Chapter 1: A Nights plan

The rays of the sun shined upon Road Rover HQ as they rays shined into Hunter and Colleen's room. Colleen awoke as the rays hit upon her face, she yawned and looked over and saw Hunter still peacefully asleep beside her. She always loved the way he looked as he slept peacefully; she loved him with all her heart and was glad that they were both together forever. She then ran her fingers across Hunter's cheek until he stirred. Hunter awoke, yawned and looked over the Collie he loved with all his heart. "Morning Colleen sleep well."

Colleen just smiled, "I always sleep well when you're right beside me Huntie."

Hunter smiled as he and Colleen kissed. "Colleen remembered that today is our one year anniversary and I have a special night planned for the both of us."

"Oh Huntie I can't wait. A whole year of wonderful marriage," Colleen said.

"And the wonderful thing is that we'll always be together. I love you so much and nothing is ever going to change that," Hunter said.

Colleen hugged him, "and I love you the same Huntie and nothing will change the way I feel for you." They both kissed again but longer and more heart warming. They broke apart when they needed air. "So Hunite what do you have planned?"

"Well we'll have a wonderful moonlight picnic out in the park and spend time stargazing," Hunter said.

"That sounds wonderful Huntie," Colleen said.

They kissed one more time before getting out of bed and took a shower. They left their room and headed for the kitchen.

Axel and Ariel had both came out of the Shower after waking up. They both walked out and saw Shadow and Sierra, both holding hands. It's been a while since they both admitted their love for each other and they couldn't be happier. Most of all everyone else supported them on it when they told everyone else. They walked over to Axel and Ariel. Axel spoke, "hey dad hey Sierra."

"Hey there," Shadow and Sierra said.

"How are you two today?" Ariel asked.

"We're doing fine," Shadow said looking a Sierra.

Sierra looked at Shadow, "just fine." They both did a quick kiss. "How are you two," Sierra asked.

"Wonderful," they both said looking at each other and smiled. The four of them then left for the kitchen.

Everyone was seated eating breakfast chatting about various things. Everything was just an ordinary morning like usual. Colleen looked at Hunter and spoke, "So Huntie when are we leaving later on?"

Hunter finished drinking his glass of milk and spoke, "I was thinking about 7PM."

Sierra then spoke, "my your one year anniversary, that has to be really special."

"Yes it is mom," Hunter said.

Exile then spoke, "So comrade you must have something special planned for comrade Colleen."

Colleen spoke, "yes he does his surprises are always special."

"Ja might be a night you two might never forget,' Blitz said.

"Right you are Blitz," Hunter said. He then looked at his mom. "So mom how have you and Shadow been."

Sierra smiled, "he's the best and quite the gentlemen."

Shadow put his arm around her, "I love her, what can I say."

Sierra looked at Shadow, "as do I." Shadow smiled and they gave another quick kiss.

Axel spoke, "I knew you two would do good together."

Exile spoke, "I agree with Axel you two are very compatible together."

"Ja I agree also," Blitz said.

"Thanks," Shadow and Sierra said.

Colleen then looked at Ariel, "so Ariel how are you and Axel?"

Ariel smiled, "we been just wonderful."

"I couldn't ask for a better wife," Axel said.

"Good for you two," Hunter said.

They all finished eating, cleaned up and went to do their own thing. Some time later Hunter was in his and Colleen's room. Colleen went out to get Hunter's anniversary present. Hunter had already bought his. He went over to the dresser and pulled a small box and opened it. Inside was a heart shape locked made of white gold. He opened it and inside was a miniature copy of their wedding photo. He smiled as he knew she was going to like it. He heard a knock and he put the locket back and said come in. Sierra entered the room. "Hey mom."

"Hello Hunter what are you doing," Sierra asked.

"Just looking at Colleen's present," Hunter said as he showed her the locket.

Sierra smiled, "Oh Hunter she going to love it."

Hunter nodded, "I know and tonight is going to be the best ever."

"I can't believe it has been a year since my boy got married," Sierra said.

"I know and it was the best year of my life," Hunter said putting the gift away. "So mom you and Shadow plan on doing something tonight."

"We're just going to spend some time on the beach and watch the stars when it gets dark," Sierra said.

"Sounds like you two are going to have a wonderful night," Hunter said.

"Yes we are," Sierra said.

"I'm really happy that you two are together," Hunter said.

"I know we've been very happy since that night," Sierra said. "Hunter since I'm with Shadow doesn't mean I'm never going to forget about your father."

"Mom like I said before I'm ok with it. I may have not known dad but I bet he was great," Hunter said.

Sierra nodded, "yes he was, and I know he would be ok with me being with Shadow."

"Your happy he's happy that's all that matters," Hunter said.

"Thanks Hunter," Sierra said as they hugged each other.

"Lets go see what everyone else is doing," Hunter said. Sierra nodded and they both left the room.

Sometime later Colleen was back in her and Hunter's room putting away his gift. She got him a ring with a chain so he could wear on hi neck. It has a gold band with a blue diamond, with an infinity symbol engraved on it. She put the gift away just in time when Hunter entered the room. "Hello Huntie."

"Hello Colleen," Hunter said as they both kissed. "So how was your little trip?"

"It was ok but I'm glad to be back with you," Colleen said.

Hunter then looked at the nearby Clock and saw it was only a little past noon. "Colleen I'm feeling a bit tired."

Colleen smiled, "So am I Huntie."

They both then made their way to their bed got in and held each other close and then fell asleep for a nap. Both couldn't wait till later tonight.

But they might have to put it on hold when they're called upon again and have to save one of their own.

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