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Chapter 31: Epilogue

What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.

September 1

St. Olaf's Academy is the second most prestigious boarding school in the country and the outright the best co-educational boarding school. Anyone who was lucky enough to grace the hallowed halls would certainly be in competition for any number of Ivy League colleges.

Settled against a small lake in rural Massachusetts, the ivy-covered bricked and wrought iron buildings were nearly were dark and forbidding, while the manicured lawns, stone paths, and perfectly shaped bushes welcomed with just a hint or arrogance and the almost tangible aroma of money.

The students passing by were all blue-blooded, genetically gifted people; not just in intellect but in physicality. There were no genetic defects here; no bad hair cuts or skin marred with pimples. There were no Target-brand labels, no second hand sneakers, not a single wrinkle in their designer label clothing. Their jewelry was real and glittered even in the unusual, overcast weather. Thousands of dollars literally hung off the bones of slender, perfectly curved bodies; dollars that would be tossed into the back of a closet or shipped off to a goodwill store within the year, replaced with new couture.

And then there was me, standing outside the gates to paradise.

But I no longer was the outsider, but neither was I one of Them.

I had carefully stacked my two suitcases in the middle of my new double room, which Rosalie had assured me the my roommate would mysteriously "decide she wanted a single", thus guaranteeing me double the space.

Everyone walked in either pairs or groups, arms slung around each other as they reminisced over summers probably spent at some gigantic summer mansion on some very privatized lake resort. They dazzled and effortlessly charmed and intimidated. They glittered and shone.

But they didn't intimidate me.

I once thought they were the Elite, the untouchable, gifted people that would never see beyond the balance of my checking account.

They parted like the red sea for me, eyes not meeting mine directly, but acknowledging that I was there, acknowledging that I belonged amongst them, if not precisely within their clique.

"Hey! New girl!"

My head snapped up.

"Yes?" I cringed at the sound of my unsophisticated twanging tones sounding so redneck next to the pealing bell tones of the supermodel pretty blonde girl in front of me. She was perhaps the most stunning specimen on this campus of models. Her cheeks glowed and she was beyond tanned, and her teeth shone blindingly white as her smile took up her entire face.

She looked happy.

"You're late!"

And then Rosalie Hale pulled me into her arms in an uncharacteristic display of affection, laughing and causing every person in the vicinity to stare at us.

"Get a room will you?"

I turned at the sound, and nearly gasped at the gorgeous man who was standing there in a pair of caramel colored Abercrombie's and a dark blue button up, rolled at the sleeves, exposing toned forearms and large, thick hands. I don't know why those forearms were the first thing I saw, perhaps because he was so much taller than me.

His eyes were travelling over me as well, assessing every inch. I blushed and shifted slightly away, uncomfortable with how close he was without my even knowing it.

"If we do, do you wanna join us?" Rose purred, the laughter evident in her voice.

"I thought you retired from threesomes." Edward appeared, hair longer and more tousled than ever, grinning lopsidedly in greeting.

"I retired from threesomes with your ugly ass."

"Is my ass ugly? Because I haven't gotten laid since I left the airport in Houston."

Jasper winked at me and threw an arm around Edward jokingly.

I heard this all dimly. My attention was fixed on the man in front of me.

"I vote we take Edward's Astin Martin into town and be obnoxious about how much money we have." Rosalie said.

Emmett's eyebrow quirked up at me.

I cleared my throat.

"Yeah…we'll catch up with you guys later." I gave them my best apologetic smile and grabbed Emmett's hand, tugging him toward my new dorm room, hearing the laughter ringing behind me.

Even Emmett was laughing, though I noticed he was already ahead of me, his long stride making up for my quick, short ones.

Finally he just scooped me up over his shoulder and began to walk (quickly) toward Matheson.

The people got the hell out of his way.

As he strode past, nearly running over two freshman girls who turned to gawk.

"Who was that?"

A bottle redhead with a too pointy face turned at their words.

"That's Emmett McCarty and one of his girlfriends, Alice Brandon."

"One of his girlfriends? Is there an application process?"

Claire DeLane's voice could be heard clearly, even though we were well past them by now and heading into Matheson Hall to have some of the best reunion sex in the history of reunion sex.

"They're different. Separate from the rest of us. I'm not telling you what to do, but if I were you, I wouldn't start anything with them."

Damn right you didn't start anything with us.

We were tight.

We were a unit.

We were Elite.

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