I won nothing.

Jake's POV

Nesssie was so happy today for some reason. I couldn't tell why and I couldn't tell you that I cared much, either. She was happy. In my book, that was all that really mattered.

She beamed as she got in the car. I was picking her up from school, just like I did every other day. As she matured, she started to look more and more like Bella and less and less like her father. Her brown eyes always sparkled with happiness. Today, she wore a pair of blue jeans, a white tank top, and a knee-length navy jacket. She was striking.

"Happy birthday, Nessie!!" I yelled as she got in. Her happiness dimmed a little.


I stared at the beauty like an idiot. "I thought you enjoyed birthdays. Unlike someone."

"It's not that I don't enjoy birthdays," she said in her high soprano voice that sounded like wind chimes, "it's just that… that… UGH!!!" Her head went to the dashboard.

"Just that what?" She didn't answer. "Nessie… Hello? Anybody home?"

"Presents," she grumbled.

I burst into laughter. "You sound just like your mom when she was human."

Her head picked up quickly. Her face was confused. "You knew Mom when she was human?" Crap. I let that slip. I guess Bella hadn't told her yet about the past. I promised Bella I would let her tell Nessie. Some sort mother-daughter thing I guess. I, on the other hand, think I should tell her because; I'm the one who imprinted on her. Nessie doesn't even know that yet. Yep. The person I imprinted on doesn't know that I love her yet because her father wouldn't let me tell her. Yeah, this world is sooooooo screwed up.

"So, what do you want to do today?" I asked, quickly changing the subject.

"Motorcycles?" she asked, hopeful.

"You know how Edward feels about those things. You want to get me in trouble?"

"Stupid, overprotective…" It was a mumble.

"What was that?"

"Oh, nothing." I grinned. "O, come on, Jake. My baby has been all alone rotting in that garage for six months! She's screaming for air! Please? PLLLLEEEAAASSSEE?! For me?" She gave me the look.

No!!...must resist…urge to…give in…no…she wants to…fight the power!!! "If you tell, you are so dead."



Nessie POV

It felt so good to be on the road again. The wind tangled my hair. It smelled like asphalt. I missed that smell. The trees zoomed past us in a blur. I convinced Jake to let me ride without a helmet. What would I do without him? Oh, yeah, I know. I would be a perfect little half-vampire who did exactly as she was told all the time. Ick.

It was my sixth birthday and I have the body of a seventeen-year-old. It rocks. I look in the mirror now and see not a little girl with bouncy curls but, when I look into the reflective glass, I see a reflection of my mother, except I have brown eyes and bronze locks. When I look and compare them to the very first bloody memories I have, the face could be the same.

It was so up-tight at the house. Everything was buzzing with preparations for my birthday party. I have only one thing to say about that. Alice. She always went over-board on my birthday. She and Rose will probably take me shopping. SHOPPING!!! Sorry. I love shopping, just not with Rosalie.

Rosalie infuriates me. She acts like she is my mother. She acts more like my mother than my mother does!!! Bella is my best friend. I can laugh with her and Alice. The three of us are equals. Rosalie on the other hand… It's like that she has to be next to me every moment of every day. Bella is out for my best interests. She and Edward taught from right from wrong and I know it, so they let me make my own decisions. Rosalie is overbearing.

I needed this. I can actually think when I am on the road. I can be who I want to be, with my best friend. It is like there is nothing else in the world but us.

But there is something else. I can't push him out of my mind. Josh. Oh my god. He is so hot. He may be human, but, oh my god. That's all I can say about him. Oh my god. I'll say it again. Oh my god. He asked me… Oh my god!!! Oh my god!!! OH MY GOD!!! Joshua Himman, the quarterback of the winning school football, Joshua Himman, THE Joshua Himman, asked me out on a date today. OH MY GOD!!! SCREAM!!!

That is why I am so happy today.