Set after Hostage and Veritas.

4 months later

It was a clear night in Manhattan, New York as CSI Detective Mac Taylor was taking a jog through the city. He needed to get out of the office and decided to enjoy the nice cool breeze that was blowing throughout the night, he breathed it in and sighed. Taking nighttime jogs also helped to clear Mac's head and sometimes relieved some of the stress being a CSI brought upon him, so that was exactly what he was doing. He'd been jogging for the past hour and fifteen minutes which was a bit less for him and he was aiming for two hours, he was passing a restaurant when he heard an assortment of laughter from a group of women. Mac assumed they must have been having a girl's night out and thought no more of them or so he thought

"Detective Taylor?" he heard someone call out to him and he slowed his jog to a stop and turned around to the group of women who had just come out of the restaurant, and then he saw her.

She was wearing a lovely turquoise halter-neck top, a dark green skirt and black heels. Her long brown hair was curled and then he noticed her heavily pregnant belly that was when he remembered back to that day 4 months ago when he was held hostage in a bank by Ethan Scott. She had been one of the hostages and had mentioned she was 3 months pregnant, making her seven months now. Mac racked his brain for her name and then it came to him

"Lori Mendel" he said walking over to the group of women who, as he could see, were checking him out.

He just ignored them and turned his attention to Lori

"How are you doing?" he asked her vaguely aware he probably stunk of sweat but Lori didn't seem to mind

"I'm doing good, better after the whole ordeal. I still work at the bank but in about a month or so I'll be on maternity leave" she replied as she rested her hand on her belly and Mac smiled

"When are you due?" he asked her

"2 months time" she replied then she giggled as she noticed Mac was eyeing her stomach "you touch it, come on" she said taking his hand and placing it on her belly.

They waited a bit before Mac felt a kick against his hand as he stroked her belly

"Ahem" they heard, Mac dropped his hand and the two looked at Lori's friends "aren't you going to introduce us?" a blonde haired woman asked

"Right" Lori said "Mac these are my friends Denise, Rose, Stacy, Harmony, Anna, Sarah, Emma, Penelope and Jodie. Ladies this is CSI Detective Mac Taylor the one I told you about was kept hostage at the bank with us" Lori introduced.

They all shook hands

"Lori told us all about you, she actually wouldn't shut up. How calm and brave you were and how chivalrous you were letting her go in account that she was pregnant and all. But she really couldn't shut up" Harmony said and Mac looked at Lori who blushed

"Harm" she said and Mac chuckled

"Sorry I hate to be the kill joy but Henderson expects you home" Anna said

"Guess we better go" Lori said as Rose opened the door to a limousine and the girls piled in except Lori.

She smiled

"Well I guess I'll see you around" she said as she turned to the limo, Mac wasn't sure what possessed him to do it but he pulled out his business card and a pen and scribbled his number on it

"Here" he said handing it to her "in case you ever need anything. My home number is on the back along with my cell phone" he added, Lori took it and smiled

"Thanks" she said and got into the limousine.

Mac closed the door and watched as the limo pulled away from the footpath into the traffic, as he watched he felt himself smile and decided to head home instead of finishing his run.