This is the last chapter of my story. I'm posting the first chapter of the sequel as soon as possible. Thanks to all reviewed, favorited, and alerted.


The funny thing about the universe is that it doesn't care about you. You are insignificant and irrelevant. Mortals are the worst, blazing in and out of existence like a lighted match, burning for a single moment, and then fading. Humans wither away, inconsequentially.

Occasionally, for some reason or other, some humans are caught in the mortal world like flypaper, unable to move on. They may stay for indefinite amounts of time. These are the immortals.

Sometimes the world can be unbearably cruel. For instance, somewhere on the surface of the earth, a vampire grieved for his lost love. He stared at the stars glittering above. His eyes were oddly far off. In his mind, he was a world away, with his love.

Hundreds of miles away, a red headed immortal howled her grief to the sky. She, too, had lost her love. Dropping her head to her hands, she sobbed brokenly. Again and again, she murmured, "James.. James." She jerked to her feet, face demented, she screamed. It was a horrifying, bone-chilling scream. It promised revenge on her enemies. It was obvious in her face and demeanor. She had nothing to live for except revenge.

And far above them both, a newly freed spirit rose high above the earth. This spirit was not peaceful, like most spirits. It screamed silently, fighting the pull of the sky. For some unfathomable reason, it wanted to stay on earth.

The vampire's head jerked up, searching the sky, as if he had heard some noise. His eyes scoured the sky, waiting. There was silence. His head dropped, hope gone.

Far above, the spirit circled the sky, still screaming.

There. That was pretty short, so I'm posting the extended summary of the sequel, and an excerpt.

Harvest Moon

Bella should be happy. After 200 years, she has finally moved on. It's everything she ever wanted.. Or is it? She can't help remembering the love she left on earth, so she leaps at the chance to return to earth for a short time. But this world is very different from the one Bella used to know. She's also being stalked by a terrifying enemy with nothing to lose. Can she survive long enough to be with Edward?

Well, three guesses who the "terrifying enemy" is. Below is the excerpt. It will be in Bella's point of view.

I felt.. Wonderful. Like cool rain after a drought, I was revitalized. My blood turned to electricity in my veins, stinging, burning, but wonderfully rejuvenated. I could feel pulsing energy, ebbing and flowing like the tides.

It burned, brighter and hotter. The invigorating feeling left, and I felt stabs of fear. Then, rising up inside of me, I felt a tremendous wave of energy. It grew, threatening to encompass me. I closed my eyes, trying to force back terror.

The wave swelled suddenly, and my eyes snapped open. All I could feel was pure and absolute terror, the fear of a wild creature that knows its death is coming. I would drown, I was certain. I hopeless as it was, I ran.

It didn't matter.

The wave rushed up, following me. I was hunted, and fear gave my feet wings. But there was no place to run.

I screamed as the swell engulfed me. The sound was lost as tremendous force hit me, knocking the wind out of me. I lay on the ground, as the wave pulverized me, battering me into submission. I opened my mouth to scream again, and the energy flooded my mouth. It was white-hot, and burned my throat on the way down. It tasted metallic and bitter. I could feel it in my stomach, like acid.

The only thing I could do was curl up in a ball, and wait for it to end.

It was the oddest thing I've ever felt. I was scared, but excited, thrilled. The burning energy touched my skin, my hair, my eyes. It was so cleansing it was almost gratifying. It didn't seem to be harming me, anyway.

I could hear the rush and pulse of the wave, lifting me up and carrying me at a frightening speed. It slowed down suddenly, and the burning to turned to a gentle heat that caressed my skin. I opened my eyes, and I seemed to be suspended in amber liquid, though I wasn't wet. Around me raged the wave, though it never touched me. It was calm and quiet here, like the eye of a hurricane.

I heard a thud then. I froze. The sound was familiar, too much so. I knew this sound, and I heard several more exactly like it. The thuds took on a jagged, staccato beat, rising in speed. It had been ages since I heard this sound, much less from my own chest.

A beating heart.

The heartbeats rose to a crescendo, and I blacked out.