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Let the madness come to a close.....


The service went off without a hitch.

Many people got up to speak about the young man that they believed to be dead.

There were moments of tears and laughs over past antics.

When Gibbs got up to speak everyone's attention was drawn to how he watched the casket in front of him. He spoke firmly.

"Tony, was never easy to deal with.' He stopped with a small smile.

"He always acted like he could make it on his own and never needed any of us to help him. He acted a bit too much like someone I know all too well."

Ducky looked up at this and locked eyes with Gibbs. Gibbs realized just how much Tony was like him.

"But, in the end he did need us. And honestly, we needed him just as much. He was one hell of an agent and friend. He'll be missed by all of us."

With that Gibbs descended from the podium and began to make his way to his seat.

Everyone had expected a longer speech from the man that Tony had so looked up to but in the end those few sentences had summed everything up.

The priest came up and said a few final words. Then, everyone packed up their things and were off to the cemetery.

Gibbs hung back, and remained standing in front of the casket.

Abby came up from behind him, hugging him.

"Good thing Tony wasn't here. Can't have him thinking you care now can we?" She smiled as he turned around and hugged her back.

"Let's go Abs."

"A killer to set up?" She asked.

With a nod he began to make his way out of the church.

Abby turned and faced the casket.

"Thanks for not being dead Tony. Burt would have missed you too much." She laughed to herself and then took off after Gibbs.


Ziva looked at the empty plot in the ground.

Only hours ago she thought that Tony was going to be lowered into that, never to be with them again.

But now, things could be alright. Who knows, in a couple of hours they could all being doing shots laughing at the crazy things that have happened to them.

She smiled at that thought.

Tony would have to pay for drinks. Yes, after putting all of them through this he would definitely be paying.

She was ignoring the people that were speaking though, too busy watching the crowd.

She had tried to memorize the image that had been sent to them of James Maci. So far there had been no signs of him.

"Ziva. It's over."

The voice broke her from her thoughts.

"What McGee?"

"It's over, everyone's leaving." He motioned to the crowd that was beginning to scatter.

When all was said and done it was just the six of them standing there looking down in to the plot. Ducky, Palmer, Abby, McGee, Gibbs, and of course herself.

A gunshot fired and McGee dropped to the ground clutching his leg.

Abby was flung from them, trapped in the man's hold.

Ducky dropped to the ground to try to help McGee stop the flow of blood.

"You can't have him." The man cried out

"He is dead! No one can have him!" Ziva yelled from where she was positioned.

"The man standing behind me better move or I WILL shoot her." Maci's eyes were moving wildly watching them all.

"I'm SERIOUS!" The man moved the gun even closer to Abby's head.

Fornell called out, " I'm coming around. Don't do anything stupid."

With that he slowly came around from behind the man and closer to the group.

"Put your guns down." He aimed his own gun at the four people standing and two kneeling.

"That's not going to happen." Gibbs stated matter of fact.

Maci moved his gun back to Abby. "I guess you want her to die then."

Ziva looked to her boss. She could see the turmoil in his eyes.

He began to bend down and place his gun on the ground. Ziva followed suit.

"What do you want?" Ziva asked.

"The memories. He's mine."

Ziva looked to Gibbs. This man obviously had a few loose screws. His obsession had driven him to insanity.

"I need you to listen to me now." Gibbs began to say as he stepped forward.

"No! You listen!" He released Abby and aimed the gun at Gibbs and fired two shots.

Maci was then flung from his feet as he was tackled and fell into the empty plot in the ground.

A struggle could be heard followed by a couple gunshots.

Ziva peered into the hole.

Laying under Maci was Tony.

"Hey Zee-Vah, would you help me get him off."

She jumped down into the pit and pushed the other man off.

"Tony." she said suddenly out of breath. "Gibbs he..."

A fear became obvious in Tony's green eyes. He helped Ziva climb out of the hole and followed himself.

Palmer and Fornell were huddled over Abby who was holding Gibbs in her arms.

Tony broke through the small group of people.

"I'm fine Abby." Gibbs spoke gruffly.

Ziva left out a small laugh. Gibbs had been wearing a bulletproof vest under his suit.

"Just when did you get the chance to put that on Gibbs?" Fornell asked incredulously.

"What you don't keep a spare in your car?"


"So, the whole pizza guy thing. All of it was planned out?" McGee asked Tony.

"Yeah all of it was. When the damned kid waved to me I thought it was all over. I didn't think he was going to be able to play along." Tony smiled slightly at the memory.

"Too bad Gibbs wouldn't come with us though." Abby said a little sullenly.

"Well my dear after being shot at sometimes silence is the most necessary thing." Ducky said, placing his scotch down.

"Still, he should be here." Ziva said looking down into her glass.

"Wait, I have an idea." Tony got up to leave.

"Where do you think you're going?" Ziva asked.

"Well I was......you want me to pay don't you?" He looked at all of the people in front of him as they turned in the chairs. All had the same expression on.

"Well," McGee started, "you did put us through hell."

Tony reached into his back pocket to grab his wallet. I almost die and they want me to pick up the tab for putting them through hell. They're lucky I like them so much.

He placed the money on the bar.

"Let's go."

Gibbs' Basement

He knew they were coming before he even heard the front door open and all the feet shuffle in.

Sure enough Abby, Ducky and McGee on crutches assisted by Ziva came down the stairs all led by Tony.

Ducky sat in the chair by the workbench and poured himself some of the liquor Gibbs was drinking.

McGee sat down at the bottom of the step, his crutches in front of him.

Abby came over and hugged Gibbs before grabbing a stool to sit on by the boat.

Tony and Ziva both sat on the workbench next to each other.

Gibbs just continued to work on his boat.

All of them were quiet for sometime, because words weren't necessary around family.

Tony finally spoke up, "You know it's kind of ironic that the guy who you thought killed me, died in the grave that had been dug for me."

He had a faraway look in his eyes.

Ziva smacked him on the back of his head for breaking the comfortable silence.

"Gibbs smacked." Gibbs said without even looking up.

All of the people in the basement, their family, began to laugh.

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