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At dawn, blood rained everywhere in the Black Order. This was no longer the Black Order… this was now a slaughterhouse… A mass murderer had been parading around in there, taking thousands of lives. Even though many attempted to stop them, they just kept getting back up and taking the lives of everyone in sight. "DEATH! BEAUTIFUL DEATH!" someone bellowed with an evil cackle behind the voice. The person who yelled that had murdered numerously massive amounts of Black order members. Blood of those he murdered, covered this person's hands. His left hand was strange though. It was all black, with long claws. His skin was the color of gray, meanwhile bored seven pitch-black crosses that ran across his forehead in a straight line. The murderer appeared to have been wearing a top hat, in which he hid his hair in, making hair color and style unidentifiable. "EVERYONE DIE! EVERYONE WILL DIE AT MY HANDS!" he kept bellowing, slashing his mighty claws at everyone who stood in his way. Exorcists and Finders alike met their deaths by this person. Even the Marshals could not stop this insane person. The dead bodies of the Marshals appeared carved up fully, making it so that they were no longer even close to recognizable. The dead bodies of Finders and Exorcists had traces of multiple stab wounds, and slash wounds, seemingly as if a claw were responsible for this mess. Finally, he came upon a certain dark green-haired Exorcist.

Her eyes were wide with terror, as well as the fact that she was speechless due to the horror of all her comrades dying, each piece of her world being destroyed one-by-one.

"You ready to die yet, bitch?" he sneered, his claws pointed at her throat. His face, clearly revealed, bore a red scar running down the left side of his face, his eyes had yellow isis and his eyes showed demonic bloodlust.

Her eyes were still wide with horror. She could not speak… all she could do was scream a blood curling scream, meanwhile scrunching her eyes closed, hoping for a savior to come, but to her luck, no one came at all to help her.

"Combo Seal! Strong Thunder of the Heavens!" a voice called out. Suddenly, a large vortex of flames containing a lightning dragon appeared, attacking the stranger.

The stranger looked at it, and moved his right hand to face the mighty dragon. "DIE!" he yelled, and with a flick of his fingers, the dragon attack reflected back at the caster.

"Agh! Damnit!" the person cursed, on the ground in pain.

The murderer walked over to the fallen body of the person who had recently attacked him. "Hello there, Lavi." he smirked his maniacal smirk, placing his claws to Lavi's throat. "Any last words, Lavi?" he asked.

"Just these… YU! NOW!" the redhead called out.

Suddenly, a sword swung down upon the stranger's left arm, seemingly appearing to have hit, but it did not even make a scratch upon that left arm. "Damnit." Kanda thought, jumping back.

"SAY GOODBYE!" he yelled maniacally, running after Kanda. His claws appeared seemingly closed, looking like a sword.

"Mugen, Disastrous Future. First Illusion: Hell's Insects!" he called out, swinging his sword from left to right. As soon as he swung it, a swarm of demonic insects flew out, attacking the stranger.

Suddenly, the insects were sliced, and diced by the claws of that stranger. "Sorry, Kanda, but that will not work on me…" he smirked, his claws looking more intensively threatening.

"FIRE SEAL! CONFLAGRATION OF ASH!" Lavi called out his next move, slamming his hammer upon the ground, releasing flames around the hammerhead. Suddenly, the flames formed into a fire snake, flying towards the murderous stranger.

He sighed, "You dumb asses never change." Suddenly, he felt eight energy spears hit his back. He thought, "Shit, I left him unattended." Next, the conflagrating snake made contact with the stranger, engulfing him in high degree flames. If this were any other human, they would have probably died, but since this person managed to murder all of the Marshals, then he for sure could not have been dead just yet.

"Once more! Innocence, Level 2, Activate! Fire Seal, Conflagration of Ash!" he called out his move yet again. He slammed his hammer's head upon the ground, releasing flames around the circular part of the hammer. Suddenly, another conflagrated snake rose, launching itself towards the murderer.

"MURDER I WROTE! OH WAIT, I ALREADY AM MURDERING!" a voice called out from the flames, and the flame burst into red, diamond-shaped particles. "HAHA! YOU THINK THIS WILL WORK ON ME? HA! A MARSHAL COULD NOT STOP ME, LET ALONE TWO OF THEM AT ONCE! YOUR ATTACKS ARE NOWHERE CLOSE TO A MARSHAL'S ATTACK, LAVI, AND KANDA!" he yelled maniacally, running towards Lavi's flaming snake. Everyone seemed confused, because he was running towards the fiery snake, unlike the opposite, which was what enemies normally did. "OH SHIT! RUN FROM THE FLAMING SNAKE!" would be the usual thought running through a person's mind, but this psychopath decided to run towards the damn thing. He punched it with his left hand, knocking the attack right back at Lavi.

