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"It's here!"

Kyle Broflovski ran into the living room, where his best friend, boyfriend, and little brother sat on the couch, watching the football game intently. Stan was intent on the game, not even listening to Kyle and Ike mimicked him, looking just as intent.

Kenny glanced up, looking confused, "What is?" He asked.

Kyle opened his mouth to reply when the doorbell rang. "I'll be right back," He replied quickly, setting the package he was holding onto the armrest next to Kenny.

"Goddammit, Ike! Will you knock it off?!" Stan snapped at the younger man.

"But Stan!" Ike whined, "I'm gonna be you in Kyle's movie and I have to make sure I make a good Stan!"

"By following me around and copying everything I do?"


"God-fucking-dammit." Stan sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Kenny chuckled as he watched the younger man take note of this, studying how Stan's face looked intently.

"'Ey, you guys," Cartman greeted, plopping down on the couch as his mother, with a dish covered in tinfoil, entered the Broflovski kitchen, "What's the score?"

"Two to fourteen," Stan replied quickly.

"Goddammit." The larger man cursed.

Kyle entered the room again, rolling his eyes as the attention was once again on the sport. Snatching the package, he made a move for the kitchen. He gasped as he was suddenly pulled back, landing in Kenny's lap.

The blonde's arms wrapped themselves around Kyle's waist and Kenny peered over his shoulder at the package. "Whatcha got there?" He asked curiously.

"The final copy of my new book that isn't even in stores yet," Kyle replied with a sly grin.

Kenny raised an eyebrow, "The final copy of your new book that you didn't let me read or hear a tiny itty bitty bit of?" He asked.

"The very one."

There was a moment of silence before a foot chase started around the room, followed by loud complaints from the sports watchers. Kenny chased Kyle into the kitchen, around their mothers who were busying themselves with Thanksgiving Dinner, Kyle using Mrs. McCormick as a shield for a moment.

"What is going on here?!" Sheila Broflovski demanded.

Kyle looked at his mother with a laugh, "My new book just arrived," He replied, holding up the package.

The women 'ooh'-ed and their husbands, who were drinking and chatting outside, rolled their eyes. Kenny finally snatched the package from his boyfriend and ripped off the tape, pulling out a hard cover book.

"Orange and Green," He read out loud, "The rise and downfall and rise again of the only romantic relationship in my life." Kenny's eyes flickered to Kyle's, a grin playing at his lips, "Am I in this one?"

He was promptly smacked.

The End.

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