Chapter 5: Growing Love

Sierra and Shadow were both laying down on a blanket on the beach looking up at the stars. They both were waiting for the others to come back, but right now that wasn't on their minds right now. They loved the time that they were spending together. Sierra looked at Shadow and spoke, "Shadow this is such a lovely night."

Shadow looked at her and smiled, "I know and it's even better since you're here."

Sierra smiled and they kissed, then they went back to looking at the stars. "When do you think they'll be back?"

"Soon and they will have Hunter with them. They always pull through," Shadow said.

"I know I just hope it's soon," Sierra said.

Shadow then smiled again, "well it looks like you don't have to wait any longer."

Sierra then looked at where Shadow is staring and saw the Sonic rover off in the distance. She got up, "they're back!"

Shadow stood up also, "Yes, lets go welcome them back." They both then ran all the way to the hanger.

The sonic rover landed in the hanger, and they all started exiting out. Colleen and Hunter came out last, and the first person saw was his mother running up to him. She threw her arms around him and hugged him. "Hunter I glad your safe."

Hunter returned the hug, "I know mom I have the others to thank for that."

They broke apart and Sierra turned to Colleen, "thank Colleen."

Colleen smiled, "thanks mom."

Shadow walked over and spoke, "So you two plan on celebrating what's left of your anniversary?"

Hunter and Colleen both smiled. Hunter spoke, "yes, after we debrief."

The rovers then made their way to the briefing room where the Master was waiting. He turned and spoke, "Good work rovers, Havoc is back in jail serving his previous sentence. And also great work with rescuing Hunter, it's good to have you back."

"Thanks you Master," Hunter said.

Master smiled, "your welcome, your good dogs rovers good, good dogs."

Hunter and Colleen then looked at each other and Hunter gave her a sign. Colleen smiled, as she knew what he was saying. She turned to the other, "To The Power Of The Pack!"

They all responded in unison, "AAAAARRRRRHHHHHOOOOO!"

After the debriefing Colleen took Hunter to Professor Hubert's lab to check to see how he was. He just finished checking over Hunter when he spoke to both, "Hunter is just fine, although he might feel a bit tired later."

Colleen spoke, "thank you Professor."

"Anytime that's what I'm here for," he said. "You two are free to go back to your room."

"Alright," Hunter said.

With Colleen's help they both exit the lab and made their way back to their room. After they got in and closed the door Hunter then pulled Colleen close and kissed her. After they broke apart she smiled, "what was that for."

Hunter spoke, "I want to thank you again for rescuing me again, and more thankful for being back with you."

"I'm glad to be with you too Huntie," Colleen said.

Hunter then made his way to his dresser and pulled a small box out. He walked back to Colleen and handed it to her. "I wanted to give this to you for our anniversary but since you know what."

Colleen smiled and opened the box and saw the heart shape locket. "Huntie it's beautiful." Hunter smiled and then Colleen opened and smiled even more when she saw the miniature copy of their wedding photo. "It's wonderful thank you." They both hugged.

Colleen then went to a desk opened it and pulled out a small box. She walked back and gave it to Hunter. Hunter smiled and opened it. Inside he saw the ring with the chain. "It's wonderful Colleen thank you."

"Thank you," Colleen said.

They both hugged each other then kissed each other with every amount of passion they had. Hunter spoke, as they broke apart, "Colleen If you're up to it I would love to sing a duet with you called 'All I Know Of Love' by Josh Groban."

Colleen smiled, "I'd love to Huntie."

Hunter made his way to his stereo and turned it on. The music then started to play as they sang.

Once I found the perfect love
And you showed me everything there was
to know of love
Time will not betray the truth
And for all the years we've shared
I celebrate with you
For you...

Hunter: A day you incontrai
Colleen: And me
Hunter: I thought, "Now she"
Colleen: Will be...
Hunter: In those days together we...

You are all I know of love
How could I ask for more
You're everything I'm dreaming of
You're all I need from love
And every star above
Spells out your name
I swear I'll always feel the same
You're all I want

Colleen: From love
Hunter: All I want from love
Colleen: (Humming)
Hunter: That for the asbestos lumber
Colleen: Like a memory
Hunter: Me terrai to inhabit in the thoughts yours With you
Colleen: You are my only heart
Hunter: In you
Colleen: I loved you from the start
Hunter: We two
Colleen: Together not apart

You are all I know of love
How could I ask for more
You're everything I'm dreaming of
You're all I need from love
And every star above
Spells out your name
I swear I'll always feel the same
You're all Want

Hunter: From love

You're all I want from love

Hunter: Pensami
Colleen: I think of him
Hunter: Perche' I dream you
Colleen: You'll be with me
Hunter: Two hearts and a soul
Colleen: My love flows free through you
Hunter: ...E free
Colleen: I live my whole life
Hunter: I'll live my life

To be with you
You'll always be the one who taught me
Everything my heart knows to be sure
My heart knows you
You're all I know of love
How could I ask for more
You're everything I'm dreaming of
You're all I need from love

Colleen: And every star above
Hunter: Every star above

Spells out your name
I swear I'll always feel the same
You're all I want

Hunter: From love
Colleen: You're all I want from love

You're all I know of love

After the song ended they both were kissing each other, both lost in the love they had for each other. Hunter spoke after they broke apart, "that was wonderful Colleen, you sing beautifully."

Colleen smiled, "You're a wonderful singer as well Huntie."

They both just stared into each other's eyes for a few seconds. Hunter spoke, "you know Colleen I'm not tired yet."

Colleen smiled, as she know what he meant. They both made their way to their bed, got in and held each other close for an hour.

When they finished they took a shower, cleaned up and got into bed and held each other in their arms. Hunter spoke, "Good night Colleen."

Colleen spoke, "Goodnight Huntie."

They both kissed each other one last time before falling asleep in each other's arms, both knew that their love was strong and it would continue to get stronger.


A/N: hope you like, sorry it took long but my week has been really busy. as for the song there was some italilan words in it but i translated them. my next one will be out soon.