Mild language in this chapter! Okay, so I was listening to "Secret Valentine" by We The Kings. And BOOM! This idea cam up to me. It's Christmas time in Forks, and Forks High School is doing their annual Secret Santa event. I think it's going to come out pretty good, but I'm not sure yet. Review! And I'll update ASAP!

I was in my last class playing tic-tac-toe with Edward, (while we were waiting for our teacher to start teaching. Duh.) and he was obviously letting me win.

"See? You're not so bad at this game." Edward smiled at me.
I sighed. "You're letting me win."
"I am not!" Edward lied.
I gave Edward a look. "Edward"
"Fine," he admitted. I laughed, my hands covering my mouth as I did so. It was just so cute the way he admitted it. I was so dazzled by him, it was unreal.

Our teacher, Mr. Green stood up. "Okay, class," he began. "obviously, it is almost Christmas."
That was followed by a loud cheer by the class.
I lightly nudged Edward's arm. It would be our first Christmas together, I think. He winked at me. I knew for a fact that I was looking forward to the mistletoe.

Mr. Green continued, "And as you all know, it's been a tradition of Forks High School to have a Secret Santa..."
Smiles spread across all the girls, and they slowly turned their heads toward Edward.
The girl sitting directly in front of him, with the tip of her tongue, lightly traced her lips. Edward raised his eyebrows. Then the girl bit the air.
Edward's eyes widened.
The girl gave me an evil look and blew a kiss at Edward, then turned around.
Jealousy flowed through me.
I never really liked Tracy Lorenzo.

Tracy was prettier than me. She had red hair-the color Mary-Jane had it for "Spider-Man 3." She had the prettiest green eyes, and they were much prettier than mine. She was also, a straight A student, a cheerleader, and pretty much good at everything. She was one of the more qualified girls for Edward than I was.
Edward saw me frowning, and staring at nothing. He had a concerned look in his eyes. I gave him a weak smile. It was almost painful, knowing how unqualified I was for Edward. It felt like some one stabbed my stomach, knowing all the girls that liked Edward. (What's not to like? From good looks to amazing personality. What more could a girl ask for?)

The girls in the class' eyes returned to Mr. Green.

"I'm going to pass out a hat," He pulled out a Santa hat from his desk, and held it up. "With names from each and every person in the grade. And you will obviously pick out someones name, and you have to get that person something on the day we have the exchange. But here's the deal: it's a secret. Obviously."
The rooom filled with whispers as Mr. Green walked around the room with the Santa hat.

I was not looking forward to this.

Edward leaned closer to me. "Are you alright?" He whispered. "You know I don't care about her."
He gave a quick glance at Tracy Lorenzo.
"Yeah, I guess." I whispered so softly, that if he wasn't a vampire, he wouldn't of been able to hear me.

Mr. Green came up to us and held up the hat. I put my hand in, and placed the paper on my desk, without opening it. Edward was still looking at me, concerned, while picking out of the hat. There was laughter and clapping in the classroom. But I was alone in a crowded room. I was even more sad, because of the smirk on Tracy's face, when she looked at Edward.

"Who did you get?" Edward asked.
"Um...I haven't checked yet." I stated clearly.
Edward pushed the small paper closer to me. "Well, what are you waiting for?" I could her the curiosity in his voice, although he was trying to hide it. I lifted the paper, but pulled it close to me.
"I don't want you to know." I told Edward.
He looked shocked. "Fine, then I won't tell you mine." He said, teasingly.
"Why not? I'm your girlfriend! I should know!" I exclaimed.
"Well, I'm your boyfriend, and I should know." He replied.
I thought about it for a moment. "Alright. Let's make a deal. You don't tell me, and I don't tell you"
"Fine." I said.
I shook hands with his ice cold hand.
I slowly opened the tiny piece of paper. It wasn't such a big deal. The paper Read:

Jessica Stanley.

I looked over at her and she was jumping up and down in her seat like a maniac.

I pursed my lips. I didn't know what I should get her. Maybe she'd be happy with a box of chocolates. I groaned, slamming my arms against the table. The bell rang. The day was finally over.

Edward walked me over to his silver Volvo, and we drove off. I turned on the radio, and all they were playing was Christmas music! I did not want to be reminded of Christmas. Of course, I liked Christmas, but not this year. I mean, that face Tracy had...I could just tell she picked him.

And what would she get him? A picture frame with her in a bikini or something?

I changed the channel, annoyed. In every channel there was Christmas music! I turned it off angrily.

And then I remembered: Would I have to get Edward a Christmas present?

"Edward?" I asked.
"Yes?" Edward replied.
"What do you want for Christmas?" I asked innocently.
He smiled at me. "You don't have to get me anything." He stated.
"But what if I want to?" I asked.
"I don't want anything." He insisted.
"Edward!" I exclaimed.
A seductive tone covered his voice. "You."

My heart raced. He chuckled quietly. Why must he be so...dazzling?!

"Do you want anything?" Edward asked.
"No, I don't want anything." I said.
I was thinking about what to get Edward, whether he wanted one or not. If I didn't think of anything, I would just feel like, well, a bitch.
"But what if I want to?" He asked, teasing.
I tried to make my voice seductive, and failed greatly. "Well, I want you..."
He smirked. "That could be arranged." He stopped in front of my house. He moved at vampire speed to open my door. I stepped out, and put my arms around his neck. "I sure hope that can be arranged." I said, laughing.
He pressed his lips to mine, and as I did so, I wondered if Tracy really did get him for Christmas. My lips froze temporarily.
But I began again, when I remembered this was Tracy's last month in Forks High School, because she was moving to a new state.

That wouldn't be such a bad Christmas present.

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