He is actually at school today. Veronica knows because she saw him walking to class first period. She likes to think that he's at school because he wants to see her and not just because he has to come to school or he'll fail this year.

She sees him at lunch sitting at his usual table with his usual friends. When she walks past she expects a rude comment about something but nothing comes. Not from him anyway.

"White trash." One of the girls yells at her.

Veronica keeps walking.

Dick gets up from his seat and runs over to Veronica, Logan following.

"Veronica Mars, where were you last night? I called 1800-SLUT but they said you were busy." Dick teases.

Veronica wishes she could tell Dick where she was last night. Oh how she'd love to throw it in Dick's face that the 09er's leader is actually fucking the enemy regularly these days. She's sure they'd care, maybe even ban him from hanging out with them.

"I was home. Alone." She replies.

She sits down at her usual table and places her notebook in front of her. Dick knocks it to the ground. Veronica bends down to pick it up. Logan watches her. Her breasts are quite visible in her singlet when she bends down like that and Logan can't help but feel a stir in his pants as he remembers what it's like to fuck her and watch her breasts bounce.

"Dick, let me handle our dear friend Ronnie. I'll be back in a few." Logan instructs. Dick nods and walks away.

Logan sits down next to Veronica and taps his fingers on the table.

"Enjoying your-."

"Cut the crap Logan." Veronica angrily says.

"I was being friendly."

"You haven't been actually friendly to me since Lilly."

His facial expression drops. His hands start to shake.

"Sorry…I…I didn't mean to…" She offers.

"Skip your last two classes of the day and meet me in the girls' locker rooms in the gyms. I'll be in the last stall waiting." He gets up and leaves.

All day she contemplates whether she should meet him there or not. What's the point? At first she just wanted to help him. She wanted to get him back on track and stop him killing himself. Now she's not even sure why she's fucking him. The first time was to try and get through to him, the second time was a complete accident and the third time she wanted him.

She enters the girls' locker rooms in the gym and quietly makes her way to the last stall. She opens it and finds Logan snorting coke.

"Is that all you wanted me for? To watch you snort your drugs?" She asks.

He screws the top back on his vile and shoves it in his pocket, pulling her down on to his lap and kicking the door shut. Immediately he kisses her neck and she can't help but weaken to him. His hands start unbuttoning her jeans and his mouth starts wandering to her collar bone.

"Logan, wait stop." She says. Her mind says she's doing the right thing, the heat between her legs calls her a moron.

Logan does not stop. Of course he doesn't its Logan. His hands wander to the hem of her shirt he starts pulling it up.

"Stop, Logan. Now." She tells him.

He does not stop.

"Logan, stop!" She yells.

He doesn't care. She should have known. So she slaps him. Hard. His face snaps left as her hand leaves his cheek and she gets up. At first he is silent, he is still. She is unsure what his reaction will be. He gets up and slams her against the stall door, grabbing her neck and staring her down.

"Slap me again bitch and I swear to God you'll regret it." He pauses and leans in. "Now shut up and fucking do what you do best." He bites her lip.

Veronica moans. She doesn't exactly know at what because he hasn't touched her yet and she knows she must look silly but Logan doesn't care. He lets her neck go and pulls her jeans down roughly, along with her panties. His fingers dive into her. Her head flings back, hitting the door painfully.

He takes this opportunity to ravish her neck. She lets him with no reservations. Logan quickly drops his pants and swaps his fingers with his cock, wrapping Veronica's legs around his waist as he lifts her from the ground. She leans her head over his shoulder, her nails grasping at his shirt.

They both start panting heavily. Fortunately Logan still listens out for anyone coming in. The locker room door opens and a bunch of giggling girls enter. Veronica doesn't notice. Logan's hand cups her mouth shut and for a few moments he is still inside her.

"…I know! Did you see Dick Casablancas though? He's looking sooooo hot today!" One of the girls squeals.

Veronica rolls her eyes.

