Sasuke slumped, almost threw himself on the counter, burying his face in his arms. "Shut up," he muttered. "Just shut up." after a moment he looked up at Kakashi and a faint tint of pink spread across his cheeks. "Kakashi-sensei... wash your face." He said before returning to his previous, defeated slump.

Kakashi tilted his head before he turned to a mirror that was in his living room and he laughed, "Guess I didn't get it all with my tongue..." He muttered to himself before running the water and splashing it on his face. "It was quite good though" He said with a smirk, "Do you want me to make you something to eat Sasuke?" He asked with a smile.

Sasuke's face turned about twelve shades of red as Kakashi referred to his... ejaculate, for lack of a daintier word, as 'quite good', and he was glad for its place in his arms, shielding him from view. He pretended to ignore the comment and moved on to Kakashi's question. "Yes, please..." He murmured, as obviously he was in no shape to cook, but that fact wouldn't change his empty stomach.

Kakashi laughed before he moved around and pouring some simple cereal into a bowl and pulling out the milk, "Now... was that so hard Sasuke?"

Sasuke looks up; his face still stained red and blinked, looking at the simple bowl of cereal. "...I hate you..." The words wouldn't have been serious even if they hadn't been so very shocked... Sasuke wasn't shocked that that was what Kakashi was referring to -rather than some strange form of sexual harassment-, so much as he was a bit appalled he hadn't thought of something so damn simple.

"Sure you do, sure you do..." Kakashi laughed, patting the boy on his head "Now eat up and enjoy your much-labored meal Sasuke."

Sasuke sighed, glaring at the bowl as Kakashi patted him on the head; it was so simple a solution to all of his woes from the last twenty minutes. He grumbled mentally and pulled the bowl closer to himself, munching on its contents. It only took him a few minutes to finish and he ditched the dish in the kitchen sink before exiting the room to find Kakashi again.

Kakashi was standing in the bathroom, though the door wasn't locked (he never did since his only roommate had to be around him 24/7 anyway....) He sighed as he stood in front of the toilet and began to 'unload'. A constant trinkle escaped the toilet as it hit the water.

Sasuke walked up the stairs and looked around Kakashi's room, he paused, not finding the other and plopped down on the bed, assuming he was in the bathroom, or somewhere. And it wasn't like Kakashi would leave him alone for more than ten minutes at a time anyway. He sighed, bitterly thinking of the fact that he couldn't use the bathroom, not for another several hours, most likely, and all thanks to Kakashi's damn hiding his Viagra.

Kakashi returned to the room and smirked mischievously, "So my little uke's waiting on my bed for me?" He said, half jokingly and half seductively, sitting next to Sasuke, slipping an arm around Sasuke's waist.

Sasuke blinked as he was pulled into the jounin's embrace. Then he frowned as the comment sank in. "Your what?" He demanded. Looking up at Kakashi indignantly.

Kakashi rolled his lone eye, "Well you did give it up, saying that 'my ass isn't yours' Sasuke." He said chuckling, giving to boy a quick peck on his cheek, "So you're my little uke~"

Sasuke crossed his arms, showing his displeasure at the nickname, but not really having any way to argue that theory.

"Oh com'on Sasuke" Kakashi said, chuckling. "So, you prefer it in the bedroom?" He teased, a small innuendo in place. The boy really was fun to ease, though he seemed to be quieter about it, their relationship. And, the boy didn't seem to act a lot upon it. He seemed to brood a lot.

Sasuke hated how much he'd been blushing lately, but pink did creep its way, only slightly, to his cheeks as he picked up on the innuendo. And he found himself wishing he had the perverted state of mind to respond to the innuendo intelligently, and, for some reason, sexily. He wasn't sure why, but he found himself wanting to appeal to Kakashi, but he didn't know enough about any of this to do so. So, the teen fell back on his typical answer. "Whatever," he muttered, hoping the colored stain would leave his face. After a moment, he followed the comment up with a brief, chaste kiss, before making himself comfortable against Kakashi's shoulder.

Kakashi smiled at the response and the kiss. He then moved his arm to rub Sasuke's shoulders in a kind, soothing manner. He looked down at the boy, kissing his head slightly, "You know Sasuke, you really are beautiful," He said softly, his voice was a touch of his love, but it wasn't meant as a flirt, just a soft statement.

Sasuke felt a soft smile creep over his lips, he didn't respond verbally, as there wasn't all that much to say. He instead snuggled his face against Kakashi's neck slightly and sighed, enjoying the embrace and the tender words, more than he thought he should've, but… it still made him inexplicably happy.

Kakashi knew that this moment wouldn't last long. The phone began to ring and he sighed. He got up to walk towards the phone, the bed creaking upon his movement.

