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Chapter 1: Meeting Place

I'm bleeding...Riley's mind told her. Bad. Her brain awoke and seemed to ignite every nerve in her body. And apparently every nerve was screaming bloody murder. Her whole body ached and her eyes were closed so she tried to will her brain to force them open. It listened. After a few painful, blurry blinks she began to see colours and shadows. Soon she realized she was staring out of her plane window; still securely strapped in her seat. It took her a moment to realize that instead of blue sky coasting past her; the window showed a clear view of the sand. It was then Riley's ears decided to start listening again.


"Help me! Please!"

"Get away from there! Watch the gas!"

"Please help!"


Riley snapped her head up off her chair and gained a full view of the scene around her. Carnage and terror at every glance, people screaming in pain and terror and bodies scattered like the luggage around them.

"Hey!" A voice screamed loudly. "Hey! Are you alright? Are you ok?"

Riley realized the voice was talking to her. In front of her eyes was the face of a scared young man; blood pouring from a wound to his head. She couldn't seem to get her voice working.

"I gotta get you outta here; this whole thing's unstable." He said to her with frantic eyes as he grabbed for her seat belt. It only took him a few seconds to rip it out of the badly damaged seat frame. "Does your back hurt? Can you walk?" he asked her before he touched her.

Riley managed a slow but firm shake of her head. The young man slipped one arm around her back and the other under her knees and lifted her up. That's when she realized she'd been half buried in the sand on a weird angle. She wondered momentarily how long she'd been there but the sound of a loud whir caught her ear. She looked up to see the wing of the plane wavering in the sky as though it was a flag in the breeze. She squeezed her arms around the neck of her saviour as he ran her up the beach away from the immediate danger.

Soon he was laying her down on the sand; breathing heavily from exertion. "You'll be alright." He panted as he sank to his knees beside her.

When the initial shock died down, Riley found her voice. "I'm-I'm alright; I think." She muttered; holding her hand to the side of her head that seemed to throb with every beat of her heart.

"You sure?" The young-man asked her concernedly. "You're bleeding pretty much everywhere." He looked her up and down.

"What happened?" Riley stared out to the wreckage before her. It was like something from a movie. Flaming wheels, cries of terror and loss; it was horrific.

"We crashed." The man said bluntly as he glanced around the scene like she was. His eyes fell on an unconscious black woman a few feet from where they were. "I'll be right back." He said to Riley; clasping her shoulder. "You be alright?"

Riley nodded as he got to his feet and ran away. She watched as he skidded to a halt beside the woman, check if she was breathing and then start CPR. Riley looked down at herself for the first time and saw that she was, indeed, covered in blood. Her jeans were smeared in crimson from the waist down and her blue sweatshirt was stained so much it had changed colour to a deep purple. She felt inside her clothing at her skin and breathed a sigh of relief; she wasn't cut. The blood wasn't her own. She then began to fear for whose it was. Her mind wandered back to who she'd been sitting next to on the plane. There had been no one directly beside her but on the aisle there had been a red-haired woman madly completing crossword after crossword. Riley recalled the woman had barely looked up throughout the flight. Glancing around; Riley didn't see the woman nearby.

Ahead of her, Riley noticed another man helping the young man who'd saved her with CPR. A handsome man with very short, dark hair wearing a dirty, but smart, suit. He said something to the young man that made him jump to his feet and take off. He came running back to Riley.

"You got a pen? I need a pen." He said frantically.

Riley could only shake her head and he ran off again; stopping people he passed and presumably asking them the same question. Riley suddenly felt confident enough to test her legs. She could still feel them so she hoped that was a good sign. She paused on her haunches momentarily before rising off the sand. Her bones ached and her head throbbed; but other than that she felt alright.

"Get away from the wing! Get her up!"

Riley turned and saw the handsome man in the suit that had been performing CPR now running towards a heavy-set, wiry-haired fellow and a young, blonde pregnant girl. She was lifted to her feet by both men and together they ran as the wing fell behind them into a large portion of the plane. A gigantic boom seemed to shake the very air around Riley as she held up a hand to shield her eyes. The heat emitting from the explosion made her eyes water and sting.

"Are you alright, dear?" a voice said to her.

Opening her eyes; Riley saw the woman who had been receiving the CPR standing before her and clutching the cross around her neck. "Ye-Yes." Riley muttered. "You should sit-sit down."

"I'm fine; thanks to that doctor." She said pointing to the suited man. "My name is Rose."

"Riley." Riley answered with a wobbly smile.

