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Rule the World

"You know," Glitch remarked to Azkadellia in one of his more Ambrose-y moments, "if either of them wanted to, they could rule the world."


"DG and the Tin Man." He gestured at the two people across the room currently arguing over the rules of a game the O.Z. called shah mat and DG called chess.

"Rule the world?" Az raised an eyebrow at her newly re-brained friend. "What do you mean?"

"Think about it. Cain's intelligent and driven. He has an iron will, and the only person in the O.Z. who wouldn't eventually give in if he pressed is DG. He's generally likable, loyal, dedicated, and a natural leader." Glitch shrugged. "Certainly kept us together and safe while we were..." His voice trailed off and he glanced apologetically at Azkadellia.

"While you were trying to defeat me?" When he started to shake his head, she smiled wryly. "It's okay. You had no way of knowing I wasn't just me turned evil, and all that matters is that you succeeded."

"Right." There was silence for a few seconds. "Where was I?"

"How Cain could rule the world."

"Oh, right. Well, see, if Cain decided he wanted the job, DG would support him, if only to sit around and steal his hat and make sure he treats the population okay."

"And what if DG chose to attempt a takeover?" Az asked, interested despite herself.

"Are you kidding? I can't think of anyone who can say no to DG for very long. Even the longcoats, who hate her, tell her things they'd never tell anyone else about the strength of the remaining forces. She cares about everyone, isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, and she has the added benefit of being one of those people who can just smile and hug you and make you forget whatever hurts. They'd just hand her the crown!"

"And what would Cain be doing?" Glitch had obviously done a lot of thinking about this, and for the first time she wasn't sure whether he was Glitch or Ambrose.

"Running her army," he replied promptly. "Course, it'd be more like a very, very large force of bodyguards. DG wouldn't hold with using military strength unless it was completely necessary, and then she'd insist on fighting alongside them."

Az laughed at the mental image of her sister going toe to toe with her bodyguard over the matter. "I don't think Cain would like that very much."

"Well, like I said, she's the only one he couldn't intimidate."

"You have a point." They watched the two, who seemed to have finally decided on a set of rules, staring intently at the game board, and then Azkadellia turned to Glitch and said, "Do you think they realize she's going to rule at least the O.Z.?"

"I think they both know, but they won't admit it." He sighed and shook his head. "She doesn't think she deserves to rule and he doesn't want her to be unhappy."

They watched DG cheer over a move and then suddenly stop to glare at Cain as he countered it.

"And once they're ruling? What happens then?"

He knew she didn't just mean in his hypothetical theory.

"Oh, well, then they live happily every after."