The Littlest Sannin II: Sound in Autumn

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Sequel to The Littlest Sannin

Chapter 13

(Mt. Omashu)

Naruto looked at Natas. "I am so going to kick your ass."

"Bring it boy."

The two lunged at one another, their hands inches from connecting with the others face when lightening from the sky slammed into the ground and a gust of wind separated them.

"Raiden." Natas growled.

Naruto looked at the figure in white, wearing in Naruto's opinion a very cool hat. "What's the deal? When you helped me break free you said I'd get to fight this bastard."

This drew Natas attention. "You interfered? What about…"

"You returned your servants to life after these people killed them. You broke the ties to their world and had them reborn in this world." Raiden said, his white eyes on the skull mask of Natas.

"You called for Mortal Kombat then so be it. Each side pick eight fighters. In one month you will all meet on Hangman's Isle. There will be no fighting until then." Raiden said and overhead lightening crashed and thunder rolled.

Natas's hand made a fist and the sound of his knuckles cracking filled the air. "You can't do this." The masked menace snarled.

Raiden chuckled and it sounded like his voice was laced with static electricity. "Remember…Natas you called for Mortal Kombat. Now the rules must be observed."

Natas snarled. "Fine. Including myself I want…" he looked to the side. "Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Goro, Kano, Noob Saibot, Reptile, and Princess Kitana."

Raiden nodded as the downed fighters were restored with a blast of the thunder gods power. Raiden then turned towards Naruto. "Choose."

Naruto looked at those arrayed against him and he made his choices.

"Myself, Kimimaro, Gaara, Hinata, Haku, my mother, Anko and…" Here Naruto paused and looked at everyone. Who should he choose to fill the last spot. He looked at Orochimaru and knew his uncle couldn't go as he had to see to their people and take care of the survivors. The same with the old man as Naruto knew that the Konoha survivors would follow him.

The others remained quiet as the decision was his. Naruto wanted to be selfish this one time.

"Lord Raiden?"

"Yes Naruto?" the thunder god said with a smile, he could nearly hear the thought in the boys mind already.

"Can I request anyone?" Naruto asked.

"You may." The thunder god smiled.

"For the last spot I ask for…Minato Namikaze."

You could hear a pin drop.

To Be Continued…

In the Littlest Sannin III: The Dark Tournament

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