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- - - - -

Dragon's Rising

Chapter 1

The bright sun radiated its glow upon the lush forest below. Creatures of all shapes and sizes scurried across the landscape; blissfully unaware, nor caring, about the events of the world surrounding them. The smallest branch on the largest tree responded to the gentle blow of the northern winds. Each gentle gust causing a small orgy of life amongst the ancient shrubberies.

"Blade!" cried a female dragoness firmly. Her voice was stern, yet gentle as smooth glass. Her slim body was well built, displaying several scars from past battles. The light blue glow of her scales matched the icy demeanor of her eyes, and a gold underbelly easily reflected the warm beams of the sun.

"I swear....it must go in one ear and out the other." muttered the dragoness gently as she turned her neck sharply to her left. The only response to her uneasiness was another gentle gust of wind.

The land had been unusually quiet since the events that had transpired short of one year prior. She could hear the gentle harmony of birds coursing through the air; continuing to live life without violence. The dragoness blinked gently before moving one paw in front of the other.

A dirt path lined the forest floor; carving a undeveloped path through the beautiful landscape. As she moved along the deserted trail, her mind drifted to events forever burned into her subconscious.

"Who are you?"


"Why am I here?"

"I saved your life."


"You look me in the eyes and you answer my question..are...you...a suicide?"

"Get your hands off me."

"Oh, my god. You really are a suicide, are you?"

"Who's Cynder?"

"She....was my mate."

The blue dragoness felt a tear break free from her eye. Her heart was pounding in pain. Not just pain for herself, pain for both of them. They deserved a better fate then what was given to them. By this point she was walking blind, her eye's non responsive to anything around her. Completely lost in the realm of imagination. Lost to the events that brought about today.

She remembered everything. She remembered all she told him. Every single gut wrenching event that broke his spirit. Broke his will to live.

"Oh, God. I look exactly like her."

She closed her eyes tightly. Hot streams of tears pouring forth from their prison. She remembered what she wanted to give him. She wanted to save him. Save his world.


"What are you doing?"

"I'm giving you something to live for."

"I...I can't."

"Yes, you can."

"It's not the same. I can't."

"Spyro...please let me save you."

A gentle sniff came from the dragoness facial features. She knew better then to bring up such memories. All they gave her was pain. A pain that she was unable to live with had it not been for him. For what he gave her.

"Please, save me..."

God she felt him. She felt his touch everywhere, despite the lack of a physical being. She shuddered upon the thought of his paws. His strong arms wrapped firmly around her waist. The dragoness gently leaned against a nearby tree; the full emotional weight of her memories crashing against her heart.


She remembered the passion. How it burned through every inch of her body. She remembered each time his hot lips brushed against hers; causing an elemental mix of passion between fire and ice. She felt him within her. Moving with her.

She heard him call out for his lost lover. She heard him cry out for her passion. Yet she saw no wrong in it. Nothing ever felt more right.

Their hot scales pressed firmly against each other, burning against one another. Such an intense passion. The hot sweat planted firmly against their bodies. Then all she felt was heaven. The power to go to heaven and back again. All born through her passion to save him.

"Spyro, what's..."

"Oh, God........Oh, my God, Glacia.....I'm so sorry."

"It's okay."

"But..but I..."

"You had no control over what you did. You thought about the tragedy, which lead to pure instinct..that's all."

"Are...are you sure?"

She felt her smile widen. She was never more sure of anything in her life. Despite never growing up with this dragon, she knew what she wanted. All she could see was his smile. The smile that she never believed would grace his features.


"Thank you....for saving me."

The warm glow of the fire caressed their bodies slowly. His strong body held her closely, unwilling to give up his new found salvation. The blue dragoness lifted a cold paw to her brow.

"By all that is sacred in this world...why did he have to go. I could have..." The memories filled her mind once more. She remembered his lover. Her gentle features that presented a near mirror image of herself. Spyro really loved her with all his soul.

It took several moments for the ice dragoness to regain her balance. A gentle white cloud passed overhead, causing the warm glow of the sun to vanish from the land. She could still see his face.

"Where is Spyro?!"

"He became my purple victim."

That horrible face. Such evil should never be allowed to walk on this earth. How could whatever force lay beyond this world tolerate the presence of such horror.

"Fear not, my dear. Because before I make my way with you...I'm going to gain great pleasure in staining his wretched blood right in front of you. THAT...I promise."

