Lost Chapter

"Life Changing Moments"

Cannon – Occurs during Chapter 3 while Cody is at Lake George with Barbara.

Cody was sitting down on a patch of grass in the shade of two trees, one of which he was resting his back on. It was cooler here than in the city, especially with the gentle breeze rolling off the lake. The air was incredibly crisp and fresh, which was another welcome change. He hated that he only had one more day up here with Barbara and her parents who left the couple generally alone when they wanted to do stuff together.

"There you are Cody," Barbara's soft voice broke the soothing background noise of nature. His half closed eyes opened fully and he spotted his girlfriend coming down the little trail towards him. She sat down next to him and he wrapped his right arm around her shoulders as she leaned into him.

"Hey," Cody greeted her.

"Just 'hey'?" Barbara said in a mock hurt tone of voice.

"How about, 'I love you'?" Cody had expected her to smile or giggle or do something other than the expression that she showed. Her expression fell and it looked like she was afraid of something.

"What's the matter?" He finally asked, running his fingers through her long dark hair that smelled of strawberries.

"Oh Cody…I'm so scared," She titled her head up to look at him and there were tears in her eyes. Something was wrong, there was nothing of that he could think of that was wrong right now which meant that whatever it was he had no knowledge of it.

"Tell me. I will help you,"

"I'm…I'm so young and I don't want you to leave me…" Cody was shocked by her words. Of course they were young, but what did she mean about him leaving her? Did she think that he didn't love her anymore, was cheating on her or that he would fall victim to the tragedies befalling his family right now?

"Barbara, I would never…" He started, but she interrupted him.

"Cody I'm pregnant…"

His whole world seemed to stop right then and there, almost like it was the last page of a chapter and the book had just closed leaving him in that empty void between the previous book and the next. It was the first time in his entire life that he felt so many conflicting emotions all at once. Of course the most powerful one was shock, this development came at him completely out of left field and blindsided him. Just below that emotion was some animal instinct buried deep down within him that was satisfied to hear that he would have offspring. It made him feel complete knowing that he would have a child that contained a part of him who could carry on his name and genes.

Cody was happy to hear that he and Barbara would be parents, he had no doubts that they would make an excellent mother and father even despite all the bumps along the road they would encounter. Then he felt sadness. Could he really provide for a child and give it a full life when his own had just barely begun at age seventeen? Then he felt fear as the overwhelming prospect of being a father seemed to climb higher and higher above him and then he wondered what his parents would think about him or say to him. Then he felt angry. Angry at himself for not using protection, angry at her for not doing the same and angry because this sudden event had probably just ruined all of his hard work over the years as he worked to build a carefully constructed future of education and prominent employment for himself.

There was a long moment where his head just kept spinning as all of his emotions, thoughts and endless scenarios of him being a dad all ran together and eventually caused a traffic jam that seemed to shut him down. He didn't feel anything for a moment or think a single thought. There was just clarity. Clarity that helped him examine his life up to this point which made him understand that all of the challenges and problems that he had faced before led up to this one great moment in time. No one was ever prepared to be told that they would be a parent and there was no way to have gained experience raising a child twenty four seven until it happened. This self examination cleared his mind and brought about his true feelings. Cody was happily surprised at the news, but he was just as content with his life and the same caring person he had always been.

"Everything will be ok Barbara. I promise." He wasn't sure how he would make good on that promise, or even if he really was even capable of doing so, but if there was one thing that he was sure of it was himself. Cody was confident in himself, his resourcefulness, determination and intelligence. He would be relying on those qualities to help him get through the next few years of his life.

"You're…you're not mad?" She asked in surprise.

"Of course not. I love you as I will love any child we have," Cody replied, wondering how she could have thought he would be mad about this. She knew him better than that, he was sure of it.

"But, this is a baby and we're just seventeen Cody! We're not ready for this!" Barbara protested, her hand coming to rest against her stomach as she looked down at herself.

"Shhh," He put his index finger against her lips, "I promised you that everything will be ok. You do believe me don't you?" Cody soothed, gently pulling her over to him so that she sat in his lap. He had a sudden desire to be close to her, to hold her and give her his love.

"Well…it's just…yes. Yes I do," She finally said, gaining strength by looking into his beautiful and confident blue green eyes which were admiring her lovely face.

"No more worrying then. For now, we should enjoy our lives and great moments like these. They don't come often enough," Cody said, his tone moving from comforting to being very seductive. He tilted his body so that he was no longer against the tree and gently lay down on his back, bringing Barbara down on top of him. She looked at him for a moment, his confident and worry free face looking back at hers which was full of concern and fear about being a mom.

"You're right. They don't," She finally said, letting go of her self control and kissing him on the lips passionately. His arms wrapped around her as he returned her kiss and they both lost track of time. How long they were there, seconds, minutes or hours, neither of them knew. They were just two scared people standing in the face of a challenge of epic proportions and handed a great responsibility that neither of them were sure that they were ready to deal with. They simply enjoyed that moment in their lives and temporarily forgot about everything else. As Cody liked to say, it was the little things in life that mattered. He knew that his life was going to change forever now, but it could wait until tomorrow.

A/N: Hey everyone. Thought I would leave you all a little goodbye present before I leave tomorrow morning. The Lost Chapters are mainly parts of the story that I had to cut to get it completed, couldn't be included since I decided to only follow Zack's POV or were tossed because the plot changed (changing which characters were dead and alive at the end of the story). [Cannon] Chapters mean that they fit within the story's plot and are not alternate events that never occurred which are the [Non-Cannon] chapters. So that means that this chapter really happened in the story, it just wasn't told since Zack was the main character and the only POV I wanted to use except when he was incapacitated.

I hoped you liked this segment with Barbara dropping the bombshell on Cody on their weekend vacation. I think Cody's self examination went really well, but I'm not sure where I wanted to go from there. There was the passionate love route or the not speaking brooding route, and in the end I figured Cody and Barbara's characters wouldn't wind up feeling overly negative towards each other, so they had their little love scene included.

Peace out and see you all in mid June!