Sasuke frowned as he was dislodged, and glared at the phone. "Don't," he said, an edge to his tone. "Leave it."

Kakashi stopped, before smirking, "But why ever not Sasuke...?" He asked, tilting his head.

Sasuke frowned. "Because," he said, crossing his arms. The moment may have been gone, but that didn't mean he wanted to sit through another conversation with one of Kakashi's bitter flings. "I said so!" Was, sadly, all he could come up with at the moment, but the slight pout on his face told enough of a story.

Kakashi chuckled, "Well, I suppose you could keep me entertained..." He said as he moved closer to the boy, kissing him passionately on the lips.

Sasuke smirked victoriously against Kakashi's lips, placing a hand on the other's face and pulling him down against the bed with him.

Kakashi pushed his lips against Sasuke's, prying the lips open with his tongue. His hand moved to the small of Sasuke's back and behind the neck. The phone continued to ring but he ignored it, the machine would pick it up soon anyway.

Sasuke leaned into the touch very slightly, tediously sliding his tongue up to meet Kakashi's as it invaded his mouth.

Kakashi ran his tongue along Sasuke's, twisting around it, hearing the automated voice pick up and speak. His mouth massaged Sasuke's while his eyes were closed.

Suddenly, Tsunade's voice barged into the relaxed silence, "GOD DAMMIT!!! PICK UP KAKASHI! I KNOW YOUR HOME!" Her voice suddenly turned cocky, "And I've heard about your new 'relationship' from Iruka... I'll look in on you and your little boyfriend if you don't pick up the GOD DAMN PHONE NOW!" She screamed the endpoint and Kakashi felt shivers up his spine.

Sasuke's eyes grew very wide, very fast. But hey... a word in his defense, how could he possibly have known it would've been Tsunade? Whom, by the sound of it, had neglected to take whatever medications she needed that morning... He broke the kiss and reached for the phone, not wanting Tsunade of all people to find out that Kakashi had chosen someone literally half his age to be in a relationship with. And it wasn't like it was uncommon for Sasuke to pick up Kakashi's phone anyway; he did live with him for pity's sake.

Kakashi muttered, "'Little boyfriend', indeed..." after Sasuke broke the kiss. And well, since the boy was reaching for it anyway he sighed, relaxing back. He knew that his and Sasuke's relationship was unorthodox and that, people that weren't necessary to know shouldn't. Sasuke already had enough people disliking him. The poor boy didn't need anymore.

Sasuke cleared his throat and picked up the phone. "Tsunade-sama?" He asked, his tone as level as he could manage it, as though he hadn't just been swapping spit with his teacher.

Tsunade just sighed, "Sasuke? Where's Kakashi, I need to see both of you in my office at noon." She said, rubbing her temples, "It's concerning you."

Kakashi smiled at the boy and his tone. He knew the boy could act when needed to. He then took the phone from Sasuke, grumbling some low words before hanging up the phone and pinning the boy slightly on the bed. He didn't do it too roughly, and didn't hold the boys hand's for long, "Now... where were we Sasuke...?" He asked rather seductively.

Sasuke grinned a little, tangling his fingers in the mess of white hair above him. "I guess whatever Tsunade wanted wasn't that important, hmm?" He said, bringing his head up, and pressing their lips together.

Kakashi smiled, whispering, "Not as important as you..." and returned the kiss, opening his mouth and wet the boy's lips with his tongue.

Sasuke greeted Kakashi's tongue a bit more enthusiastically this time, growing more comfortable with the feeling. Which wasn't hard to do, once he realized that unlike a particular sannin, Kakashi wasn't going to use his kisses to choke him.

Kakashi twirled his tongue around Sasuke, coaxing it to follow his. He began to move the kiss into his mouth, allowing Sasuke to taste it, to make it seem more than one-sided. He wanted to show Sasuke that he could love, that it wasn't all rape and abuse. He wanted to help heal the boy and he thought this was a good step towards that.

Sasuke's tongue fumbled over Kakashi's, tasting the other with inexperienced curiosity.

Kakashi guided Sasuke with his tongue, caressing it at times. He was teaching the boy and he wanted to. He was helping the boy. He then licked the underside of the boy's tongue softly, sensually, curling his tongue. He opened his eyes slightly, wondering what the boy's face looked like, what his expression would be.

Sasuke released Kakashi's lips as the other pulled back, opening his eyes lazily to look at the other, but completely unaware of how that would contribute to his expression. His lips were moist, plump from kissing, parted ever-so-slightly, his eyes were half-lidded, giving them a hazy, sensual appearance as opposed to how they usually were, sharp. Cold. A shield, blocking passage to a world of uncertainty. The boy looks soft, uncalculating. His hair all a mess, still slightly damp from his shower. Beautiful, sensual... these words seemed an understatement, but what better way was there to describe him? ...Inviting, maybe.