"My God...how are you standing after all of that?"

"C..Cynder..kept me alive.......YOU kept me alive."

"Spyro...he told me that you were dead...and I didn't believe him. But seeing you like this...it's..


He was so brave. She couldn't believe how his body could take such punishment. The hunters were relentless. Evil servants to the deceased king Gaul....led by one more evil then the impure ruler himself.

"I must say..I'm rather impressed. Here I thought that you were dead. Now in your wake of death, you catch my minions and myself by surprise. But do you really think that fire would get rid of me that easily? Not in a million centuries."

"Then I'll try something else."

"Like what?"

She felt the pleasure fill her heart. The pleasure of that jagged spear diving straight for his skull. The cruel ape's eyes widening in fear. Half of the shocked hunter's head fell to the ground with a thud, thick blood still pulsating into the open air.

"Like that."

He was so bloody. She could still see the thick spear planted deep in his proud breast. His blood poured freely onto her scales.

"Spyro, I want to save you! I want to keep you alive again! Please, I don't want you to die! Not because of me, please!"

"It's...it's not your fault. And there's nothing you can do. If you remove the spear, it'll kill me instantly. Just like...just like it did to Cynder."

"I'll...I'll give you the elixir."

"No..that elixir is for you.."

"I DON'T WANT IT!!.....I...I want you. I wanted you to have a full life. Goddamn it, I want you to live. You hear me? I want you to live because....

She fell to her forearms in pain. She remembered all the sorrow. She could barely fathom the meaning of the words until that moment. A feeling that developed in the most sacred depths of her heart rushed forth to proclaim its freedom.

"....because I love you..."

"Oh, Glacia. You look so much like her that I was afraid to say these words to you...I love you so very much. An..and no matter what happens, I will always be with you.....always."

"Oh..god, NO! Spyro, don't go...please wake up......Goddamn it Spyro, don't you leave me!! Wake up!! WAKE UP!!"

She knew her efforts were in vain. No matter how much she willed it, no matter how much she wished things could change. Spyro was dead, and she was the one responsible. The blue dragoness continued to shed tears, each glistening drop causing the ground upon its destination to freeze.

No. It wasn't her fault. She wasn't responsible for Spyro's departure. It was what he wanted. All he wanted was to be with Cynder once more, but he never left her as well. After she returned his body to the Temple.....one last gift was granted. A gift that made her life worth living once more.

He was standing there. They both were. As clear as the day overturned to night, Spyro and Cynder came before her on the death of that miserable day.

"Hi Glacia."

"Spyro? Why did you have to die?"

"Glacia, there was nothing you could have done."

"He's right you know. And I, of course, am speaking from experience."

Almost exact copies of each other. It was almost scary....like displaced sisters that were torn apart upon the onset of their births.

"You're right. She does look kind of like me..and she's my age...except for the blade on the tip of the right wing and the two extra horns on the upper face.

"See, I told you."

"Cy...Cynder? Wow. So, what are you two doing here now?

"We have a chance to be reincarnated into a new being."

"And....you're the perfect choice to bring forth that new being."

"You..mean..I'm.....but...but what about.."

"Glacia, I want you to listen to me. Do not make the same mistake I did. Okay? My time has passed, but that doesn't mean that it's your time. You have a full life ahead of you. You have the potentials to bring forth a great and wonderful being into this world, a being to have as your very own. A being that will have a great destiny in this world. And I would be proud for this being to call you mother."

"And..what about the father?"

"Remember what I said. I will always be with you."

Both of the dragon spirits placed their paws gently across her belly. Ready to fuse their soul's into the developing hatchling. When they touched her skin. She could feel everything. She felt the love that Spyro had for her and Cynder. She felt the black dragoness's stubborn nature, yet deep love for everything beautiful and free.

"Are you ready?"

"Close your eyes."

Glacia rubbed her abdomen gently. Spyro was the best thing that ever came into her life, and she was blessed to bear his child. The very child the embodied not only Spyro, but also the best qualities of herself and Cynder.

"I will always be with you.."

The blue dragoness turned her muzzle towards the sky above. She smiled at the thought of Spyro and Cynder tumbling through the heavens. Finally reunited after their torturous parting. She was overjoyed at such thoughts.

