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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Bloodlust

IV: Evolution, Part I

The Ropes End is a popular Goth Club located in Downtown Tokyo-3. Not only does it serve as a gathering place for the small gothic population of the city but also for the small population of Vampires that live in the city… Vampires that have no wish to be found by mortals. Many of these Vampires have their own "cattle"… Goths who know who they are and willingly give them their life's blood to sustain their existence. A few do it for other reasons, feeling pleasure from the act as does a certain NERV technician.

While Vampires themselves tend to be territorial, here is neutral ground. But there is one Vampire in the city who does not care about any tenuous peace and simply wants them out of her city. A few nights ago, she paid them a visit and told them to get out of town but they simply laughed her off. Tonight, there would be a reckoning.

As the night wound on, the Vampires became more comfortable, thinking nothing of the events of a few nights ago when a small blue haired Vampire threatened all of them with doom. With Tristania playing on the speakers, they indulged in Gothic blood and trancy lyrics…

In decadence, I take thee by the hand

Too frail… to gain the promised land

Too frail… to take your pain away

Too frail… a sequel of decay

As the first of what promised to be many songs of the night faded out, a shout of pain echoed from the back causing the nine other Vampires in the room to turn. And there they saw her.

Rei's eyes were glowing red, voicing her displeasure. She was dressed in the same outfit she wore that night she was first there; black leather top, corset on the outside, slim black skirt with a slit up the left side, knee high boots and sterling silver jewelry. The few differences were in the accessories, instead of the cloth arm warmers, she wore heavy harden leather arm guards with metal platted backing, her knee high boots were partially armored as well over the toe, ankle and knee. No trench coat this time either, but she carried two sheathed wakazashis and something closer to a Daikatana across her back. The sheathes on all weapons were black lacquered wood and looked expensive.

They saw one of their friends looking down at his chest dumbfounded at the wooden steak that was protruding through it. He was stabbed from behind. Before the others could react, Rei grabbed one of her wakazashi and drew it. In the same motion she cut across the impailed vampires neck, severing his head from his body in one clean stroke. As the head fell and the body began to follow, it all quickly turned to ash and a few blackened bones. The sound created by the quickly disintegrating undead was like a heavy exhalation punctuated by the sound of the wooden steak hitting the hard dance floor. Her blade now exposed was black carbon steel with a blood red edge.

"You were warned," was all she said as she drew the second blade and leaped at the next vampire. So stunned was the target that he barely managed to move as Rei drove her feet into his hips and before kicking off, cross slashed with both blades across his throat. Her kick-off pushed her into a back flip just as the target was turning to dust. The exhilaration began to run though her veins like wildfire, kicking her neglected undead adrenal gland in to high gear.

But before the second target even fully disintegrated she launched into another forward leap, inverting as she went into a side spin taking two more heads at the apex of her jump. The remaining six finally got themselves moving drawing weapons and taking more defensible positions. But with three dusted in just over as many seconds, their morale was shaken.

Gunshots rang out in the club causing a mass panic as those not of the undead persuasion began to flee the club. Rei threw herself into another charge heading for the one at point ducking the bullets and lashing out across his stomach with her right handed blade. He dropped his gun and buckled over as his undead guts almost spilled out onto the dance floor. But as he leaned down to protect himself, Rei continued her spin like a dancer and slashed upwards with her left handed blade taking his head off.

In the same spin she angled back dodging another volley of bullets then side flipped over another vampire. At her apex she again lashed outwards with her blades taking another head. As she landed she slashed upwards taking the hand off of a vampire wielding a machine gun before cutting him in half and taking his head as his upper body began to fall. The dismembered pieces began to discorporate into ash as she threw both her blades at two attempting to reload their machine guns. With wakazashis stuck in their throats causing intense pain, this task was abandoned.

Drawing her Daikatana as she rushed forward, her focus was locked on the only other armed target, who responded by lashing out with a blade of his own as she closed. Rei ducked under it and rammed into the guy without breaking her charge until after impact, then knocked the blade from his hands with a quick spinning strike. He tried to draw another weapon but Rei had managed to pin him to the wall with her blade. He suddenly found his neck ripped opened as she jumped on him and began to feed.

