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~Caroline and Katherine~

At 6 o'clock sharp, Rocketman opened his eyes and sat up in bed. Today was the day that all of these problems would end. Today was the day everything would go back to the way it was supposed to be.

He practically sprinted out of bed to go eat breakfast. While eating his morning porridge and he burned his tongue. Funny, he thought, it is like the day when I first meet Karoline. This must be some sort of sign. Maybe I'll get my luck back. Maybe my plan will work smoothly like it did on the first day. He hrried to get dressed, he wore a brand new outfit. Grandma Meekles had brought it with her from a hip boutique in Des Moines. He wanted to look his best while he broke the news to Chet.

He ran out of the door and hopped on his orange razor scooter. As he rode past Karoline's house he prayed to the Gods of Rock that she wouldn't come to school today. He arrived at school and ran to his locker to store his scooter. Rocketman headed towards the Pavilion. Chet and his posse always hung out there so he knew that he would be easy to find. Chet was surrounded by the usual crowd of girls. They were the type of girls whose lack of clothes was made up by their excessive amount of makeup. Group of guys with their arms on girl's waists, or they were making out. Rocketman definitely was not into these kinds of girls. Maybe that was because he was only a sophomore, or maybe it was because he was a good person, he didn't know.

He spotted Chet who had his arm around Ashleigh Harrison. She was loudly chewing bubble gum with the overpowering scent of artificial strawberries. Rocketman gathered up his courage to enter the Pavilion. His presence in the area was noticed, because everyone stopped what they were doing to look at him. He felt their stares burn a hole in the back of his head.

"Um, Chet?"

Chet turned his head to look at Rocketman. Ashleigh whipped her head around, flipping her hair, and stared at him.

"Yeah. What?" Chet rudely responded with a smirk on his face.

"I have to tell you something about..." Rocketman paused for dramatic effect, "Karoline."

Chet's smirk disappeared.

"She is sick."

"What?" Chet demanded

"Yeah, she um... can't go to homecoming with you tomorrow."

Chet was silent for a few moments. He blinked "Fine." He said. He watched Rocketman intently. "You can leave now."

Rocketman's plan was officially in action. He left The Pavilion as quickly as possible and headed towards the Italian classroom. The day felt so slow it felt like Rocketman he was trying to run through molasses. When the bell announcing the end of European history rang, he practically jumped out of the classroom. He bumped into Chet. Chet was walking around with one arm wrapped around Ashleigh Harrison and the other wrapped around Victoria Perkins. Chet gave Rocketman the Glare. Rocketman snorted. "Good luck at the game tonight Chet." Rocketman then pushed open the doors allowing the fresh air to hit his face. Donnie then came running up to his side.

"Dude! I finally got a date for homecoming tomorrow!" He said, well more like yelled.

"Man that is boss!" Rocketman enthusiastically responded. "Who is it?"

"Shannen Doherty! After you fell into the recycling bin she was still agitated and I figured it was a good time to pounce." Donnie showed pouncing with his wildcat spirit fingers.

Rocketman was surprised and happy for his friend, "That's awesome dude."

Donnie was still quivering in excitement, "I know right. Did you know she's named after the actress from Beverly HIlls 90210?"

"Yeah, I heard."

"So, who are going to go with? Since Karoline is going with Chet."


"Dude. What did you do?"

"Karoline is sick and can't go to the game or to the dance."

"DUDE! That is great! Wait, but then she isn't even going..."

"I know. Don't worry bro, The Rocketman has it all figured out. See you at the game later."

Rocketman kick flipped his orange razor scooter and rode home as fast as he could. He opened the garage with the pass-code and ran in. He finished his homework so he wouldn't have to do it later. Why the hell do teachers assign homework on homecoming weekend? He then glanced down at his watch as he was just finishing his Italian homework. He saw that the game was about to start. He grabbed his jacket and then walked down stairs and rode towards the field.

Rocketman didn't really enjoy football. You just had to be massive to play. No skills what-so-ever. His favorite part of the games was the half-time show. He appreciated the elaborate and well thought out choreography that the cheerleaders performed. It reminded him of basketball because the plays had to be precisely planned out to lead to victory. He also thought their outfits were cute too. Hm. I wonder if Karoline would ever become a cheerleader...The game resumed and Rocketman's thoughts began to drift off as Chet was knocking down the opponents. Rocketman had never really noticed how strong Chet was before. He had noticed that he was gigantic, but as he was watching him throw 250 pound guys into the dirt, it really occurred to him the things that Chet could do.

The game ended and East High won. Of course. We invest so much money in sports here. He absentmindedly walked down the bleachers and accidentally ran into someone.