"Exactly the fate those two deserved." spoke Glacia gently. It took several moments for her to focus on her task. Thinking about such events reminded her just how precious her gift was. The best thing Spyro could give her. A hatchling. A hatchling she loved more then life itself.

A small storm cloud reared its black head high above. Glacia recoiled slightly as a heavy drop of liquid made contact with her forehead. She felt the winds respond quickly; quick torrents of chilling air whipped against the gentle leaves gracing the trees.

"Blade!!" called Glacia over the rising wind. "Blade where are you!?"

A deep desperation built in her breast. She couldn't lose him. It was the only piece of him she had left....it was her reason for living.

"Please Blade!" cried Glacia while tossing her head wildly. Birds began to spring free from their perches; taking cover in the deep brush from the coming chaos. Glacia turned her eyes down the path. She did take notice of the small paw prints still freshly evident in the soil.

"God Blade..where are you?" muttered Glacia in fear as she moved faster. The gathering clouds high above finally released their heavy cargo. Moments later Glacia covered her head with the thick membrane of her wings; heavy raindrops smashing upon their surface.

"Mom!" came a adolescent voice. Glacia turned to her rear to see two considerably smaller dragons burst forth from the brush. The small purplish blue dragon leapt into his mother's forearm; small paws clinging tightly to her scales. His smaller brown companion moved to the other side of her body.

"By the stars where have you been!?" cried Glacia with slight anger in her vocals. The smaller dragon looked down with shame before recalling his courage.

"I'm sorry Mom...we thought we saw some apes...so we thought it would be cool if..."

"Cool nothing Blade! You know how dangerous this world is. I have constantly warned you not to run off! There are things out here that would take great pleasure in killing you." replied Glacia sharply. Blade looked down again before his companion interjected.

"It was my fault ma'am. I insisted that we go after it...please don't blame him." spoke the small brown dragon quickly. Glacia turned her sharp eyes to the other youngling.

"You know better Terradon. You're lucky that I'm the one finding you and not your grandfather." responded Glacia sternly. The young brown dragon looked up at her pleadingly.

"Please please please don't tell him. I'll do anything if it means not facing one of his punishment sessions!" cried Terradon. Glacia narrowed her eyes slightly.

"Your grandfather loves you Terradon. You thank your lucky stars that he cares for you as deeply as he does. And I suggest that we wait until later to discuss this." spoke Glacia as a bright flash filled their eyesight.

Both of the younger dragons jumped in fright as Glacia shielded her eyes.

"What the heck was that mom." muttered Blade in fear. The older dragoness felt the wind's fury build and torrents of heavy rain pound her thick blue scales.

"That Blade was lightning. Only the discharge though..we have yet to hear the...."

An enormous crash filled the thick air and both dragons screamed in terror. Glacia felt her heart jump at the loud discharge that could only be caused by some power beyond their world.

"The ancestors seem restless." commented Glacia gently. Both of the small male dragons were trembling at her side. The ice dragoness watched as the two dragons looked up at her. "We can't stay..hurry now..back to the Temple."

The two younger dragons didn't waste time as they darted back down the path hence they came. Glacia took one more look back towards the once peaceful sky before following the two hatchlings. Another flash accompanied by a thunderous crack pierced through the air. Blade yelped and dove into the ground quickly; wings draped firmly over his eyes.

An immense gust of wind screamed across the landscape. Glacia planted her paws firmly into the ground; sharp talons gripping the forest floor. Blade felt his body slide on the ground in response, and Terradon lost his grip quickly.

The young brown dragon spread his undeveloped wings; attempting to learn by doing. Glacia reacted quickly as the younger male tumbled through the air.

Terradon opened his eyes slowly as the ice dragoness plucked him effortlessly from the air. Slowly, the dragoness moved her paws forward, Terradon carried gently in her maw. Blade felt his mother's presence fill his mind.

Gently, she placed Terradon down on the ground as the wind died slightly. Another flash and crack presented itself as the two males moved closer to Glacia's muzzle.

"Terradon...I want you to hold onto my tail tightly. I'll carry Blade myself...but don't let go." directed the calm dragoness. Terradon nodded gently and gripped the soil tightly. Using his talons, the young dragon inched towards the female dragon's tail; wind punishing him with each movement.

