Sexivolvoluver: edward

Bleedinglove: bella

OmfgSHOES: alice

Howdoufeel: jasper

: Carlisle

Veggiemama: esme

Iluvmonkeymen: rose

Muscles4life: Emmett

Rubeingsafe?: Renee

Hotdog: jake

Vampbff: seth

Cheifcharlie: Charlie

Bleedinglove has signed on

Howdoufeel has signed on

Bleedinglove: Hey Jasper whats up?

Howdoufeel: I was singing I wish I was a baby bumble bee in my head:)

Bleedinglove: wow…no comment. I have gives u hell stuck in my head lol

Howdoufeel: wow now crazy bitch just came into my head out of now where.

Bleedinglove: wow, again no comment…ur a loser thanks now its stuck in my head!

Howdoufeel: hahah im taking home my baby bumble bee, won't my mommy be so proud of me

Bleedinglove: stop just stop. I'm gonna laugh when it stings the crap outta u!

Howdoufeel: :( that's not very nice.

Bleedinglove: I wish I was a llama!

Howdoufeel: that would be freakin AWESOME!

Bleedinglove: I know right?

OmfgSHOES has signed on

Omfgshoes: what r u guys talkin bout?

Howdoufeel: how it would be so awesome if Bella was a llama!

Omfgshoes: ummm…ok? U know what would be cooler?

Bleedinglove: what

Omfgshoes: a planet full of colorful flying unicorns that can talk, but only cuss words!!

Howdoufeel: hehe

Bleedinglove: wow alice. Wait…can they poop butterflys?

Omfgshoes: sure!

Bleedinglove: lets play stupid questions! What would you do if you were a duck stuck in a bubble?

Howdoufeel: well I would have a awesome orange beak, so I would break the bubble.

Omfgshoes: I would see if I could fly, wait I'm a duck I can already fly nvm…or could I?

Bleedinglove: idk.

Omfgshoes: what corrupt politican would u hate to wake up next to?

Bleedinglove: any of them cuz they r all gay and way older than me.

Howdoufeel: ummm any of them they r all old

Omfgshoes: Hitler, he would probably shoot me down if I wasn't a good enough ride…and he had bad hair!

Hey guys sorry its been so long! I know it's short and I'm sorry but I need ideas! This is actually a note that me and my friends passed in class one day lol. Jasper's parts were mine lol. Also THERE IS NO OFFENCE INTENDED!!