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"Doctor McCormick, your next patient is in Room 3."

Kenny McCormick offered the new nurse a lazy grin. She was shapely. She was young. And she was single. Just the kind of woman he liked. Not that he was looking for a relationship. He'd just have to establish with her that it would clearly be a one night stand. No emotional attachment what-so-ever.

He ran a hand through his untamed blonde hair and sauntered past her, keeping that grin. "Last patient of the day," He flashed another grin, "And then a weekend of fun and relaxation." Pleased with her soft giggle and light blush, he pulled the clipboard from the holder before opening the door, keeping his eyes on the paperwork. "Alright Mrs…" His blue eyes flickered to the name and widened in shock, "Mrs. Broflovski?!" He looked up at his patient and straightened up in shock.

Sheila Boflovski sat on the examination table, hair still the same after all these years, but she gained a few wrinkles. Her sense of style probably stayed the same as well but she was in a hospital gown for the moment.

Fuck. This was going to be awkward.

"Kenny? Kenny McCormick?" She asked in her accented voice.

Oh yeah, it was definitely Kyle's mom.

"Erm…Hi Mrs. Broflovski," He replied, somewhat meek and feeling a bit awkward about this whole situation. She probably knew about the falling out and everything. "If you want another doctor…"

"No, no, not at all!" She cut in, "Lookit you! A fancy doctor!" She looked him up and down in appraisment and he frowned. She was such a stereotype, she was probably trying to find a way…No, don't think about that.

He smiled weakly, "Yeah. And I have K-your son to thank for it." He replied before quickly moving his attention to the clipboard to read over her charts. Good, only a check up, he could do this quick and easy.

God, this was weird.

"Kyle was just talking about you the other day on the phone." She started. Dammit, he was hoping she'd get the message.

"Is that so?" He asked, feigning a mild curiosity. He didn't want to know, he really didn't. He took out his pen and pretended to mark something down, trying to push the 'hey, this is my job, not happy hour' message a bit further.

"Oh yes, he was talking about the upcoming reunion at the high school. You are going, aren't you?" She asked. He could feel her eyeing him, sending mental messages that he better go because her son seemed like he wanted to see him. That was a complete and other lie though.

"God, once I go to college, I hope I never see you again, Kenny!"

"Yeah? Well FUCK YOU!"


Kenny flinched at the memory. It wasn't the most beautifully articulate argument, but it got the point across. And Kyle certainly kept his word. "I don't know, Mrs. Broflovski, I've got a lot of work and-"

"Of course you're going to go!" She cut in, "It only happens every ten years and don't you want to see what all your little friends are doing? How about you come over and have dinner with us tonight? Kyle's in town on business and I'm sure he'd really like to see you…"

Dammit, she was NOT going to let this go until he agreed to something. "Sure thing, Mrs. Broflovski, I'll come to dinner." He agreed, firmly accenting the 'dinner' in order to say 'there's no way in hell I'm doing anything else though'. "Now how about you put your feet in those stirrups so I can make sure everything's working fine?"

Kyle Broflovski frowned at his reflection. His hair, which had calmed over the years, was still stubborn when it came to being styled. And thanks to wearing a hat outside, he had a massive case of hat hair. In an attempt to make it gain volume, he scrunched fistfuls up and let go, allowing the curls to bounce free.

Before he could assess how this attempt worked, he was blatantly shoved to the side. "Ike!"

His younger brother glanced at him. "You've been in here way too long, Kyle. Its my turn!"

"But I'm not done yet!"

"Don't be such a girl." Black eyes flickered over to Kyle's reflection as Ike readied his toothbrush. "You look fine, but Mom says to get a nice shirt on." Ike frowned slightly at the thought of dressing up.

Kyle furrowed his brow, not that he didn't like dressing up, it was just that usually dinners with his family were casual. "Why?"

Ike wrinkled his nose, frowning as he had just started to brush his teeth. "Ma 'ivited 'er 'octor."

Kyle blinked at his brother in surprise. "Didn't she see the gynecologist today?" His reply was a pointed glare and Kyle turned to his reflection again. "That's not going to be awkward at all. Isn't it some old guy too?"

Ike held up a finger before rinsing and spitting. Wiping his mouth on the back of his long sleeved shirt, he shook his head, "Nah, its some new guy. The old one finally kicked the bucket. 'Sposed to be a South Park native too."

"And she didn't say who?" That was strange. Sheila Broflovski was one to share names.

Ike shook his head again, "She just said 'You'll know him when you see him.'" He replied before shuffling out of the bathroom.

Kyle scowled and spared his hair one last glance. Leaving the bathroom, he flicked off the light and made his way to his old room, the guest room now. He sat down on the bed with a slight 'thunk' and picked up his cell phone from the nightstand. Flipping it open, he sighed.

No new messages.

Meaning his editor had yet to take a look at his newest book.

He glanced at the laptop on his desk, temptation rising. He didn't really have much to do until dinner, but he promised his mother that he wouldn't do any work on this visit. She knew he could be a workaholic.

Grudgingly, he stood up and trudged downstairs, finding his mother busying herself in the kitchen with dinner. Crossing his arms over his chest, he leaned against the doorframe, "I'm bored." He whined.

Sheila turned to give him a scolding look before snatching a list off the fridge. "I was going to send your brother, but if you're so bored you can pick up some things for dinner." She replied, holding out the list.

Damn, should've seen it coming.

He took the list and spun around. "Alright, I'll be right back." He replied, actually happy that he had a chance to walk the streets of his hometown. His childhood friends were probably in town thanks to the reunion and he was excited to see what had become of them. He was even curious about….No, don't think about it. Think about who is coming instead.