Glacia felt the younger earth dragon grasp her tail with his talons. Thankfully her scales were thick enough to feel nothing from the young dragon's claws. Blade felt his mother gently grasp his neck in her maw. The female lifted her head gently and closed her eyes. Both male dragons felt the air around them freeze in time. The drops of water surrounding them turned to ice before falling to the now white grass beneath them.

Calling forth the chilling power inside her, Glacia expanded her range; surrounding her with a large orb of frozen energy. Terradon's limbs failed to respond as the cold air nipped at his scales. Blade felt a similar effect and looked up at his mother questionably. The dragoness's eyes were glazed over with blue energy.

"It....its.....sss...cccoo...lllddd..mmom." spoke Blade through chattering fangs. The dragoness smirked slightly.

"Better then being out there." muffled Glacia into Blade's neck. Terradon growled as he attempted to warm himself; rubbing against Glacia's scales quickly. "Here we go." mumbled Glacia as she moved down the path.

The sphere of frozen energy moved along the trail slowly; the vicious attacks from the storm just outside its walls bouncing harmlessly away. The two male dragons within didn't hear any thunderous crack that usually accompanied the flashes. Nor did they hear the sound of the rain pounding against the surface.

The few minutes that passed seemed like hours for the two males. Thankfully Glacia noticed their suffering and reduced the intensity of the shield. She continued the flow of energy until the sight of the great gates guarding over the Temple came into view.

- - - - -

"Ember, seriously...when are you gonna learn to just let it go." spoke Flame with a groan. The pink dragoness across from him plunged eyes as sharp as daggers into his hide. The orange dragon shifted uncomfortably under her gaze.

"You don't understand Flame. You will NEVER understand." growled Ember before turning her eyes to a scroll beneath her. Her male counterpart scratched his maw gently before resting it upon his forearms.

"He was my best friend Ember. You know that I fully understand what transpired between you two." continued Flame with heavy eyes. The pink dragoness sniffed slightly before turning her gaze away from her friend.

"It's something that you personally can't understand Flame. He was your friend yes...but for heavens sake I offered him everything...everything. My life..my love...all of it. I don't understand why he would choose someone he knew for a single day over what I offered him.." replied Ember as her upper body fell to the floor.

Flame looked up slightly before scratching the floor gently with a talon; finding a slight interest in a small ant crossing over the stone.

"If he loved you like that Ember he would have told you so. It's not that hard to figure out if you just..." A low growl erupted from the dragoness's throat. Flame understood her frustration and held his tongue.

So sue me for caring...

The pink dragoness stared at the script before her in anger. She didn't like snapping at Flame like that, but this was one situation that he just couldn't help her with. She would never understand Spyro's actions. Every time she attempted to get even close to the purple dragon, he always had an excuse ready.

Ember's eyes watered to the point where she could no longer understand the words before her. Flame felt her depression fill his soul. He would like nothing more then to comfort her shattered heart, but she rebuffed him in every attempt he could muster.

"I just....don't get it." muttered Ember before closing her teary eyes tightly. Even after he rejected her for Cynder, she learned to accept it. She learned how to be his friend despite his choice. But why....why when Cynder left this world...did he choose to end his life. She could have helped him. Eased his suffering, but instead he found his salvation in the arms of ANOTHER dragoness. Someone that he didn't even know. The pink dragoness's talons curled violently into her palms.

Flame watched with worry as a light shaking overtook his friend's muscles.

"Ember...are you alright?" questioned Flame gently. The pink dragoness snarled slightly and turned her sky blue eyes towards his swiftly. Flame was horrified at the bloodshot orbs carving into him.

"Leave me alone." growled Ember in a dark voice. Flame gulped before pushing his body across the stone slowly. Ember kept her red hued eyes fixed on the orange dragon before leaping to her paws. "Just leave me the hell alone!" yelled Ember before exiting the chamber quickly; her talons tearing the piece of parchment she was reading earlier. Flame felt a deep guilt stab at his heart.


- - - - -

"It will be his destiny someday Ignitus...the only part I don't understand is how another purple dragon could have been born already." questioned the earth guardian Terrador. Four large dragons stood facing each other in a darkened chamber. The only source of light that of several nearby torches. A large red dragon bobbed his head from side to side lightly.

"I have yet to fully understand it myself brothers....but perhaps his union with Glacia has changed things.." responded the fire guardian gently. A large blue dragon licked his chops slightly.

"I tell you that dragon is trouble." spoke Cyril defiantly. "From the moment she returned to the Temple with Spyro's body I knew something wasn't right." A yellow dragon clenched his fist angrily.

