I haven't written much in a while. New story. Well, I'm starting a new story. This is just a preview of it.

It's a crossover because that's what I do best. It's a crossover between NBC's My Own Worst Enemy and Fox's Dark Angel.

I'll get more into the plot when I post the first chapter of the story, which will be soon. Enjoy this preview.

Jack was through off the mat. There was a loud crack when he landed. His rib had finally cracked. His master chuckled, holding up his Bo staff. Henry ran over to his son, helping him onto the bench. Jack whimpered, holding his side.

"Jack…" Max sighed as she ran over to him.

"My ribs…" Jack managed to breathe out.

Max looked up at his master. He was still grinning like a Cheshire cat. He reminded her of someone. She just could put her finger on it. He finally realized she was staring at him and shook his head at her.

Max finally remembered.

He was from the training division in Manticore.

Max felt her blood boil at the thought of Manticore coming into her life again. Brin must have seen it on her screens at the lab because she was trying to calm her down. Max wouldn't let Manticore hurt one of friends again.


"Anyone else wanna challenge me?" The master yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Hey asshole!"

The master turned towards her.

"I'll take you on."

The master grinned again. "Good. 5 minutes."

This is the end of the preview. Hopefully, by the i'm ready to post the entire story, will have a "My Own Worst Enemy" category.