One of the throat-impaled vampires managed to get the blade out of his throat and dropped it to the floor. He held his throat and looked back at the other vampire only to see Rei latched on to him and draining him. As the last drops of blood were taken Rei turned back towards her other targets and ripped the Daikatana out of her meal. The addition of blood running from her mouth and down her exposed neckline only made her look even more feral. Unlike the decapitated bodies, the one she ate hit the ground and shriveled up like a mummy.

The target holding his throat backed off and watched as Rei re-sheathed her Diakatana. As she passed the other one she stabbed though the throat she ripped the blade out of his neck, severing his spinal cord and killing him as well. This last target had a look on his face that exemplified the fact that he was the last one, and death was stalking him.

"You," she hissed. "You are the lucky one. You get the spread the word. Only me and my sire are allowed in this city. If I catch any other lowlife Vampire crawling around here, they suffer the same fate as these nine. Understand?"

Unable to talk the Vampire nodded vigorously.

"Get out. Get the word out. If I see you in my city after tonight … kiss your undead ass goodbye."

Wisely, he left.

There was silence at first then the sounds of a single person clapping. She turned to see her Sire walking onto the dance floor where she dispatched her targets.

"Impressive… impressive…" he said. "You'll make many enemies with that attitude, but I'm confident you can take care of yourself."

Rei smiled and began to reach down for her other Wakazashi and noticed it started rocking back and forth quickly. She stopped then reached out for it again and it flew up into her hand. Surprised, she almost dropped it.

"Interesting," her Sire said softly. "Telekenesis… only very strong vampires are supposed to be able to attain that caliber of ability. And even then they do so only though magic."

Rei was about to question this when her hearing picked up the sound of approaching sirens.

"We must go," she said. On her way out, she cut off the mummy's head, dusting him as well.

The Next Day

For the last hour, Maya was staring at her phone… finally after all her deliberation, she picked it up and dialed a number.

It rang twice… then a voice came over the line.


"Uncle Suoji? Its me."

"Ah, my beautiful niece. It has been a while. I was beginning to think you forgot about your family."

"Sorry, I've been out of touch for so long." Maya felt her cheeks turning a little red from personal embarrassment.

"It is quite alright. I get the feeling that this is not a social call though."

"Sort of is, but mainly not. I was wondering about my Grandfather."


"Uncle… I know he was into something big, more than any antiques dealer would normally be into. I have to know." She bit her lip and waited. A few seconds later, her uncle finally responded.

"You found the box he left you."


"And you opened it?"

Maya held her breath for a second before she responded, "Yes." Her voice a little quieter, as if someone could be listening.

"I guess there is no avoiding this then. Are you still living in that little apartment in Tokyo-3?"


"I'll be there shortly. Do you have any green tea by the way?"

"Of course."

"Good. See you soon."


1 Hour Later

Maya was dressed in one of her nicer dresses, a blue sundress that reached her knees. It has been a while since she had family over so she wasn't sure how to handle it. She'd never been that close to her family but she was close to Hirotomi Ibuki, the Grandfather in question.

Her doorbell rang and she was right there to answer it. She didn't want to keep him waiting. When the door opened, she gasped in surprise. Apparently he decided to come prepared…

He stood at the door wearing a long black trenchcoat with midnight blue trim, a wide brimmed hat, similarly designed, and black gloves covering his hands. What little of the pants she could see appeared to be some form of military fatigue though all black and tucked into his boots military style. His boots were also completely black with metal shields over the outside of the toes, heals and back. He looked like he was ready for urban warfare though the hat was an interesting choice. She's not sure she would have gone that way.

Wasting no time, she invited him in.

"Thank you Maya," he said and removed his hat as he walked in. Reaching down, he pulled a pair of hidden zippers on his boots and slipped out of them, observing the traditions of the house. Then he stepped forward and gave her a hug.

Maya basked in it for a moment. It was the first really friendly, welcoming gesture she'd received in a while… and the first bit of true comfort since the incident. Thinking about that caused her to shiver.

"Are you alright Maya? You're trembling."