"Did you notice Logan wasn't with him? Aren't they like BFF's or whatever? They are usually together all the time, especially when they skip classes." Another tells the others.

Logan starts to move inside her again. Veronica's eyes go wide. She doesn't know if she'll be able to hold in her moans. He releases her mouth and gives her a look, like as if he's saying to stay quiet or else. Or else what? Or else the whole school will find out they're fucking? Veronica's positive that's not such a bad thing.

"I hear he's found a new girl from like New York or something. Apparently she's a model and heavily into drugs or something and not just marijuana. I was told by someone that she introduced him to heroine or something. Now he's hooked." One of them coos as she applies lip gloss in the mirror.

Logan tries not to laugh. They couldn't be more wrong. He's not fucking some model from New York, he's fucking white trash, Veronica Mars from lower class Neptune and Veronica certainly did not introduce him to heroine.

"I so wouldn't care! He's so hot. Like unbelievably. Last year at a party he offered me a beer! I almost melted."

Logan smirks at Veronica. She rolls her eyes. Yeah, okay, he's attractive but she wouldn't go as far as calling him unbelievably hot. That's stretching it a bit.

"I bet I could be the best fuck he's ever had. I could totally see myself riding Logan. I reckon he'd be into some kinky shit too."

Veronica smiles. He raises his eyebrows. He starts to move faster inside her, trying to keep quiet. Veronica wishes he would stop. But he won't of course and instead, he reaches between them and starts rubbing her clit. Her body courses with pleasure, she's almost unable to contain herself.

"Logan I'm going to scream if you keep doing that." She whispers harshly in his ear.

"Do it." He counters.

She looks mildly shocked. She shouldn't really. It's Logan after all.

"They're going to know we're fucking." She tells him.

"No. They'll know someone is having sex in here. They won't know it's us."

She bites her lip. He can tell she's close. He is too.

"Scream for me you dirty slut. Let those whores know what I'm doing to you." He whispers, biting her ear lobe.

That's it for Veronica. She can't hold it in. Her fingers dig into his shoulders as she starts to moan loudly. He joins her. The girls in the locker room notice.

"Oh my God! Ew! Someone is having sex in there! That's totally gross!" One of the girls screams.

Logan gives a loud grunt. "Tell me what you want, Veronica Mars." He growls at her quietly.

"I want…oh fuck…yes! I want harder! Oh yes! Faster, faster Lo-." He cups her mouth. He wants to keep their identity secret.

"Ew. Ew. Ew!" The girls quickly run from the locker room.

Veronica orgasms with a loud scream, Logan follows with a few more hard thrusts and a animalistic growl.

The pair come down from their highs soon after. Veronica and Logan redress and stand silently in the small cubicle, their bodies mere inches away.

"Logan will you stop taking drugs?" She asks quietly.

He raises his eyebrows at her and shakes his head. "Fucking hell Veronica. Do you have to have a hidden agenda? All I wanted was a fucking root not some therapy session afterwards! I'm indulging in an expensive habit. So what? I have the fucking money."

"It's not that! I don't want you to overdose Logan! As much as you might not think so, I care about you. A lot. You need help. You need me."

He pushes her against the door and scoffs at her.

"I need you? Please, Veronica all you are to me is a good fuck."

She fights off tears that threaten her eyes. His words scorn her. She finally thought she might be able to get through to him but apparently she doesn't know him as well as she thought she did.

Veronica opens the stall door and walks out of the cubicle. She slides her hand in her pocket and pulls out a business card. For a second she contemplates giving him the business card because he probably won't even look at it. But she's better off trying.

"Here. Her name is Claudia Peek, she's a counsellor who specialises in counselling adolescents with drug problems. I called her last night and spoke to her, she'd really love to hear from you. I'd really love if you could call her, Logan. Please. I'm begging you."

She passes Logan the business card. He snorts and shakes his head. She walks away. But just before she does she notices the slight change in his eyes, in his body language. Has she finally succeeded in breaking him down?