Chap. 2

Real life.


I finished eating my eggs and got up to rinse my plate. I saw Gazzy walking up to do the same and I quickly put my plate on top of his and left. I saw the rest of the flock do the same, I laughed. Angel got up to help him rinse all the dishes. Awww.

Like the whole flock thought Awww at the same time. Angel thought to me. I laughed again. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy.

"Max?" Nudge said. "can we go on fanfiction now?"


On the computer

I'm back! I got such a low amount of reveiws with questions and dares and I have no advice column-ish questions. but its okay ^_^ ! so lets start with the questions.

All. the .pretty. corpses sent:

Do you guys have AIM?

Don't you think it would be kind of stupid for us to have one when we could just talk to each other? at least thats what I think.


Will you ever go to regular school again?

Well yeah, I can go to school. but I would Hate it. but The flock could use an education.(a/n I'll write a story like that if you review and say that you want it) well yeah maybe.


OMG school would be so cool! That rhymes! School cool school cool school! is that how you spell it? I love spell check! fajfevnvejvnnqvnavnn

Nudge will not shut up. She won't even stop typing. I had to wrestle the computer away from her.


from bfe 111:

Fang, if you love Max why don't you tell her? I mean, even if she doesn't love you, girls hate it when guys keep things bottled in and we often get the wrong message.

Uhh. can I not answer this its kinda weird and max is reading over my shoulder. Max, go away.

"Make me" she said

"I will"

20 minutes later

I'm back and not answering that question

fly on,


Someone forgot to say who won. Just needed to say that.


Dare for Max
(1.) I dare you to ask Fang if he loves you, and after he answers tell him you love him

uhh okay but just because Angel threatened her mind control.


Real life

Every one was sitting around in the living room.

"hey fang do you love me?"

He got up and left the room.

on the computer.

jSoCcErPuNkJ asked:


well their kind of gray and slightly light red at the tips.


Bye guys!

The Flock ^_^ (a guy with wings)