"No," she said truthfully. "I'm not alright. I don't know how this is going to sound but since you knew about grandfather's side job… I have to assume it won't sound that far out in left field. About four days ago… I was attacked by a Vampire in NERV."

Her uncle's face took a serious turn when she said that.

"Problem is… I don't remember it…." Her voice trailed.

Her uncle reached into his coat and pulled out a small white object that appeared round. He then gently took her hand and placed it into it, pressing it down slightly.

"Does this burn?"

"No," she replied calmly. He nodded and put it away.

"Then you are lucky. The Vampire did not baptize you with his blood."

"That is a relief!" she said cheerfully. "But I've had nightmares ever since then… nightmares about being attacked and drained to death." She decided to leave out the part where she enjoyed it for the most part. "I always wake up at the same time too."

"3:16 in the morning?" he asked.

Maya looked at him shocked. "How did you know that?"

"Revelations 3:16; So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot: I would spue thee out of my mouth."

"I don't understand," she replied.

"You will soon enough, come."

A few minutes later, with hot green tea in their hands, her Grandfather told her the tale.

"Our order is ancient… said to have its roots in biblical times and of all places, Asia Minor. The eldest of the order were members of the Church of Laodicea… Laodicea was a Roman Province established before the changeover between BC and AD, before Christ, if your Christian.

"After the book of Revelations was written, several members of the Church of the Laodicea were quite irate. As it was written though… it was true. Neither hot nor cold but lukewarm. What that really meant was the church was neither zealous nor completely lax. So a small collective calling themselves the Ordo Exterminatus began a purge, trying to remove any taints of corruption or insincerity.

"History never documented the purge because most historians believed it was the work of barbarian tribes. Their brutality was beyond measure, beyond reason and beyond quenching. Eventually they began to calm down but it took several hundred years. They needed a new target otherwise they would simply disappear from lack of need.

"It was around that time that members began to search out other forms of corruption beyond the boundaries of the church and the citizenry. Eventually they began to hunt one of the most ancient forms of the supernatural… werewolves. Again however, the zealotry was too great, and innocent Shamans from peaceful civilizations fell to their silvered weaponry and their torture. It wasn't until during the crusades that the Ordo Exterminatus was itself purged out. Though a few of the less zealous surviving members did manage to live though it and pass on the knowledge the order had managed to attain.

"Quietly, during the dark hours of the night, new recruits would be inducted into the order but its name changed to reflect this. Calling themselves Night Hunters, they continued where the Ordo Exterminatus left off, searching out corruption and the supernatural. However they learned their previous lessons and calmed down quite a bit. Everything was much more organized. But even this group was not meant to last forever. One member remained after the turn of the millennium and he kept the secrets passed though the first born of his family, be it male or female.

"Then came the rise of Count Vlad Tepes Dracula. His evil was great, and he spawned many more of his kind during is reign of terror. In time the world had a new menace to deal with… one we now call Vampires. The last herald of the Night Hunters found 8 people whom he could trust and trained them in the ways. They met always at Midnight and their rituals and meetings always took 3 hours and 16 minutes to finish. It was about this time that they renamed their team, The Midnight Order. Which is what we are known by today by the few who know of us.

"Since then the order has existed in this form. New members are trained all the time… but only the best become members of the order… and fewer still are… initiated."

"What do you mean by initiated?"

Her uncle smiled. "Something for another time I'm afraid. After you have made your decision."

Maya became nervous at that thought. "What decision?"

"You have the potential Maya, whether you see it in yourself or not. It lies below the surface in your very soul… beneath the fear, beneath the doubt there is the heart of a true hunter. One that can tell good from evil, right from wrong, one who can judge not just on the basis of appearance but on the weight of their deeds. Someone we need in The Midnight Order. So the choice is to endure and ignore the calling, or embrace it… as your Grandfather did before you."

Maya thought about it, looking fearful… she was about to say something when her uncle broke the silence.

"Well, you know how to contact me. I must go now. Take your time and let me know of your decision."