"By god Cyril I thought that you would be exhilarated that a another ice dragon such as yourself finally found there way home to the temple and if I were you I would be seizing every opportunity to learn about her.." Ignitus groaned slightly as Cyril turned his head in anger.

"By the ancestors shut up Volteer. You're giving me one lousy headache that I don't need." barked Cyril as Terrador pounded his large paw on the ancient floor.

"Enough from both of you. We have already determined that the girl's story is true. She has already given birth to Spyro's son Cyril. Clearly larger forces are at work here." bellowed Terrador firmly. Ignitus nodded gently before turning to face the large dragon statue watching over them. Cyril scoffed slightly and puffed his chest.

"I say we get rid of both of them before they bring us more trouble." muttered the ice guardian. Volteer narrowed his eyes and struck the ice dragon's paw with a clenched fist. Cyril yelped slightly before making to pounce like a cat would on its prey.

"Enough! Both of you!" commanded Ignitus firmly. All three guardians looked up in surprise; clearly not expecting such an outburst. Ignitus turned back towards his companions. "I would never expect such immaturity from ones like yourselves." spoke Ignitus directly. Both Cyril and Volteer looked down in clear shame, Cyril launching a small puff of ice towards the floor.

"The two are welcome in our sanctuary as long as they please. It Is far from safe outside these walls. The son of Spyro must be ready to accept his destiny." said Terradon in his usual demeanor. Ignitus nodded gently.

"Spyro was as much a son to me as my own flesh and blood. I shall grant the same treatment to any of his offspring..and I more then expect all of you to do the same. If this youngling is to be the new savior..then we will do all in our power to make it so." spoke Ignitus sharply. The three guardians around him traded looks of anticipation before acknowledging the request.

"And what off Spyro's killers.....the hunters?" questioned Volteer in a strangely slow voice. Ignitus drooped his proud face slightly before groaning.

"We do not have the power or the resources to seek them all out at this moment. If Glacia's story is correct...then their leader...this Dargual was killed by Spyro...so I don't expect resistance to continue extensively should we press the attack." replied Ignitus. Terrador was the first to respond.

"We should move quickly Ignitus...we have the element of surprise on our side...and they wouldn't be expecting an attack so soon after losing their commander." Cyril spread his wings slightly.

"And Spyro is dead. They certainly are aware of this...we can't risk facing all out war until we are ready. Until the child is ready." replied the ice guardian. Ignitus shook his head in annoyance. Fatigue clearly evident.

"We make no moves until Blade has been properly trained. The hatchling has known this world for mere months...we can't thrust him or any of the other younglings into an all out war. Besides..we know not what is before us. These Hunters could number in the thousands." implied Ignitus.

Volteer shuttered uncomfortably. "But what if the boy can't wield the power of the purple dragon. What if it's just a fluke."

"This is no fluke my friend." responded Terrador. "He is a purple dragon...we have seen the signs already. Spyro's son must take up the mantle his father held before him." Ignitus growled lightly before lifting a paw to his brow.

"My brothers the night has fallen. Let us continue these discussions at daybreak. We have much to learn from Blade first before we can make any assumptions. For now...let the child grow as children should." spoke Ignitus. The three guardians bowed their heads in submission to the senior dragon's command.

Ignitus watched as Cyril and Volteer proceeded in different directions. Terrador turned his body to leave before twisting his head back towards his friend.

"Are you well Ignitus? You seem rather weakened of late." spoke Terrador gently. Ignitus managed a light smile before shaking his body slightly.

"All is well my friend. These past few months have just been hectic and confusing. A purple dragon has left this world, and a new one has come forth. Just many unanswered questions that plague my mind." responded Ignitus slowly. Terrador lifted a heavy paw to his counterpart's shoulder.

"Worry not brother. All shall be revealed to us soon. I bid you goodnight." spoke Terrador before bowing slightly. Ignitus returned the gesture and watched as the large green dragon proceeded forth from the large chamber.

Ignitus turned his eyes towards the statue above him. Giving a heavy groan, the large dragon moved off towards his chambers. Listening to the sounds of the raging storm within and outside his mind.

- - - - -

Glacia gently placed her hatchling upon the stone floor below her. The younger dragon's teeth moved at a mile a minute. The female dragon giggled slightly before lifting her tail to her eyesight. The young brown dragon was frozen to her tail; all body motions besides his eyes refusing to respond.

