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Draco scrunched his nose up at the tinny, distant sounds of moans and panting, his eyes narrowing. The tiny figure in the photo threw its head back in abandon, screaming as he came hard into another small figure's mouth.

"You must have done the charm wrong," he said accusingly, turning to look at Harry.

Harry threw his hands up in self-defense, refusing to accept the blame.

"I did the charm exactly the way you wrote it, Draco," Harry said, his voice firm. "You must have copied it down wrong."

Draco's brow furrowed as he concentrated on the picture, which had looped back to the beginning. A tiny Harry and Draco were undressing each other in the Charms classroom, kissing and groping each other fiercely.

"Hmm," he said, tapping his wand absently against the parchment. He took aim at the small picture. "Engorgio."

The photo grew steadily larger until Draco broke the spell, his lips pursed in concentration. The photo was definitely bigger, but the voices were still distorted. Draco's bottom lip stuck out in a pout as he considered this latest challenge.

"I don't see why it matters, Draco," Harry said impatiently, shooting a longing glance out the window at the perfect autumn day. A prime flying day, wasted inside haggling over a book.

"Focus, Potter!" Draco snapped, glaring at the dark-haired boy. "The whole point is to leave a legacy. I won't have my legacy sounding like Flitwick!"

Harry shook his head, laughing at the fact that of all the things Draco could be obsessing about over this, the Slytherin was worried about his voice.

"Draco, honestly. Anyone who sees this is going to be so transfixed at the sight of a naked Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter having sex that they likely won't even notice the voices at all!"

Draco crossed his arms over his chest, muttering something that Harry thought sounded suspiciously like "harrumph".

Harry rolled his eyes, grabbing the parchment off the table and balling it up. He threw the ball into the air, aimed his wand, and cast an Incendio, causing ashes to rain down on the floor of the Room of Requirement.

"Fine," he said, rolling his eyes in exasperation. "Have Luna research the damn charm again and we'll re-record it tomorrow."

Draco's eyes lit up, his face transforming instantly from put-out to beaming.



Their endeavor had begun a week ago. The idea came from Hermione, strangely enough, though the witch would likely have an absolute fit if she knew what they were doing.

Harry and Ron had been attempting to lay a trap for Seamus, weaving a web of wards that would repel the Irish Wizard at the threshold of their room, sending him bouncing down the boys' dormitory stairs and into the common room. Hermione, in true Head Girl form, launched into a lecture about the protections against personal wards embedded in the castle, which would render their plan impossible. Draco, who had been lounging on the couch listening to their plot disinterestedly, had perked up when she got to the end of her diatribe, finishing with a scathing "honestly, boys, have you never read Hogwarts: A History?"

And so the idea -- a journal aptly named Hogwarts: A Hedonistic History – had been born. Draco explained to Harry later that night that Hermione's constant referencing of the historical tome had made him wonder how many important events in Hogwarts' history, like the first couple to shag on top of the Astronomy Tower, or the first person to use the Room of Requirement for sexual gratification, had been overlooked in the dusty old book. Surely, Draco reasoned, this type of history was important, too.

The three of them planned to spell copies of the journal into the graduation program at the end of the year, ensuring their seventh-year ended with a bang.


"It was a ridiculous oversight," Luna said, shaking her head. "My apologies."

Draco nodded, eager to start the task at hand. The three of them had gathered in the Charms classroom again, and Draco was already hard at the thought of Harry's hot mouth wrapped around his cock.

Luna held a Wizarding camera filled with extended-play film, guaranteed to produce photos that allowed for up to fifteen minutes of action. She held her wand at the ready, prepared to say the incantation that would also enchant the film to record sound.

Harry took a deep breath, once again wondering if he was insane to do something so dangerously exhibitionist. The summer had passed in a blur of reckless activity, all in the name of celebrating his defeat of Voldemort. His and Draco's secret relationship was just another part of the revelries. Everyone in school, including Ron and Hermione, thought he was dating Luna. What a surprise they're in for, he thought wryly. Though it isn't a complete lie, he reasoned, since we've been shagging Luna, too. He supposed this latest rebellion was just another way to blow off several years of pent-up steam.

"Ready," he said, taking his place on the mountain of cushions the diminutive Charms professor used when students were practicing Disarming or Levitation Charms on each other.

Luna tapped the camera with her wand, muttering "Resono" before settling the device on its tripod. Draco collapsed onto the pillows with Harry, pulling him in for a kiss.

"We're rolling in three, two, one," Luna said, pulling back to point her wand at the camera once again, saying the incantation slowly and clearly. "Incipio."

She stepped in front of the camera, her hands folded primly in front of her.

"Charms classroom, take two," she said in her soft, lilting voice, stepping away so Harry and Draco were once again the focus.

Harry deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue past Draco's lips to stroke the roof of his mouth. Draco moaned appreciatively, his hands roaming up and down Harry's body. Making sure to stay in the frame, Harry crouched before Draco, his sun-browned hands deftly unbuttoning Draco's robes.

White teeth gleamed as Harry smiled widely, thrilled to discover Draco had decided to forgo wearing anything under his school robes. His own hardening cock gave a twitch at the sight of Draco's long, slender length bobbing in front of him, its tip glistening with a drop of precome. Harry's pink tongue shot out, laving around the purpling head of Draco's cock. Draco's head dropped back, his eyes closing at the sensation. He moaned softly, bringing a hand up to twine in Harry's thick, dark hair, holding him in place.

Harry chuckled at Draco's eagerness, the rumbling of the laugh sending shivers down Draco's spine. He made a needy sound that went straight to Harry's cock, eliciting a wanton moan from the Gryffindor. He grinned when he saw Luna's hand slip into her robes out of the corner of his eye, just out of the frame. They'd planned this scene to be just him and Draco, but he knew the witch would be more than willing to help him find his own release after they were finished.

Draco's hand clenched around the soft pillows beneath him, his pelvis thrusting slightly to force Harry to take him deeper into his throat. Harry didn't mind. He relaxed his throat, allowing Draco's cock to slip in deeper. He hummed in approval as Draco moaned at the new sensation, ramping up the suction until he could feel Draco's balls tightening.

"I'm close," Draco rasped, his breath coming in pants.

Harry sped up his movements, caressing Draco's cock with his tongue. He brought a hand up to massage his balls, squeezing slightly. Draco moaned again, the fingers that were wrapped around Harry's thick hair tightening almost painfully.

"Merlin, Potter," Draco gasped, unable to hold back. "Fuck, I'm coming. Harry!"

Harry continued to lick at the now-softening cock, making sure he'd lapped up any of the come that had escaped. Draco's fingers massaged his scalp approvingly. Harry sat back, grinning at Luna, who had walked into the frame.

"Harry Potter blows Draco Malfoy, Charms classroom," she said, nodding over her shoulder at the boys behind her. "Cut."

Draco blew out a shaky laugh, raising himself up on his elbows so he could kiss Harry. Luna ended the spell on the film and turned the camera off before joining them on the pillows. Harry's hand shot out to delve up under her robes, and he groaned slightly when he realized that, like Draco, Luna didn't have anything on underneath.

"Mmm," Draco said, his own hand busy stroking Harry's cock. "Your turn."