POV Switch: 3rd Person

Deep within Terminal Dogma, the great reservoir of Rei Clones was once again alive with activity. Rei had managed to push part of her essence into the holding pen for her soulless sisters, her manipulations were complete. Or so it seemed… The Vampire clone floated merrily within the LCL, giggling along with her sisters and nothing out of the ordinary seemed to be happening.

Suddenly in the gloom she stopped giggling and only smiled sadistically. Her fangs extended and her eyes glowed red. The nearest clone to her suddenly found herself in the clutches of the Vampire yet continued to giggle as if nothing was wrong… right up until the moment it was held from behind and bit into by her Vampire sister. Then her face suddenly became fearful, eyes widened in shock as the initial piercing pain struck the right side of her neck. If anyone had seen the creation of the first of the Vampire clones, that look would have been eerily familiar… the same look was on the Vampire's face after she gave herself a fatal wound before transforming.

Then her eyes rolled back into her head as her body shook with ecstasy. Fear and pain were gone, replaced only be joy and lust. As the Vampire sister continued to drain her body, the mindless clone writhed out of pure instinct and animalistic passion. The Vampire sister indulged her by running her right hand down the sister's frame, tracing the gentle curves of her body. As her entire being shuddered more from the continued attention, she traced her fingers downward, eventually stretching across her most sacred place, her thin middle finger sliding easily in the slick LCL along the glistening slit. Her left hand fell upon the clone's left breast, gently tracing and teasing every sensitive spot she could locate.

Despite the loss of bodily heat retention from the drained blood, the LCL felt hotter and hotter to the victimized clone, increasing her physical sensitivity rather than allowing the nerve endings to dull. As the clone began to orgasm, the left hand of the Vampire Sister left her breast and she found the wrist before her. On instinct rather than vampiric impulse, she bit into it hard enough to draw blood as her orgasm hit its absolute peak. Vampiric blood leaked into her mouth as she expired from blood loss, instantly beginning the reanimation process.

Just as quickly, the clone was pulled away from the wrist. The newly created vampire writhed in a mix of agony and ecstasy as she was turned around. The older vampire cut herself just above her left nipple forcing the clone onto the breast. She wasted no time in beginning to suck for all she was worth bringing pleasure to her sister at the same time she was receiving what she needed to complete the unholy transformation.

The aggressor guided the other's hand down to her own apex and she complied in kind. Within minutes, the frantic draining combined with equally frantic and seemingly unguided finger work brought the original over the edge as the newly turned clone slowed her drinking and passed out, releasing her sister's now sore breast. The Vampiric clone breathed a sigh of relief as she floated in the darkest part of the reservoir with her newly turned toy. Just before the newly turned clone's eyes closed, one could almost see a flash of unnatural intelligence…

Thousands of Miles Away

Around the time of the Jet Alone incident, the Second Child was preparing her supplies and her collection of stuff for her trip to Japan. In her mind, it was about time she was called. She had heard that 3 attacking angels had already been defeated by an inferior pilot. It was time she had her chance in the spotlight. She knew she was the best, and she knew her time was coming.

Tonight however, she would have some fun. Dressed in a pair of jean shorts and a tube top, she left her modest apartment and headed for downtown Berlin.

She spent several hours bouncing between various clubs before getting bored around 4 in the morning. On her way back to her apartment, she sensed she was being followed. Inwardly she smiled… whoever it was, they had no idea what they were in for if they messed with her.

She decided to coax her pursuers, by talking a 'shortcut' through an alleyway. They didn't disappoint her.

"Hey little girl, where you going so late in the evening?"

"Home," she said. "What do you want?"

"Well since you're here, we thought we'd have a bit of fun first." She heard a few chuckles and knew what they were talking about. As if she needed to a reason to kill ignorant men… She decided to make a good show of it though and escaped into the maze like back allies she knew where there. They pursued her like rabid animals making noises like them to boot. She was going to enjoy this!

Eventually she found herself 'caught' in a dead end, and turned to face her attackers. She couldn't help but smile at them.

"Why you playing hard to get little girl," the leader said. He was an enormous man with a long chain wrapped around his right arm and dressed in black leather.

"Just he thrill of the chase," she said. The lack of fear from her seemed to take him back. "Of course, this chase was a bit reversed."

