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As James pulled the car into Greg's spot in the hospital lot, he asked, "Are you ready for this?"

With a smirk, "Better question is 'are you ready for this?' I missed the whole part where everyone figured us out. Now I get to have fun!"

James rolled his eyes. "Just don't get either one of us fired okay?"

Faking offense, "Me?"

Getting out of the car, James tried to bring sense to their actions, "First thing is to head to HR to hand in our paperwork."

"Goodie. And the fun begins!"

They had decided to sign paperwork, making their union legal in the state of New Jersey. James remembered the feeling of completeness that washed over him as he'd signed his name on the line. He hadn't felt as good at any of his three weddings. This time, his life was complete; everything was right. Finally he belonged to Greg, and Greg belonged to him. No one could deny their relationship.

With his backpack slung across his shoulder, Greg hobbled off faster than he'd ever moved before, leaving James to jog to catch up with him. They managed to make it thru the lobby without Greg making a scene, but that soon faded when they reached the Human Resources office.

With his voice louder than necessary, "Excuse me. My husband and I need to put our union papers in our files." James flushed as he ran a hand over his face, partly because of the present moment and partly because he knew that this was just the beginning. The stunned look on the secretary's face didn't stop Greg from adding, "We also need to change our address because we just bought an apartment together."

Twenty minutes later, James felt the relief from behind him as they left HR and made their way back to the elevator. When Greg pushed the button for the lobby floor, James raised an eyebrow. With evil amusement on his face Greg asked, "What? We have to keep Cuddy informed. She must know all hospital business!"

"And what business are we informing her of?"

"We're married! Hello?"

"And that qualifies as hospital business?"

With a fling of his hand, "Business, gossip, same thing." The bell dinged and the doors wooshed open before Greg practically sauntered, as much as his cane would allow, into the lobby. James' head was still shaking back and forth as he followed Greg into Cuddy's office. "Dr. Cuddy! My isn't that blouse…oh, sorry…highly inappropriate for a married man to make such a comment." Her jaw dropped slightly as Greg turned to James saying, "Sorry Dear."

Sarcastically, "I'll try to get over it."

Cuddy rose from her chair and walked around her desk asking, "Married?"

"You said to commit."

Still shocked, "You never listen to me!"

"Because you've never been right before. This time you were. Congratulations!"

Turning to James, she asked, "Is he for real?"

Holding up his left hand, as if to prove his point by flashing the golden band, "He bought the rings himself. We signed legal union papers last week."

She walked over and jerked at his hand, yanking it close to her face. "I can't believe it!"

Greg walked over and brushed her hands away, "Believe it. And get your hands off my man!"

Cuddy rolled her eyes. "Congratulations House. It's about time." Then to the younger doctor, "Don't let him abuse you Dr. Wilson. Congratulations." The friendly moment passed as she returned to the chair behind her desk saying, "This will not interfere in your work. You will receive no special privileges because you're…married. If you want vacation together, you need to ask for it well in advance since I will be down two department heads in your absence." Then specifically to Greg, "And you will not embarrass patients with your sexuality."

"We'll be sure to lock the office door if we decide to have sex in James' office." She glared at him from across the room. "Okay, okay. You can watch if you want!" With that, he turned and left, without waiting for a response. James muttered an apology before following his partner out the door.

Once on the elevator James asked, "So, are we done now, or is your team on your torture list too?"

A spark lit in his eyes. "We can't leave them out!" When the elevator came to a stop at their floor, "Come on, walk me to my office." With a wink, he grabbed James' hand and pulled him along beside him.

Still hand in hand, Greg walked into his private office, glancing thru the glass to see his team seated at the table in 'their' part of the office. He dropped his bag on his desk then sat on the corner, yanking James toward him. Just above a whisper, "This is so much fun!"

Keeping his voice hushed, "So what's the plan? Am I supposed to stand here while you ravish me?"

"Really didn't have it all worked out in my head, but that could work."

An idea sparked in his own mind, feeling just a little bit evil. "If I make this good, can we consider this torture session over and go back to just being us?"

A smile spread across his face, "What do you have in mind?"

Greg saw the movement to his right, his team straining to see what was going on and reveled in the wicked plan that was unfolding. Caught slightly off guard, momentarily focused on his team, his cane clattered to the floor as he grabbed for support from James' arms as his partner's lips attacked his. Just as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss though, it was abruptly ended.

With a yank, James pulled him to his feet and nodded toward the door. He reached down for his cane, but the jerk at his arm prevented his movement. He watched as James shook his head before pulling him toward the door. His limp was exaggerated as he followed without his normal support, but the sinful look in his lover's eyes made him not even care.

Doctors, nurses and patients passed by, watching the affair that was unfolding in front of them. As they passed the glass walls of his office, the four pair of eyes from his team followed them down the hall. Greg willingly followed James into his office, and loved the last effect of being forced against the wall still within everyone's sites just before James pushed the door shut.

"Mmm. That was good! I'm brushing off on you!" James tilted his head to the side, in silent agreement. "So now what? Do I stay in here for twenty minutes creating the illusion that we're having a hot make-out session then go back to my office with my hair a muss and my breathing rapid?"

James shrugged slightly. "That, or," he took a step closer, dropping his briefcase to the floor before pressing one leg in between his partners, "we could actually make out and then your hair would really be mussed and your breathing rapid."

"God, I knew there were more reasons why I love you."