Kakashi observed the wonderful - no, angelic features of his student. He brushed his lips over Sasuke's once more before moving his hand that was on the boy's neck to run his thumb over those plump lips as he smiled softly at the boy.

Sasuke's eyes opened the rest of the way, and he cocked his head slightly at Kakashi. "Something wrong?" He asked.

Kakashi shook his eyes, "Just admiring you Sasuke..." He said softly, cupping the boy's cheek again.

Sasuke blushed slightly. "..." He had greatly wanted to say something, but words failed him at the moment.

Suddenly the alarm clock rang and then Kakashi grabbed a shuriken from between the mattresses and tossed it to the annoying object on the other side of the room before slipping his hand back to its position on the teens back, smiling softly at the boy again.

Sasuke jumped slightly at the loud noise, breaking the easy silence that held them, his hips raised, only by an inch, but enough to bring his and Kakashi's groins into contact. He closed his eyes in frustration, the contact causing him to already become semi-hard. But he forced himself to ignore it, and not indulge his own thoughts, praying it would go away, which he figured it would. Hopefully…

Kakashi resisted groaning from the contact. It did indeed feel nice, but he also knew that the boy had to be careful, "You okay Sasuke?" He asked, running his thumb along the boy's lips repeatedly.

Sasuke blushed a little. "I'm fine," he said, looking away. Having Kakashi have to ask that over something as little as a bump was... embarrassing to say the least.

"No more kissing?" Kakashi teased softly, smiling at the boy.

Sasuke looked back up at Kakashi, having not meant it as a cut-off in the first place.

Kakashi smirked, moving his face close to Sasuke's "Do you like this..." He asked before he gave the boy a quick peck on the lips before butterfly kissed his cheek to earlobe. Kakashi then began to suck on the boy's lobe before moving up, "Oops... Sorry Forgot..." he said innocently, chuckling a soft yet slightly embarrassed laughed.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed, his face turning a slight red as he felt his groin heat up a little more. Kakashi was not helping his situation.

Kakashi rolled off the boy, laying beside him and snaked his hand at the boy's back so it was curved around the boy's waist and pulled their hips closer, so that their sides touched.

Sasuke turned on his side, curling up slightly against the other. He let out a small sigh, trying to calm his body.

Kakashi smiled and it turned, settling his other arm around the boy's waist. He let their foreheads touch before giving the boy a chaste kiss on the lips smiling softly, "You're so cute Sasuke."

Sasuke blushed a little, shifting his weight slightly and wishing Kakashi would be content to lie still for a while, he didn't think there would be any salvaging the situation if the jounin continued to kiss him, especially if he kept moving from Sasuke's lips to other, more sensitive places. "Stop, Kakashi-sensei..." He muttered weakly.

"Ohhh...?" Kakashi said, smiling, before wondering why the boy asked him to stop and he almost laughed, smirking. "Ahh...' he said with acknowledgement, "Sasuke..." he breathed out, "You really don't know how sexy it is to hear that you're turned on by me... Just try to imagine me say- errr never mind. Forget what I said," He said, laughing embarrassedly again.

Sasuke blushed more. "I'm not trying to be sexy Kakashi-sensei, I'm serious!" He said, ducking his head down slightly as a way to avert Kakashi's gaze.

"It can't be helped Sasuke..." Kakashi said, "My thought pattern isn't exactly civilized after months of abstinence" he sighed.

Sasuke looked up at Kakashi with a sort of 'what the fuck, TMI!' look on his face before blushing, he already knew that, he supposed. As he'd been living with the man. He lowered his head again and froze as his mind wandered, and conjured a series of erotic images as it did so. Not the least of which was Kakashi naked below him, of all things. His face turned a bright shade of red and he sat up, snatching a tissue from Kakashi's bedside table, holding it over his nose to cease the blood-flow.

Kakashi chuckled at the boy's response, "My, my, what a perverted student I have here..." He said, smirking, "Well... do you want a Tylenol for that 'headache' Sasuke?" He asked, chuckling further at his joke.

Sasuke turned and glared at Kakashi. "I'm not a pervert!" He snapped. "And look who's talking!" He tossed the tissue in the trashcan before flopping back down in his spot. He sighed after a moment, it really was his fault. Kakashi'd been cut off from his 'social life' because he was forced to baby-sit Sasuke, as Iruka had put it so kindly. Well... there was really only one way to make it up to him, Sasuke supposed. And it wouldn't be... so bad, he was sure. Sasuke hadn't once had a pleasant experience with sex, but he was hoping that it was a matter of the people he'd encountered, because the hype had to have some rationality. And... now was as good as anytime to find out. If he was going to place his trust in Kakashi, he was going to have to give one-hundred percent; there was no point in half-trusts and shake-able faiths. Or... perhaps it was just his past reasoning for him. That sex was, apparently, the price on just about everything. Particularly relationships. "I'm sorry, Kakashi-sensei," He muttered, and turned over to face the other. He placed a slow kiss on Kakashi's lips and didn't move but a centimeter back when he parted them, so that his lips brushed against Kakashi's as he continued. "I can make it up to you..." his voice was low, sensual, and more lust-filled and tempting than he'd really intended it to be. That may-or-may not have been creditable to the fact that he, himself was not only doped up, but aroused.