"How do you figure," he growled becoming impatient.

"Because in a few moments you'll all be dog food," she growled out as her eyes shifted towards and animalistic red.

"What the hell?!" he exclaimed as her canine teeth extended followed and her face seeming to lengthen. Her entire body grew almost 3 feet in a matter of seconds, sprouting red fur as fiery as her own hair. The sounds of bones cracking and realigning reverberated though the alley as she growled her challenge. Her legs shifted, her shoes already removed before the transformation even began. Her muscles began to grow as well making for an athletic and toned body.

The moment the transformation ended, she pounced on the leader. The other members were frozen in horror as she bit his head off in one chomp. Fight or flight instincts took over and they decided fight was the better option, at least at the moment. Knives were drawn, pipes held up and chains twirled. There must have been at least 15 punks here and they were not backing down, even after the monstrous display before them.

Asuka roared her challenge… her fangs dripped fresh blood as she stalked towards the next nearest target. He charged her slamming her with a heavy lead pipe. She caught it and raked across his body with her claws, splitting his chest open. The rest rushed in with their various weapons hoping to cause enough damage to take her down, but they lasted just as long. Claws slashed, chains spun, knives sliced and teeth bit flesh. The harder they tried to fight, the stronger this monster seemed to become.

They were being torn apart… limbs flew into solid walls missing their owners, blood spilled in torrents, bones snapped and shattered… The injuries inflicted on this she/wolf seemed to be a momentary distractions at the most as she bit, tore and dismembered each of her assailants in kind. There was no mercy… no quarter given… none was expected… just a berserk frenzy and a bloodlust rivaled only by the most vicious of Vampires. She tore one in half over her head and showered herself in its blood. Another she completely dismembered, throwing the body parts at his comrades. Eventually the sickening display of gore shattered the morale of her enemies and they tried to escape.

That was when she started having fun. Asuka did not escape down this alleyway, she chose it specifically for how confusing and nearly impossible to navigate it is if you don't know it well. This was especially true if you were running for your life. She chased them down one by one taking them down and forcing them to scream before she killed them. Sniffing the air she smelled their fear and tracked them down. No matter where they would try to hide, she would find them. Finally, only one remained…

She tracked him all the way back to the beginning of the alley system… and he was making a break for it. She ran full speed after him, and he had no chance of escape. She threw him back into the alley and pounced on him, sinking her teeth into his flesh. His screams echoed though the alleyways….

With all the noise one would assume someone would have heard something. Asuka however was smarter than that. This part of Berlin was abandoned, now only hobos and other vagrants would inhabit here, and none of them would talk about what they saw… who would believe them anyway?

She fed on him until he finally died then left the rest to rot. Asuka only liked eating meat that was still moving. Running though the alley, she made sure that none of the punks were alive and all were accounted for. Satisfied, she began to relax returning to human form slowly. Her skin was bloodstained and her cloths were ruined. Heading back to where the violence started, she retrieved her sneakers then entered a nearby door she had the key for.

Inside was a boiler room with an industrial wash bin. Stripping herself naked, she washed the blood off of her toned body, it was a body she was proud off. She had filled out quite nicely over the past year, even her werewolf form kept much of the physique. After washing herself down to remove all the blood she pulled open a cabinet and found a duffel bag.

Asuka had got into this routine months ago. She'd find a nice abandoned area with a high crime rate, especially if it was crimes against women, stake the place out during the day and find a place she could set up ahead of time that had what she needed. A suitable playground, wash facilities, a place to stash a spare clothing set, and a place to destroy the evidence.

Opening up the duffle, she found her spare set of clothing. Her yellow sundress, red shoes and new panties. She stuffed the bloodstained items and her old sneakers into the duffle bag then walked over the boiler. The machine still used a coal burning furnace to power it. Opening the side door, she stepped away from the blast of heat that escaped and threw the duffle into it as hard as she could. She retained a small amount of her were wolf strength in her human form so she was able to easily get it into the hottest part of the fire.

