1989: hey Edward. What's up???

Dazzler1901: me and Alice just got done playing chess. I won lol.

Dazzlee1989: awesome!! Guess who asked me on a date today

Dazzler1901: what!!!!! Someone asked you on a date!!!!!! Who!!!!

Dazzlee1989: Mikeā€¦ are you going to hurt him?? And by the way, why are we talking on AIM when you could be at my house??

Dazzler1901: FOCUS BELLA!! How could mike even think about asking you out?!

Im_so_awesome has signed on

Im_so_awesome: Bella, um guess what I gust heard at Subway

Dazzlee1989: what?? And why were you at subway??

Im_so_awesome: That vile mike Newton is telling everyone that you dumped Eddie over there for him. And there cookies are freakin amazing!!

Dazzler1901: WHATTTTTT!! He will die!! And wtf Emmett we don't eat.

Im_so_awesome: whatever lets go take care of Newton.

Dazzlee1989: wait wait wait, please don't hurt him he may be annoying but he was my friend. Just scare the sh!t outta him!!! Muahhhahahahahah

A/N: ok so this is my first fan fic. Tell me what you think:) I promise the other chapters will be funnier.