Kakashi laughed at the boy's reaction, "So what if I read porn? What all that matters is the mindset. Teens in particular..." He said, before droning off and hearing the boy's apology. He was about to respond, but Sasuke's lips stopped him. He was about to wonder what the boy was up to before he blinked, "Sasuke... we talked about this before..." He said lowly and carefully. He really didn't want Sasuke to relive the memories more than he already did. Kakashi didn't feel he had the right.

Sasuke frowned. He knew Kakashi cared for him... but he didn't understand. He was rejecting him. Sasuke wasn't used to selfless acts involving sex. In his past endeavors, he'd never even had an option, none-the-less offered. And yet here he was, ready to give himself to Kakashi to make up for depriving him, and the jounin said 'no'? Really, it made no sense. "But it's my fault," Sasuke insisted. "If I hadn't run off… you never would've been stuck with me." The teen muttered. "And even though you have... you still treat me better than anyone else… I-I don't mind, Kakashi-sensei, really…" Sasuke wasn't sure quite why it hurt him deep down to think of the other citizens of Konoha, and how much they looked down on him for his choices. He knew it wouldn't be easy to return, he knew there'd be animosity, hard feelings. Why wouldn't there? He'd left them after all, betrayed them. He knew how that felt. But still... he'd done what he had to... right?

Kakashi put his hand on Sasuke's face, "Do you really want it to start off this way Sasuke..." He said rather rhetorically. He was only trying to show common sense to the boy, teach him that he didn't have to, "Sasuke..." He breathed out, kissing the boy's lips lightly.

Sasuke felt a slight twinge in his heart, that seemed somewhere between grateful and stung. On one hand, the teen couldn't figure out why, after all the talking Kakashi had done about his sex appeal, he couldn't entice him. He'd been appealing enough to those he didn't want. So why not Kakashi, who was sex-deprived in the first place? But the other side of him told him that all of that was completely ridiculous and, as much as Kakashi may have wanted him, the man was showing restraint. Which Sasuke should be grateful for, after all, a certain someone hadn't, and he'd ended up bitter, betrayed, and unable to walk for two days. On top of that, Kakashi was protecting him, and trying to build a relationship with him that stretched beyond intercourse and all the hurt it brought. Just one more reason to be grateful to the jounin, even if his body was screaming at him for attention from the other. "No..." Sasuke admitted, lowering his head. It was probably better this way anyway, even if the whole thing was his fault, Sasuke wasn't sure enough of himself to say he'd be able to go through with it entirely, and he wasn't about to get Kakashi all hot and bothered and then leave him hanging. Or worse, give him reason to take Sasuke by force.

Kakashi smiled, "That's it" he said softly, pressing his lips against Sasuke's softly. "Though... I doubt this position is doing anything for you so...' Kakashi said moving, but he accidentally moved the wrong way, grinding his mid-section against Sasuke's bulge, resisting groaning. 'Why does it always have to feel so good?!' he told himself in his mind.

Sasuke bit his lip, trying to hold in a moan, which he did mostly successfully, but unfortunately, it came out as more of a small whimper. "Dammit, Kakashi-sensei!" He snapped, biting his lip a bit harder as his erection throbbed.

"Fuck, sorry Sasuke!" Kakashi tried again, but, in order to move back, he had to cause the friction again, groaning frustrated as he did.

Sasuke let out another whimper, holding in his groans the best he could, he glared at his sensei. "Just. Stop. Moving already!" He snapped, his frustration getting the better of him.

Kakashi sighed, stopping. He knew that his groin was hardening and his thoughts began to travel to placed that he preferred they not. Sasuke really needed to get off of him. The boy's body was too damn sexy for its own good. Kakashi's eyes closed as he pictured Sasuke not that long ago, moaning under his touch, making him harden further. This boy really needed to get off.

Sasuke paused for a moment, moving to get off of Kakashi, but his groin throbbed with the effort. With any contact, really. He slid off the other with much effort and lay on his side, beside Kakashi.

Kakashi leaned his back against the headboard, groaning slightly. How his member was throbbing to tell him to do otherwise. This really was going to be quite troublesome.