"Now for the bodies," she whispered. She went back to the cabinet and retrieved the only other item she stashed… a small purse. Carefully exiting the back door so she wouldn't step in any blood, she found a good sized dry spot and opened the purse. Inside was a rawhide pouch containing a special powder. She retrieved the pouch and closed the purse, slinging it over her shoulder. Then she opened the pouch and held a hand over the opening. She whispered a few words in an ancient tongue and the powder turned blood red.

Taking a moment to observe the rampage she smiled at her handiwork then began to toss about small amount of the powder. As it hit the bodies, they became enveloped in blue flame that burned them away to ash in a matter of seconds. The flames harmed nothing else except the bodies and their clothing. Blood pools instantly dried up leaving nothing behind. She proceeded though the alleyways, destroying every dismembered body she found in purifying flame.

That Asuka was not a normal werewolf was obvious. What wasn't was her mastery of Shamanistic and Druidic magic. Asuka was bitten when she was very young, and her guardian Kaji knew exactly what needed to be done. Kaji being a well connected individual had friends in the supernatural community, including a Germanic Werewolf Tribe and knew who to talk to. Asuka was taught everything she needed to know at a young age… and during that time, she took an interest in the mystical arts. By the time she turned 12, she was able to control her Lycanthropy flawlessly, and she knew almost as much as the Hierophants and High Shaman of the tribe. All were skills she would put to good use. Their teaching also instilled within her a strong sense of justice… they made her face her fears, face her inner demons, and conquer them all.

Never would she be a slave to her past… never. Though her mother's death will haunt her forever, she had gained the strength to move on. While the benefits of this were obvious, some took time to fully manifest.

The training made her even better at piloting EVA, achieving ever higher sync scores as time went on. Although this instilled within her a feeling of confidence, it also made her arrogant. She desired to live on the edge, desperately searching for life or death situations to get herself into and out of, if only to push the envelope. But for all that arrogance, she knew there were forces beyond her control in the world. In time she would seek to master them all but for now, she was content in to remain as she was.

Her deed now done, she put what was left of the powder away as the magic began to fade from it. With her canine senses, she was able to find every last drop of blood and scrap of flesh. Nothing remained except a few scattered improvised weapons. Satisfied, she headed home as the first rays of the sun began to peek over the clouds beyond the city's edge. By the time she got back into midtown, she could easily slip back into the crowd and no one would be the wiser… except perhaps Kaji… he always knew for some reason.

Back in Japan

As yet another night fell over the city, Rei was back at her usual spot, perched on the back of a chair. The cold air filtered though the window and spread itself around her, but she didn't feel it… even when she was alive she never felt it.

She had her own things to worry about, mainly the changes in herself. She had managed to infest a clone though distance and blood… now she could feel her clone's mind awakening, speaking to her though some telepathic link. The clone was leaching some of her intelligence from her, gaining a mind of her own yet still irrevocably linked to her. But the stranger part… now there were two. This she didn't count on.

When her Sire arrived she instantly spoke up.

"Things are getting even stranger for me Master."

"How so my young apprentice?" he replied. Rei was used to being called this now.

"My senses are becoming even sharper… bordering on Precognition. I can almost see what is going to happen next. My sisters in the well are slowly beginning to awaken."

He smiled. "Then you are ready," he said. "There is but one more lesson I can teach you, then you training is complete."

"What lesson is that?"

"The existence of magic."

Rei doubted such a thing existed. Never-the-less, her master obviously believed in it, and there were now to many things she couldn't logically analyze. "You mentioned it just shy of a month ago," she replied. "I have difficulty with the concept."

He chuckled at her comment. "So much to learn yet I can not teach you everything. Magic is very real, and also quite varied. Before technology became rampant, such power was not so strange. Each of the three sentient races of the world had access to two such forms of magic.

"Humans commanded Arcane Magic and Santeria, the magics of Science and God respectively. While Arcane Magic was driven by intense study of alchemical and mystical formulae, Santeria was driven by Faith and religious teaching… far more dogmatic then even the normal Christian rituals."

"The Werewolves have their own magics as well, Druidic and Shamanistic. Druidic magic relies on the balance of nature, and gets its power from the same source as Shamanistic Magic for the most part. The difference is Druidic focuses more on the environment and balance while Shamanism focuses on controlling the 4 primary elements to create the effect or empower the user."

