Rainbow Six Vegas: Solution

By: Ominae

Rating: T


All characters of Rainbow Six: Vegas are under the exclusive copyrights of Ubisoft, Red Storm Entertainment and Tom Clancy.


Bishop reflects on the death of RAINBOW operator-turned-traitor Gabriel Nowak, who he had just gunned down in Costa Rica after a tense and escalating Western-style showdown.

Near ruined Badminton court, Gabriel Nowak's private villa, Golfito, Costa Rica

"It's a shame Gabriel had to die."

Douglas Bishop stared at the corpse of Gabriel Nowak, a rookie RAINBOW operator back in 2005 who had gone rogue out of personal vendetta. And it made Bishop sick.

Sick to the gut. He sighed while seeing his fellow RAINBOW comrades nearby, decked in assault vests, Global Armor Special Forces Helmets and black gloves and boots while packing various small arms ranging from submachine guns to light machine guns.

"You alright?"

Bishop saw Marcus Knight, one of the recent RAINBOW recruits had asked the old veteran. He, alongside Logan Keller, Jung Park, Michael Walters and the rest of RAINBOW, were still in shock and disbelief that Gabriel would have gone traitor and betray their organization.

"Don't worry about me, Knight." Bishop reassured the Canadian RAINBOW operator. "Just trying to figure out if there can be an easier way out of this mess without killing him."

"We all know how you feel, Bishop."

The American RAINBOW veteran saw Logan, Jung and Michael walking to him.

"Logan." Bishop murmured.

"Don't try to make yourself guilty, mate." Michael patted Bishop on his right shoulder, angrily staring at Gabriel's corpse while Logan had called out to other RAINBOW operators in the vicinity to secure the body. "In my opinion, the sick bastard greatly deserved it a hundred percent."

"I would agree too with Michael." Jung voiced his opinion, agreeing with Michael's comments. "You didn't have a choice in the matter."

"I had a choice." Bishop rejected his comrade's advice. "If I could've tackled Gabriel..."

"Then we wouldn't know if he had other tricks up his sleeve." Jung refuted Bishop's claim. "Perhaps like that time when he had a helicopter gunship attack you."

Bishop, for once, agreed with Jung's thoughts. "Perhaps you're right, Jung."

"Get a body bag for him." instructed Bishop. Two unknown RAINBOW operators, one Caucasian and another of African color, had placed Gabriel's corpse on a body bag before it was promptly zipped up and carried away.

"So what do we do now?" Knight walked alongside Logan, Michael and Jung with Bishop. "Sooner or later, the Costa Rican government's going to start asking questions to Six."

"I agree." Logan shared Knight's concerns. "But afterwards, he'll chew off your hide."

"Ah, who cares anyway?" Bishop shrugs his shoulders, slinging his Heckler and Koch G36C compact assault rifle. "Six'll be able to figure out something to tell the Costa Rican government later on."

Jung chuckled. "I am sure that you're right; Six will be able to take care of it."

The four RAINBOW operators shared a brief moment to laugh with one another as they evacuated the villa to be airlifted back soon to Britain. Specifically to Hereford where they would be on standby, to be ready and fight against terrorist groups anywhere around the globe.


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