Stan was coming, and so was Cartman unfortunately. Craig, Clyde, Token, Jimmy, and Butters as well as Bebe and Wendy were coming. He wasn't really sure about anyone else. There were rumors that Pip was going to be there, and that he was the Prime Minister of Great Britain. That was only a rumor though.

Kyle struggled to think about everyone but one. And it was getting difficult. His mind kept displaying blue eyes and blonde hair.


The redhead blinked as his name was called. Glancing around, he realized that he was wearing his hat and coat, list clutched in his hand and he was standing in the middle of the corner store. He didn't even remember leaving the house.

He gasped when he was suddenly engulfed in a hug. "Dude, it's been way too long since we've seen each other!"

He knew that voice. He talked to that voice on the phone once a week. "Well it's not like we can see each other all the time when I live in New York and you live in Chicago." He replied, wrapping his arms around his best friend. He grinned when Stan Marsh laughed in reply and pulled away, "No daughter this time?" He asked.

Stan shook his head, tucking his hands into his coat pockets. "Nope, her mom has custody this time. But if you come to town during the Holidays…" He trailed off.

Kyle sighed, "I don't know, I can probably do it. Depends on what deadlines I have then." He pulled out his phone and frowned. "Listen, I gotta get some stuff for dinner, but do you want to hang out later?"

Stan grinned, "Stark's Pond at eight?"

"You've got it."

"Holy shit, Cartman, I figured you'd lose some baby blubber by now." Kenny stared incredulously at his childhood friend, cigarette sticking out of his mouth and lighter ready.

"'Ay! I'm just big boned!" Eric Cartman glared, judging from the pinstriped suit he was wearing, life certainly seemed to treat him well.

Kenny snorted and lit his cigarette before continuing his walk through the streets of South Park. He had an hour to burn before his dinner with the Broflovski family and a nice cool down from the day, and seeing Sheila Broflovski's woohoo, seemed like a good idea. Until he paused to light a cigarette and got cornered by Eric Cartman that is. Eric, of course, followed.

"Don't you think you're a little too dressed up to pump gas, po' boy?" Cartman asked, eyeing Kenny's black slacks, orange dress shirt and black tie.

The blonde's gaze flickered to the other man's face, wearing an expression of annoyance. "I don't pump gas, Assfuck," He replied, remembering childhood arguments, "I'm a doctor."

"How the fuck did you pay for medical school?!" Cartman asked in astonishment.

Kenny shrugged. "I got a scholarship."

There was a moment of silence before the other hummed. "Ah yes, I remember now. Kahl was always helping you with your school work senior year." A smirk. "Or at least that's what you two said."

Kenny paused, not breathing for a moment. Slowly he let out a breathe, smoke filtering from his mouth and nose in plumes. "He helped me with my classwork is all." He replied shortly.

"Well we weren't studying anatomy the whole year, that's for sure." Cartman replied nonchalantly, glancing at Kenny every now and then. Studying him.

Fuck, didn't he once say he minored in psychology or something?

"Isn't your mommy calling?" Kenny snapped, starting again in long strides.

Cartman didn't follow, but Kenny could feel that the larger man was pleased with the results of this conversation. The blonde shuddered, knowing full well that if Cartman was capable of the things he did as a child, he was certainly capable of more as an adult.

Glancing at his watch, Kenny frowned. He had fifteen minutes to get to the Broflovski house before getting scolded. Dropping his cigarette and rubbing it out with his shoe, he quickened his pace. He frowned inwardly as he realized that old habits died hard when his legs knew exactly where to go without thinking.

Soon enough he reached the familiar door and rapped his knuckles against it. There was a faint voice and then the sound of quick steps, most likely someone speeding down the stairs. The door opened and a young man with thick black hair and piercing black eyes peered at him. Ike's expression faltered before he quickly glanced around and regained eye contact with Kenny.

"Are you the doctor?"

Kenny nodded slowly, not sure if the young man recognized him or not.

Ike flinched slightly. "Oh, Kyle is not going to like this." Okay, he did recognize him. Fuck. "Well, I suppose you should come in," Ike sighed, stepping aside and opening the door further before calling out into the house, "Ma! The good doctor is here!"

Sheila's voice echoed from the kitchen. "Call your brother and entertain our guest while I finish up in here! And give your father a call, he's running late!"

Ike sighed in exasperation and glanced at Kenny, gesturing to the couch. "Sit down, I'll be right back." He ordered before quickly running up the stairs.

Feeling awkward, Kenny slowly eased into the couch, looking around. Nothing. Absolutely nothing had changed from his childhood. Except that there were more picture on the walls. He frowned, when was the last time he actually visited his family? His brother was in jail and his parents were still in the shack they lived in, though renovated a bit since he started his job.

They were proud parents, that's for sure. Always referring to him as 'their son, the doctor' and whatnot. Maybe he'd visit later that night, the McCormicks weren't ones to go to bed early.

Soon enough, the 'thud thudding' of steps skipping down the steps was heard and Kenny straightened up, fully expecting Ike to greet him again. Instead a skinny, redheaded man stopped in his tracks at the foot of the stares, staring with wide eyes before narrowing them. "What the fuck are you doing here?" He snapped.

Apparently Kyle could hold a grudge.

"I was invited." The blond replied curtly, stand up slowly and glaring back just as intensely.

A look of horror flashed over Kyle's face. "You're my mom's gynecologist?!"

And that is the end of the first chapter of my first South Park fic. I'm fairly happy. And ending it here due to the fact that the new episode is about to come on. I'll probably write more tomorrow.

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