"Then there is us," Rei interrupted. "So what power do we possess." The concepts seemed simply and intriguing, though she knew that to understand their deeper complexities would take much effort and time. If these were powers she could use to the benefit of her scenario however… I must gain this power…

Her Sire grinned and an unnatural sparkle seemed to appear in his eye. "We control the powers of Thaumaturgy and Necromancy. You have already practiced a bit of Thaumaturgy yourself when you turned one of your own clones from such a distance and so you know what it is already."

"Blood magic," she whispered. "How suiting."

"The other is also quite suiting of us. Necromancy is a form of magic that is similar in many ways to Arcane but is much more narrow in focus, and as such may be more powerful depending on who you talk to. Necromantic power allows you to speak with the dead, get information from bodies and bones… or animate corpses to do your biding. Ever wonder where the stories about Ghouls, Zombies and the Boogeyman came from?"

"So... not just old wives tales after all."

"Old wives had a tendency to know what they were talking about," he replied dryly. "And if what you have told me about your progress with your clones is true, then you have exercised some control over Necromancy as well. You have imbued at least one clone with a measure of sentience. Technically, without a soul, they were dead even before you turned the first one."

"But how is this possible? How is it that I have come to know how to do these things?"

"I've been thinking about that," he began, "and I think I know why you are able to command magic so easily. It is because of your Angelic side."

"My Angel half?" Ever since Rei was turned she wondered how someone with her unique genetic pattern would differ from the norm… she was finding out.

"Yes. The Angels have an immense amount of power behind them. As a result they must have magic of their own. Despite the fact that they are called Angels, I do not believe they are divine beings as we understand them. Never-the-less, even if the dogma is wrong, I have little doubt that they are part of the source of the divine energy inherent in Santeria."

"It is a lot to think about. But since I am undead, it would make sense as to why I don't use Santeria myself."

"I don't know about that." Rei wondered what he was talking about. "Let me explain… You told me that your senses were becoming sharper, clearer, almost bordering on precognition?"

Rei nodded, wondering where he was going with this. She still didn't really understand the nature of magic.

"Well Precognition is a form of Divination. Divination is a type of Arcane Magic but its more prevalent in Santeria… while almost non existent in any Vampire disciplines."

Rei thought about that. This means that despite my status as an undead being… I can command my angelic power still?

"Can you do me a favor?" she asked.

"What does my apprentice desire?"

"I need books on the Vampire Disciplines. Can you get me some?"

He smiled at her. "I thought you'd never ask." He checked his watch. "I can arrange a flight out to Transylvania during the afternoon and be back in Tokyo-3 in, say… 5 days."

"Thank you." Rei could feel the excitement building in her. More tools at my disposal… this will make job even easier than I could have imagined.

"So can I ask what you plan to do while I'm gone?"

Rei smiled. "First thing's first. I'm still working on getting Shinji some courage. Perhaps I will have a chance to become one with him soon."

"Do you plan to turn him? That would certainly ruin Gendo's plans."

"I…" Rei felt a hollow feeling in her chest. Shinji was the most important thing to her, but could she damn him for all eternity as a vampire? Could she live without him if she didn't turn him? What if… Rei's mind was doing cartwheels in her skull...

She wanted to drink his blood, this was not in contention, she would do it eventually. But she never thought further than that. She loved him, as much as an undead creature could love a living being… and she certainly didn't want anything to happen to him. She could spend eternity with him, and that wouldn't be so bad… but would he even want to turn?

"I… don't… know…" was all she could reply.

"He would be better off as one of us," her Sire said levelly.

"I know that but…."

"Well, you don't have to choose just yet," he said, stopping her from racking her brain completely. We will discuss this more when I return.

"So do I still have to call you Master? Or Sire?"

He smiled at her. "No. You have learned all you can from me. I will provide you with more tools but I am your Master no more. You are my equal… my friend… my ally."

"So what do I call you now?"

He smiled at her. "Kenjiro."

End of Chapter IV

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