"Do you mind if I sit with you, Riley?" Rose asked.

Riley nodded and sat herself back down in the sand. Rose sat beside her and shook her head at the tragedy around them. They sat for a couple of hours; both adjusting to their new surroundings. Riley had been listening to music when the plane had started shuddering. When it nosedived she'd lurched in her seat and smacked her head on her window. Everything after that was a blur.

The sun set over the wreckage just over an hour later and Rose was still sitting by Riley when the handsome man in the suit came over to them.

"Hey, I'm Jack." He said with a smile. "I'm a doctor; are you guys ok?"

Rose nodded twirling the ring on the chain draped around her neck. Her husband Bernard's ring, she'd told Riley. His fingers swelled when they flew so she took care of it for him. He'd been in the bathroom in the back of the plane when it had snapped mid-air. Riley didn't know where the tail section was; but it definitely wasn't on the beach.

Jack reached out the touched the cut on Riley's forehead. "Does it hurt?" he asked.

"No, no." Riley replied. "Not really."

"Whose blood is that?" he asked with a furrowed brow as he glanced at her clothes.

"Not mine." Riley shook her head.

"You should get outta those clothes." He told her. "People are collecting bags and stuff up the beach. And the big guy, Hurley, he's passing around food. Don't worry," He added with a smile. "I'm sure rescue will be here soon." With that he got up and headed away.

Riley left Rose be and went searching for something else to wear. She sun was almost gone and the other survivors had started fires and were sitting silently in groups; eating plane food and sharing polite conversation. Close to the treeline, people had stacked suitcases and duffle bags away from the ocean and plane debris. Riley had taken three bags on the plane; her shoulder bag, her laptop bag and her suitcase. Her suitcase had been stored in the cargo hold of the plane; she doubted she'd see it again. And even if she found her shoulder bag, there weren't any clothes in it. So instead she just rifled through some random suitcases until she found a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans.

Riley headed down to a part of the ocean that was hidden in the darkness. Trying to forget that scene in Jaws where the shark came outta nowhere; Riley stripped off and began washing the blood off her body. She realized it was also dried into her hair so she dunk her head underwater a couple of times to rinse it out. As she climbed out of the water she realized she'd neglected to grab a towel or something to dry off with so she was left standing alone on the beach in her underwear. That was until she was no longer alone.

"Hey!" A male voice called to her. "Do you have a phone sig--oh my God!" he saw her in the moonlight and noted she was sans clothing and immediately turned around.

"Do you mind?!" Riley snapped; using her dry clothes to cover herself up.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." He said turning his back. "I didn't think you'd be...sorry."

"Who the hell do you think you are?" She snapped as she yanked on her borrowed clothes.

"I'm-I'm Boone." He answered; waving over his shoulder. "We met before...kinda. I got you outta your seat...?"

"Oh." Riley muttered as she crossed her arms over her now covered chest. " can turn around now."

Boone tentatively turned back; thankful the sun had set because he was blushing madly. "I was just gonna ask if you had phone service?" he waved his cell in front of his face. "I can't seem to get a signal..."

"My phone was in my bag." Riley remembered. "And I can't find my bag..." she shrugged.

He nodded at her; his eyes glinting in the moonlight. "We got food up there," Boone pointed up the beach. "If you want..."

Riley nodded and joined him for a walk back up to the beach. They sat by a fire with the pregnant girl and another blonde who was painting her toenails by firelight. Riley sat beside the pregnant girl and discovered her name was Claire and she, too, was an Australian. She offered Riley one of the two plane meals in her lap and they started chatting. Riley noticed Boone sit beside the blonde painting her nails and offer her a chocolate bar. Muttering a very bitchy comment about not starting to eat sugar now, she declined and went back to her nail treatment. Boone sat beside her and happily gorged down the chocolate bar; seemingly enjoying the disgusted look on her face.

Claire and Riley were laughing about a crack Claire made about the food when the strangest sound Riley had ever heard roared out of the jungle behind them.


The sound was accompanied by loud, metal clinks like an enormous bike chain whirling around and around. Riley and Claire got to their feet and stood with their fellow survivors whose eyes were all glued to the jungle. The trees in the distance shook and swayed as though an invisible force in the darkness was knocking them about.

"Did anybody see that?" Claire asked the group.

Behind them, Hurley muttered a low 'Yeah' as Boone jumped to his feet and stood beside Riley and Claire. "What the hell...?" he muttered. To their left, a young man in a hoodie grumbled under his breath,