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A sketchpad filled with drawings of castles, Keyblades, and Heartless was clutched tightly in her hands, the metal binding threatening to come loose. She sat suspended in midair, defying the laws of gravity. A single yellow crayon fell to the floor, the bits and pieces of the tip shattered into indiscernible fragments.

"I just—can't. I can't do this. I can't."

Naminé gazed longingly at the large white pod that was placed in the center of the room, buzzing with energy.

It held an unsuspecting fourteen and a half year old boy with spiky chocolate brown hair, and bright cerulean eyes. He was a strong, courageous fighter, the wielder of a legendary weapon, and a young boy with a powerful heart.

He had been subjected to the Organization's cruel power, his most precious memories had been torn apart and unchained.

And it was all because of her.

Her and her power.

For you see, Naminé was a Nobody. She was unusual in the the one fact that separated her from the other millions of Nobodies: she had the power to manipulate people's memories and affect the hearts of those around them.

Her "heart" became filled with rage as she though of how the Organization had used her to lure Sora into their trap, for him to see her fragile and broken like the coward she was.

"We have our promise, so I can come back to you."

"A promise is a promise."

"One day, it'll be our light, the light that brings us together."

A small...smile crept onto Naminé's face as she remembered that promise.

How long had it been since then? Six months? That was all?

It seems like an eternity.

A harsh, demanding voice cut through her thoughts like a knife cuts through water.

"Naminé, focus!"

Yes, DiZ...she thought silently.

But the image of Sora couldn't vanish from her mind.

The thought of him smiling with pride when he rescued her from Marluxia, the sadness on his face when she told him his feelings for her were a lie.

The pure and sheer joy on his face when he regained his memories of Kairi.

Kairi. Her Somebody.

For a moment, Naminé "felt" jealous of the girl who had possessed Sora's heart. She was his light, part of his very soul.

So wasn't Naminé the same?

Wasn't she, that same girl's Nobody, part of Sora's heart as well?

She ran through all her memories of Castle Oblivion, flinching at the bad ones, and laughing a little at the good.

Then, suddenly, her memory froze on one single moment.

"Don't worry...you'll forget me."

"I'll be in your heart until that time comes."

"Yeah, I know. Forgotten, but not lost."


She wanted him to remember her: how she looked, talked, and laughed.

How she cried, and how she smiled.

But he couldn't.

She could.

She would forever remember him.

Naminé placed her feet on the neon white floor. Her sandals clicked along until she reached her yellow crayon, which magically began to reassemble with the touch of her hand.

She opened her sketchbook to a blank page, sat cross-legged in front of the pod and began to draw.

They would meet again.

And then we can talk about everything.

So let go

Jump in

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It's all right

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