"Well look at the bright side. You're out of the storm and your safe. Thank god you two didn't wander off too far." spoke Glacia as she pulled Terradon from his grip. Both male dragons moved slowly as their limbs recovered. The ice dragoness smiled before grasping a nearby torch from the wall. Gently, she placed it on the stone floor before the younger dragons.

"Th...thannkkk...y..yoouu." muttered Terradon before placing himself alongside the flame. Blade was quick to follow. His bluish purple scales coated in a light winterly dust.

"Warm up you two..no more adventures for you tonight." spoke Glacia as she rested upon her haunches. Many minutes passed before the two younglings recovered from the event. The storm outside continued to rage in all its natural fury. Glacia took some comfort from the sound of the rain. It reminded her of just how cruel..and beautiful life could be.

"There you are my boy." came a familiar voice from nearby. All three dragons turned their heads to see the large earth dragon Terrador approach. Glacia smiled slightly before pulling Blade close to her body.

"I have been keeping an eye on them Terrador. Your grandson has seemed to install the heart of an adventurer in my son." joked Glacia with a light giggle. Terrador looked down at the smaller brown version of himself.

"Yes he does have that warrior's spirit doesn't he. I only hope he doesn't attempt to rush things before he is ready." responded Terrador while moving his head downwards.

"Don't worry grandpa. I'm not gonna let those stupid apes keep me down!" shouted Terradon in mock bravery. The older dragon chuckled gently before nudging the small dragon with his muzzle.

"In time my young one. For now, the time has come for sleep. Every great warrior requires rest to be ready for the challenges ahead of him." spoke Terrador in as gentle a voice as he could muster. The small brown dragon growled gently before leaping upon his grandfather's head.

Glacia and Blade watched as Terrador lifted his head high; giving his grandson a much larger view of the world.

"I'll see ya tomorrow Blade!" yelled Terradon over his shoulder. Blade jumped from his mother's arms and growled playfully.

"Same time same place!" responded the small male. Glacia smiled gently as her son watched the two dragons disappear down a corridor. Blade gently turned his body towards his mother.

"I'm sorry about earlier mom. We honestly didn't mean to wander so far." spoke Blade as he rested upon his haunches. The larger dragoness only smiled before licking her child's face gently. "Awww mom.....don't do that." groaned Blade while rubbing his cheek.

"A mother knows best." responded Glacia with a light giggle as she pulled her son to her. Blade laughed as his mother tickled his sides gently. "I brought you into this world..."

"I know I know you can take me out of it!" shouted Blade playfully before leaping at his mother. Glacia laughed as her son crawled across her body. Attempting to show his premature dominance. Both wrestled on the stone floor playfully; fully unwilling to be disturbed.

"How sweet..." came a female voice. Both dragons looked up from their playing to see the pink dragoness Ember gazing upon them. Glacia's smile diminished as she noticed the dragoness's bloodshot eyes burning holes into her. Blade gently jumped forward; unfazed by the situation.

"Hiya there miss Ember. Did you have fun today?" asked the small dragon while swaying his tail back and forth quickly. Ember looked down upon the hatchling with relative disgust; ignoring his question completely. Blade watched as she moved past him; moving close to Glacia's position.

The dragoness kept her icy eyes planted on Ember, the pink dragoness doing exactly the same. Both felt the violent tension in the exchange, and Ember waited several moments before proceeding down another corridor. Glacia kept watching long after she departed.

"Mom. What's wrong with Ember?" questioned Blade gently. The young mother turned her head towards her child.

"Nothing honey. Ember just needs some alone time." spoke Glacia while Blade moved close to her. She quickly transformed her frown into a smile. "It's nothing for you to worry about Blade. Right now, It's time for my handsome dragon to get some rest." stated Glacia as she once more took her son's neck in her maw.

Spyro...if only you were here for him...

Glacia carried her son towards their chamber; bluish red orbs burning fiercely into them as they went.

- - - - -

In a place that rests between what lies beyond and what truly is, two figures watched the events that transpired with deep curiosity. One of the figures felt his spirit droop upon hearing such words. The second being gently placed a wing over his form. Stars and planets wielded upon the unknown plane of existence.

...Don't worry. I'm always going to be there for you.....I promise....

- - - - -

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