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Summary: Shielding people sometimes isn't the best idea. Sometimes it leads to ignorance. Sometimes it can cost a life.

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Let the Madness Begin…

Director Jenny Shepard stood at the edge a stairwell overlooking the antics of Gibbs' team in his absence. Something she was thankful for everyday, the fact that while Gibbs refused to live beyond work they were able to maintain normal and healt— well normal lives.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a rubber band that went flying by her head missing by mere inches. Any thoughts of the team in front of her being normal vanished as DiNozzo caught her steely gaze and hollered.

"Hit the deck! Boss on the watch!" Tony then proceeded to slink down into his chair and peer at Jenny over his desk.

Ziva stifled a laugh at the show that Tony was putting on. Any time Gibbs left the bullpen Tony went from teenager to child. She turned to her left to see McGee attempting the same feat as her with much less success. It was then that she noticed how pale McGee was. Tony brought that out on people. Even when you were scared for your job he could make you laugh. He is like an acquired mint…scent…oh hell taste, that's it.

Jenny began her descent down the stairs already addressing the senior field agent straightening out from beneath his desk.

"Tony, where's Gibbs. It's 0800 and work starts at 0700. That's sounds more like you than him."

He eyed the woman feigning a hurt face.

"Well, Jen- I mean director ma'am, we had a late night here so Gibbs headed out to get himself some more coffee. He left about a half an hour ago which means that he should be back in ten, wait with his driving, back in five."

As Tony finished addressing the director the familiar ding of the elevator sounded. All four in the bullpen turned expecting Gibbs to emerge coffee in hand. Instead they were greeted by Agent Fornell and two men of the FBI.

"I'd love to say this was a wonderful unexpected surprise," Tony started, "but Gibbs would smack me if I did. He's not to keen on lying." He sealed the sentence with a classic DiNozzo grin.

"Nice to see you too agent DiNossi. Well, Director Shepard Polanski has been put in one of the interrogation rooms downstairs under surveillance. From this point on he's your responsibility. Have fun."

Fornell waked forward and clasped Jenny's hand.

"Thank you Agent Fornell, you'll get all of you paperwork tomorrow completely filled out and signed accordingly." She shook the hand gripping her own.

Fornell and his men turned and entered the elevator before Jenny spoke again, watching the doors slide closed.

"Where is Gibbs?" She turned to Ziva.

Ziva looked up from her desk, "Tony did not lie director. Gibbs is out on a coffee sprint."

"Run, Ziva. A coffee run." Tony corrected.

Ziva just responded by sticking her tongue out at him and crossing her eyes.

Tony addressed Jenny again, "Why what do you need? Who's this Polanksi guy?"

"First Tony, Gibbs said he would be here to interrogate Polanski and transport him back to the FBI armored car. Second, Polanski and Gibbs have a history; Polanski was here about five years ago after murdering twelve marines. So, Gibbs requested this."

"Oh, but I've been here longer than that and I don't remember this guy." DiNozzo looked confused.

"You were still new to NCIS Tony, Gibbs was probably shielding you--," She was interrupted by DiNozzo's phone ringing.

The screen read Gibbs. DiNozzo answered quickly.

"Hey, Boss where are you?......Oh, flat tire…. You want to know who drove last?" DiNozzo turned and eyed McGee.

"It was McGee boss…okay I'll let him know about replacing spares. Do you want me to come and get you?....No, you want me to send McGee?...Sure, Boss he's on his way out now. Okay, b-" Gibbs hung up abruptly.

DiNozzo looked at McGee and nodded toward the elevator. McGee sighed, grabbed his bag, and headed toward the elevator and a most certain head slap.

"Agent DiNozzo." Jenny directed her attention back to the senior field agent. "It seems as though Gibbs is going to be too late to come and interrogate Polanski himself. Meet me in my office in ten minutes and I'll brief you before you head downstairs."

"Yes, Boss." Was Tony's quick reply before shuffling the papers on his desk into one pile, covering the pile of rubber bands.

" I am the one who was trained in getting the truth no matter what, yes?" Ziva directed at Tony. "Then why am I not the one to interrogate this Polanski man?"

"Well Zee-Vah, I'm the senior field agent and Jen- Director Shepard wants this man to be able to breathe when the questioning is through."

"Yes, well I'd rather have the truth. Ducky could stitch up the cost of it." Ziva smiled to herself.

"Ooook." Tony headed toward the stairs that lead to Director Shepard's office.

Author's Note: Okay, so this chapter was really slow. But, it was an introductory chapter and in the next one or two the pace should really pick up. Tell me what you think!