"Sorry." Rocketman mumbled.

"Oh don't worry about it." said a smooth voice. Rocketman looked. It was a girl. She was staring at him.

"I'm Sierra Smith." There was an awkward silence for about a minute.

"Ummmm anyway.... I got to go…" Rocketman said in an attempt to escape

"Are you going to homecoming with anyone?"

"Well. Actually. I don't think that I am going."

She then stared intensely at him and then took a step closer

"That is a shame." She said as she batted her eyelashes.

Rocketman felt uncomfortable. First of all, he already liked someone. Second of all, she was just creepy. It wasn't like she wasn't pretty. She was very. Some how he remembered hearing her name before.

"Um. Yeah, it is. Um... I am going to um... go now... so yeah. Bye."

"See you around." She winked at him as she walked off with her friends.

Rocketman scootered home at a faster pace to avoid Sierra. Times like these made Rocketman indescribably thankful that he had asked for an orange razor scooter last Christmas instead of the new Fergie album. With his sweet ride, he could go anywhere he please. Rocketman passed by Karoline's house. He noticed that a bedroom light was on. Rocketman smiled and then continued to his house.

He went in the back door and was taking off his jacket, when something small, strong and fast crashed into him and knocked him down. It was his five year old brother Eric. "Eric what are you doing?!" Rocketman asked angrily. Eric was wearing only soccer shorts and a string that was holding feathers onto his head. All of the sudden a boy with platinum blonde hair came through the doorway and hurled himself at Rocketman. He was wearing the same thing as Eric.

Rocketman sighed. "Who are you?" The blond boy stared back at him and said "I'm Blue, Eric's friend."

"Blue? What kind of name is that?"

"It's short for Blueberry. My mom had a lot of cravings for blueberries when I was in her womb."

Rocketman furrowed his brows and turned back to Eric. "I want to know what you're doing."

"We are playing Cowboys and Indians!" Blue exclaimed

"You know that it is policatly incorrect to say Indians unless you are talking about people from India. Do you mean Native Americans?"

Being older made Rocketman feel smart.

"Yup. And guess what? YOU ARE THE NATIVE!" Blue and Eric were about to leap and tackle Rocketman to the ground.

"Wait. Why are you guys wearing feathers and no shirts then? You look more like Native Americans than cowboys to me."

Eric and Blue looked at each other. Blue stepped forward and raised his hand as if he wanted to ask a question.

"We are now playing NATIVES and PREY." Rocketman processed this for a second and then looked worried. Before he could finish saying, "Oh no." Eric and Blue were charging at him. "Retrieve the caribou!"

"Hold it!" Rocketman said while attempting to stop the two boys, who were now trying to stab Rocketman with plastic spoon. "Sit down. I have a story to tell you."

"STORY!" the boys said enthusiastically while sitting down on the ground.

"There once was a boy caribou that really like a girl caribou. The girl caribou was asked to a caribou party by a moose and she said yes. But, the girl caribou is sick and can't go to the party. So the boy caribou wanted to make her feel better by making her special caribou soup. But the boy caribou can't make the soup by himself and he needs the Natives to help him. Do the natives want to help the girl caribou get better?"

Both of the boys nodded simultaneously. Rocketman walked to the kitchen and they followed him. Grandma Meekles was sitting at the table. "Jimmy what-a took-a you so long to come and saya hi to your grammama?"

"I had to take a little detour. Not by choice" He said, frowning, remembering being stabbed with the plastic spoon. It had hurt. He continued. "Can you help me make your special soup Grandma?"

Blue raised his hand and said "I thoughts that we are makin' caribou soup."

Grandma Meekles said "Ah, yes, yes. We are."

After an hour of chopping vegetables that had names that couldn't be pronounced and pouring broth into a giant pot bigger than Grandma Meekles, they were finally done. The aroma of the soup was very strong and it made Rocketman hungry. Blue and Eric were sitting at the kitchen table with crayons and their little mermaid coloring books. They had been working on them for about thirty minutes, they lost interest in cooking once they learned that they would not be making caribou soup, but instead Grandma Meekle's Magic Medicinal Soup

"Jimmie, who is this soup for?" Grandma Meekles asked as she was stirring the soup.

"A friend." Rocketman frankly responded

"This girl that you were talking to? The one that you like?"

Rocketman blushed furiously. Grandma Meekles then gently grabbed his faced and stared at him in the face.

"You must really like her if you want to make her soup."

He gingerly nodded his head in approval.

"Well then, this soup is going to need more herbs!" She said as slapped Rocketman's cheek, signaling for him to go find the basil.