"AH!" his own flames began to burn him, giving what could probably be 5th degree burns, or possibly even worse!

Kanda's eyes were wide with surprise. His eyes were not wide from surprise; his eyes were wide with fear. (Note: Wait, Kanda… Super-violent-ninja-samurai Kanda, is afraid? Holy crap, then this person must be outrageously strong!)

The stranger looked to Kanda, a smirk forming over his face.

"Don't you dare touch the Exorcists!" a voice rang out from behind slamming his fist into the stranger. The fist attack seemed strong, but the failure was that it only knocked the murderer forward by only several inches.

"You call that an attack, Chaoji?" he about-faced, looking at the Exorcist whom had been nicknamed 'Hercules'.

"Wait… No… It cannot be… y-you?" Chaoji said out of fear, recognizing who this person was.

Before Chaoji could finish his sentence, the stranger cut him off. "Death to you… AS WELL!" he yelled, piercing his long, sharp, black claws through Chaoji's stomach, and grabbed his throat with his free hand. "PERISH!" he yelled, squeezing Chaoji's throat harshly. The results of squeezing the poor man's throat were not a pretty one. The man's head exploded from too much squeezing, causing blood to rain everywhere. "DEATH! RAIN, BEAUTIFUL BLOOD! YES! EVERYONE DIE! EVERYONE MUST DIE! HAHAHA!" he screamed. Suddenly, two swords thrust forth from his stomach. "What… the hell…?" he thought, coughing up blood.

"Mugen, Disastrous Future. Second Illusion: Two Illusion Blades." Kanda whispered from right behind him. "Eight Flowers, Praying Mantis!" he called out his next move, a burst of eight, blue Innocence energy spears burst forth from the twin Mugen blades. The eight spears of energy zapped through the stranger. He pulled back, panting. He thought, "Did I get him?"

"… My own blood… spilled, and is now on the floor… You fucker… I am going to make you…" he whirled around swiftly "PAY!" and stabbed his claws deep into Kanda. This time, each claw had thrust into different locations, which were all (Unluckily) vital organs.

"Damn… it…" Kanda thought, falling forth towards the killer.

"HAHAHA! FINALLY, YOU FALL TOO!" he laughed maniacally.

Lenalee was sitting through all this, watching as her world tore to pieces one by one, too helpless to do anything, and too shocked to move at all. Fear and misery ran through her body, causing internal conflicts. She wanted to move and save her friends, but her fear seemed to be much stronger, for it kept her from moving at all. She thought "Damnit, move! You are my legs! Move, now!" In her head, she kept demanding for her legs to move, but her fear and shock kept her body in total paralysis. She was helpless, so all she could do for now was scream yet again. She screamed another blood-curling scream. … No one came to her rescue this time.

The stranger walked towards her. "Scream as much as you want, you bitch, but no one will save you. I killed them all anyway, so no one should be saving you at this point!" he laughed, his claws ready to go for the kill.

Blood covered the claws… the blood of the people that Lenalee held as her world. Now, look at them… they were dead… everyone…

"DIE!" he yelled, thrusting his claws towards her. Suddenly, a figure jumped in the way at the last minute, taking the claw stabs. "You bastard… I wanted to kill her!" he yelled.

"Don't you dare… harm a hair on her…." the person said in an exasperated tone of voice.

"STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!" he yelled, slicing his claws upwards, his claws exiting his body from the left shoulder. He then sliced down from there yet again to finish the job. "YOU PERISH AS WELL! I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN!"

Komui was now completely sliced in half, both parts of his body falling and gushing massive amounts of blood. "Le…na…lee…" he softly spoke, his voice slowly disappearing. Suddenly, the older brother's eyes closed, meaning that he was now dead.

Lenalee's eyes widened and she screamed again, her scream stopped, for her voice had broken. She silently looked up at the stranger, her tears falling, and meanwhile some droplets of blood on her face.

The stranger bent down on one knee, his index claw's tip pressed against her throat. A smirk formed over his lips as he licked off some of the blood from her soft lips. "And this is where we part!" he thrust the claw forth, through her throat.

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